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и главное.. не сбейся с ритма)))))))
Dj Misha Fabian and Dj Serega IgroK "Убийцы колоноК"

- City: Morki

- Year of birth, horoscope: (Dj Misha Fabian-7 of January, 1991 Capricorn) (Dj Serega IgroK-13 of January, 1995 Capricorn)

- dj experience: since 2008.

- Muses. carrier: cd 

- Styles of music: Electro House, House, Breaks, Club House, Disco House, Drum & Bass, Electro, Electro Techno, Garage, Hi-NRG, House, Progressive House, Trance, UK Garage, Minimal techno, Minimal house, Dutch house/

Career of DJs began in 2008. They carried out the first disco at school on final, and started to earn additionally in a disco in summer club Fort-Post later!. Over time the hobby became high-grade work, there were performances in different clubs, at that time Mikhail and Serega played in Electro House style. Acquaintance to known DJs, participation in many thousands parties was the beginning of a new stage, and Dj started to play in a new format. Left school, Dj Misha Fabian passed involuntary service armed forces of the Russian Federation! Now Rezidenty:prestizhnogo of NEBO club (Morki).

 .... They blow up dancings without sparing anybody.

Contact information

Mob. phone: Misha Fabian-89278791411, Serega IgroK-89877109346

ICQ: 602708537


I like: ДЕВУШЕК!

I hate: ЛОЖЬ!

I recommend: DANCE CLUB NEBO!

I am interested in: МУЗЫКА, ДЕВУШКИ, ТАЧКИ!



Mihail Nekrasov and Popov Seregjik
Main style: Electro House
Favorite styles: Chillout, Drum & Bass, Dutch House, Electro, Electro Progressive, Hi-NRG, House, Minimal House, Minimal Techno, Progressive Trance, R&B, Tech House, Trance, UK Garage
DJ, clubber, listener, collaborations since 2007
Performance: from 3 000 rubles / 2 hours
Location: Russia, Ioshkar-Ola
Resident: DANCE CLUB NEBO (Morki), Club Fort Post (Morki), Мираж (Morki)
Guest: VIKTORIA Night Club (Saransk), Эсмеральда (Saransk), Ночной клуб Гагарин (Saransk), НК Zасада (Ruzaevka), Пиццерия ВОСТОРГ (Alatyr), Шали (Morki)
Frequent visitor: Россия (Ioshkar-Ola), Stone Club (Ioshkar-Ola), Clubnika (Ioshkar-Ola), арт-кафэ/клуб Tini (Ioshkar-Ola), Кафе Пилигрим (Saransk), НК БЕЛЫЙ МЕДВЕДЬ (Saransk), Rado Premium Club (Saransk), Клуб SOVA (Alatyr), Бар Малина (CHeboksary), The Most (Cuba Bar) (Ioshkar-Ola), Нирвана (Ioshkar-Ola), озеро Яльчик (Ioshkar-Ola), ТРК Мега (Kazan), Эрмитаж (Kazan), Арена (Kazan), Куженер Club Nika © (Kuzhener)
Was just once: OPEN AIR (Ioshkar-Ola), club NERO, Чебоксары (CHeboksary), Cheboksary@club_Troyka (CHeboksary)
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