Russia, Kazan
Russia, Tolyatti
Writing a pleasure : )
Russia, Moscow
5 +2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
DJ from St. Petersburg, Russia
7 -2
Russia, Moscow
8 +1
Russia, Moscow
9 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Popular Russian DJ from St. Petersburg.
Ukraine, Doneck
Ukraine, Kremenchug
13 +14
Russia, Kursk
14 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
15 +1
Russia, Moscow
Syntheticsax a project Moscow composer, arranger and saxophonist Mikhail Morozov. It has added a living soul in the electronic club music.
16 -2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
All colours of house music
18 +4
Russia, Samara
31 January 2020, Тухтинъ (Samara)
19 -1
Russia, Moscow
20 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
21 -1
Russia, Moscow
22 -1
23 +1
Russia, Moscow
24 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
25 +1
Russia, Moscow
Dj Aptekar' aka Up-Thekkar' - Only quality House, Progressive & Breaks music
26 +4
Russia, Moscow
24 January 2020, ZALL  (Moscow)
27 +1
Musician, DJ, sound-producer and remix maker.
28 +1
29 -4
Russia, Moscow
30 new
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32 -1
Russia, Moscow
34 +1
Russia, Moscow
23 January 2020, Высоцкий (Moscow)
35 +1
Russia, Taganrog
Agent Smith - author of remixes "Zavalu Snegom" - the first national club hit in Russian.
36 +2
Germany, Freiburg im Breisgau
Russia, Moscow
38 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
BOOKING – kiwelidi@ya.ru REMIX REQUEST – kiwelidi@ya.ru
39 +1
40 -6
41 +2
Russia, Volgograd
I love the music is my fuel in life)))
42 -1
Russia, Moscow
43 +1
Ukraine, Kiev
44 +2
Russia, Penza
45 -3
Russia, Tula
46 -1
Russia, Moscow
47 +9
48 -1
Russia, Moscow
Musician, Dj, composer, publicist. Peace for everyone!
Ukraine, Kiev
51 +2
Germany, Berlin
53 -2
Russia, Sevastopol
54 +1
Russia, Moscow
55 -1
Russia, Habarovsk
I Love beautiful music and good sound! And of course-same girls!
56 -8
Russia, Vorkuta
Just love music and I try to apply it as I can.Not judge strictly I'm just an amateur. Thanks to all who are interested in my work!
57 +1
Russia, CHelyabinsk
58 -1
Belarus, Minsk
DJ with good commercial taste that Umet shake even the most demanding music lovers and keep them up all night in the same breath, bathing in the sea of ​​positive emotions of their music! It Jenia Smile prefers Deep House, House, Club House, Trap, R'N'B and Moombahton, using the mixes only the freshest, colorful and positive tracks!
59 +4
Russia, Zelenograd
60 -1
Russia, Novosibirsk
61 -1
Russia, Ekaterinburg
In life you can be whoever you want, but in music only the present.
62 -1
Russia, Moscow
63 -1
Russia, Dmitrov
Russia, Moscow
DiscoVer. is a vocal project produced by “Which bottle?” production company. “We don't seek words! Our music speaks for us!”
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Ust-Ilimsk
Perfect music is silence, and musicians are engaged in creating a beautiful framework around this perfection.
68 +1
Kazakhstan, Uralsk
69 new
Russia, Moscow
Always glad to share good music with grateful listeners !!!
71 -3
72 +1
73 -2
Russia, Buzuluk
74 -2
75 +14
Ukraine, Kirovograd
Seven Years of successful work in Ukraine. Author of numerous works (MashUp, remix, original mix) Ex Resident Record Deep!
76 -2
Russia, Vladimir
77 -2
Russia, Krasnodar
78 +1
79 -1
Russia, Serov
Only for the quality of the sound!)
Lithuania, Siauliai
81 -5
Russia, Moscow
82 -5
Germany, Stuttgart
Melostalker represents new and drifty beats, melodic sounds and an exciting feeling for EDM music. This venture is carried and perfectioned by a young offspringing musician, who is constantly looking for new ideas in the world of electronic dance music. His heart constantly beats to the beat of music, when hi is in the creative process of creating music. Mental relation to music is the law for him. And his listeners and fans, his reward and energy.
83 +3
Rumania, Targu-Mures
84 -1
Russia, Krasnogorsk
85 -1
Russia, Moscow
SVET is a successful dj and a sound producer with more than nineteen years of experience. An official DJ during the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. The winner of the best track BURN DJ. The winner of a dj battle, organized by “DJMAG” journal....
86 -4
Russia, Saint Petersburg
87 new
Russia, Moscow
VICTORIA ANGEL Musician | Vocalist | Songwriter
88 -3
Russia, Moscow
Melody. Energy. Emotion.
89 -1
Russia, Moscow
DJ c great experience, a professional musician, never fixate on one style. Always plays a variety of music from different years and areas, trying thus emphasize that in each time interval and in every style has its own beauty and the people that come to his game always find something of their own favorite. At his parties is always a festive atmosphere, love the music, great mood, incendiary, recognizable and melodic rhythms to continue throughout the night!
90 -3
Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk
For me there are only two musical styles – "like" and "dislike".
91 -10
Russia, Ekaterinburg
Ghost Production
Russia, Moscow
93 -2
Producing his own distinctive Power House Genre, Styline is taking on an innovative role in the electronic music scene, aligning his characteristic sound right in-between the mainstream and the underground.
Russia, Saint Petersburg
The most current and the best tracks from the world of progressive house music. That's all in one radio show "Essential House Collection" with Dimitry Ferents
95 -5
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Anton Liss – successful and talented musician, а producer and а dj from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. His tracks and remixes are issued on records-labels, such as: Hed Kandi, Ministry of Sound. Successfully combining creativity with tour activity, Anton Liss has visited many cities of Russia and Europe with performances.
96 -3
Russia, Kovrov
It doesn't matter how, where, what you play... What matters is how your creation, Feelings do you cling)
Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
Forever I am in a trance
98 +2
Belarus, Gomel
99 -3
100 new
Russia, Kirov
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