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tyDi feat. Audrey Gallagher - Calling (Original Mix) [AVA030]

The inner urge of music is not something to ignore. If you have the gift of creating it, you best surrender and follow that strong impulse. For Australian DJ/producer Tyson Illingworth, that calling has taken him on one big, exciting ride, deep into music industry. Apart from winning the award for 'Best Breakthrough DJ' at this year's International Dance Music Awards, he took his number one DJ of Australia status to higher grounds and entered the DJ Mag Top 100 at #52. With dance-land stretching out in front of him with a red carpet welcome, he conquered it all the same, filling it with tracks like 'Vanilla', 'Good Dream' and the first Audrey Gallagher collab 'You Walk Away'.
That last one now finally sees its successor. After another blossoming year, in which Irish lady Gallagher and tyDi spent their time jamming, creating and searching for musical substance, they've come up with 'Calling'. In all its being, 'Calling' is a warm, melodic and loveable anthem. Sensitive but strong, fierce but peaceful, this one is in balance with all things needed to sweep the floors. Audrey's vocals take you in at an instant, aligning with tyDi's intricate soundscapes on a perfect level. You'll find 'Calling' right inside you, right after your first listen.
Chicago-based, but ever world-travelling to please the global dance society, deep prog-lover Blake Jarrell has touched the very soul of 'Calling' and brought in his very own interpretation. His remix redefines it and gives the track a new flow — groovy, prog-trancy and intimately maddening.

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21 December 2010 1:32
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tyDi feat. Tania Zygar - Half Light (Original Mix) [AVA032]

A positive mind is the key to success. If you firmly believe in this statement, you'll understand that Tyson Illingworth has been more than just lucky. The Australian talent has seen his hard work and determination change into many feats and highlights. Apart from being voted Australia's number one DJ twice in a row, he won the award for 'Best Breakthrough DJ' at this year's International Dance Music Awards and saw his debut album 'Look Closer' entering Australia's Dance Chart at #2. But tyDi, under which Tyson likes to veil himself, is mostly known for his outstanding productions. From the moody deep 'Russia' to the mesmerizing 'Good Dream' and Audrey Gallagher collabs 'You Walk Away' and 'Calling', all of them still make our hearts pound faster.
With 'Vanilla', tyDi already revealed there was a darker side to his sound. Teaming up with Canadian vocalist Tania Zygar once again, he heads even deeper into it all with 'Half Light'. Halfway up the bright sky, sliding down the dusky deep, we find 'Half Light' comfortably stuck between night-black progressive of tyDi and the lovely, soothing vocals of Tania. 'Half Light' will get any dancefloor to move, whether played in the deep, dark night or as the sun rises.

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21 December 2010 1:22
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tyDi feat. Tania Zygar - Vanilla [AVA027]


Another new jewel has been added to the tyDi realm of music. The Australian youngster isn't one to sit still for long, so with his 'Good Dream' and 'You Walk Away' still finding their way into the clubs, it's time for a new sensation to scorch the speaker cables.

He may be young at heart, just turned 23, but Tyson Illingworth has plenty of cards to play with. Number one DJ of Australia for the second year running, a new entry in the DJ Mag on #52, the International Dance Music Award for 'Best Breakthrough DJ', high-end chart positions, shows in the US, Australia and an extensive tour in Europe planned...tyDi's got the Royal Flush right there in his hands.

And the dream continues, with a new vocal track on the AVA Recordings label. Already a favourite amongst the trance crowds, it's the velvety, sweetening 'Vanilla' that's going to be next in tyDi's list of quality releases. This prog-trancer with an attitude features the lush vocals of Canadian vocalist Tania Zygar, rides a strong hook and though gentle in its build-up, breaks out into an exuberant, distortive end right after the break. And yes, 'that's so Vanilla'....the one taste everyone loves.

Ben Gold, one of the new breed trance producers hailing from the UK, blasts out with a heart-throbbing bass and energetic sound to his remix of 'Vanilla'. Michael Calderone and Austin Hall of The Space Rockerz rock 'Vanilla' with a mixture of electro and trance, as little cheeky elements take over. Two great remixes for variety of sound.

Armada Music | AVA Recordings

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12 July 2010 16:19
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tyDi 'Behind The Music'

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12 July 2010 15:37
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Behind the scenes with tyDi

Hanging out with tyDi on a Friday afternoon before heading to an exlcusive preview of his album 'Look Closer' - check it out...



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25 January 2010 20:48
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Global Soundsystem on NETradio Trance

Эксклюзивно и только на NETradio Trance. 27 января в 22:00 на NETradio Trance стартует еженедельное радио-шоу "Global Soundsystem" с очень талантливым и успешным tyDi. 2009 год стал взлетным для австралийского DJ и продюсера. Невероятное выступление на фестивале Sensation в Мельбурне стало отправной точкой этого взлета. Вскоре после этого tyDi зажег двадцатитысячную толпу на главной сцене Trance Energy в Голландии, выпустил дебютный альбом "Look Closer" (2 место в Australian Dance Charts), сделал ремиксы на треки таких звезд как 4 Strings, Nadia Ali & John O’Callaghan... И это было только начало. Треки артиста попали на первые места Beatport Trance Charts, а сам он, уже во второй раз был назван DJ № 1 в Австралии. tyDi дебютировал под номером 52 во всемогущем DJ Mag Top 100! Артист признан самой перспективной восходящей звездой австралийской dance-сцены, а журнал Rolling Stone посвятил 4 полосы истории его головокружительного успеха. В 22 года этот парень - будущее мировой танцевальной музыки... Дорогие слушатели NETradio. Мы также рады сообщить Вам, что начиная с 27 января и далее каждую неделю! Вы будете ПЕРВЫМИ В МИРЕ слушать свежий выпуск Global Soundsystem with tyDi. И все это на NETradio TRANCE!!!

Как вам Global Soundsystem?

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23 January 2010 15:41
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