Russia, Moscow
Music is beautiful! Lyrics-wise. Dancing - funny! Style is eclectic!
Pioneering his own distinctive Power House Genre, Styline’s innovative production approach aligns his unique characteristic sound right in-between the mainstream and the underground!
Russian DJ & Sound Producer
Ukraine, Doneck
The King of Electro-Tech
Welcome to increadible word of deep, techno & tech-house music. Open your mind to adventure like no other)) Enjoy the music) Peace, Love, Techno!!!
Russia, CHelyabinsk
Russia, Langepas
I can't get enough! No, no, no, no!
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
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Russia, Moscow
Techno is not music Steele and Steele life! Techno has always caused me a lot of turbulent emotions and one day I decided that I should take a small part of this big world of techno! Took it easy I need your support! Write comments, suggestions and ideas to tracks and perhaps one of your ideas will eventually be created!) Thanks in advance for your support! With respect Anatoly Kuvalin. (AK music)
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Ukraine, Kiev
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Ukraine, Kiev
Russia, CHelyabinsk
Hello! I present to you my musical project EgregorSSound. I create electronic instrumental music and would love to share it with you. Immerse yourself in the EgregorSSound, feel new emotions and get your piece of inspiration. Thank you, always glad to see you!
Russia, Moscow
17 -8
Ukraine, Kiev
Musician from Kiev. He believes that music is the emotion, lifestyle, the soul. Valde Bene is magnificence. That is exactly what he tries to reach in his every song-magnificence of the sound.Prefers techno, minimal techno, tech house direction.
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Germany, Zwickau
Natalie Gotman is a Russian singer and songwriter, whose name is known among the fans of electronic music. Nowadays she has a background of collaboration with top Russian DJs and producers, deals with European and local music labels, as well as airplays on radio stations.
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Russia, Mezhdurechensk
We turn consciousness
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Maximum energy efficiency dance floor and impeccable selection of material create a unique drive, which has become the hallmark of performances of Chris Shuttle. Original author and not the standard tracks always go beyond the canons, and thanks to the author's sound design carry the same unique exclusive techno vibe.
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23 -1
Russia, Moscow
DENIS A (Bedrock, DAR, Ministry Of Sound) - SPACE MOSCOW musical director & resident. Label boss of DAR label. The founder of music style HYPNOTERIC
24 -1
Founder and head of label Neoteck Music.
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Ukraine, Kiev
26 +13
Russia, Murmansk
27 -6
Russia, Sochi
28 -3
Russia, Orenburg
29 -2
Russia, Belgorod
30 -2
Russia, Valuiki
32 -2
Ukraine, Harkov
Aspiring talented Dj and sound producer, specifically, started writing musicexactly one year ago.For not a lot of time ranked in the TOP musicians(version promodj.com)His music is NOT "easy to digest" and needs to be experienced listener minimal , techno, house directions.This is a new Minimal new sound.Each track ready to hook you with its music, its atmosphere and carry away where-that far away from reality.
33 -1
Russia, Bogorodick
A musician from the Bogoroditsk City with its audience, signature sound and the main thing - love to the melody. Listen to the tracks for the rhythm and sounds of Metropolitan areas, often are in symbiosis with the serenity of the coast, with its measured life.. that is reflected in my compositions.
34 -1
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Zlatoust
This work seeks to ensure that would distinguish himself even than that, and that we'll do something diverse, unusual, interesting .... and most importantly that I could surprise!
36 -2
Ukraine, Odessa
Qualitative and deep immersion into the world of techno. Atmospheric background darkest moments that cause goose bumps . Only Alex Deor can hear the emotions and feelings , arranged in the music , and transmitted to the listener !
Russia, Moscow
38 -2
Russia, Moscow
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Belarus, Novopolock
Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
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Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
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Ukraine, Herson
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Russia, Moscow
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Germany, Nürnberg
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
49 -6
Russia, Moscow
Welcome to my dark and mysterious world ))) Feel Blackside
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Russia, Krasnogorsk
51 +3
Russia, Moscow
52 -2
Russia, Moscow
53 -1
My music is sound pictures in which my mood at the time of their creation is represented
54 +3
Russia, Kushva
Your whole world is just my illusion ....
55 +4
Russia, Velikie Luki
I just write music that we feel. in yourself and hear it in their moods))))
56 -1
Russia, Perm
57 -1
Russia, Moscow
58 -5
Russia, Moscow
59 +4
Russia, Simferopol
60 -2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
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Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Libertatea apare atunci când există o alegere, o alegere apare din ideea. Lungo Ideea vine din cosmos. Lungo nu este doar cafea. Moscova, Yasenevo. La liberté se pose quand il y a un choix, un choix découle de l'idée. Lungo L'idée vient du cosmos. Lungo est non seulement le café. Moscou, Yasenevo.
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Ukraine, Kiev
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Russia, Kurgan
65 -4
Russia, Ekaterinburg
66 +1
Ukraine, Kirovograd
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United States, New York
68 +3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Romantic Progressive Tech Music From Russia with Love
69 +1
Russia, Habarovsk
I love life. Everything breathes and to be in constant motion . The sound wave shakes the air. Molecules dance when the music plays . When the molecules do not dance , I become sad. So I 'm playing music and dancing molecules ! It is magical!
70 +17
71 +2
Russia, Novosibirsk
Тechno Тherapy
72 -6
Russia, Moscow
One of the first electronic music artists who has been successfully pulling in big crowds all over Russia and Eastern Europe. As a famous DJ & live act he performed on stage with many leading artists such as The Prodigy, Underworld, Paul Van Dyk and Tiesto. Currently, Ed hosts a weekly radio show MegaBeat. Cosmonaut is also known as the hero of KaZantip - a massive outdoor event on the Black Sea coast of Crimea, Ukraine.
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74 +4
Belarus, Minsk
jamanje musician from Minsk, presenter and founder of the podcast - Freedom. The main activity of working - Support domestic producer underground electronic music. The main directions: Techno, Minimal Techno,Tech House,Progressive House,Deep House,Neotrance.
75 +4
Portugal, Águeda
76 +1
Russia, Novorossiisk
77 +3
Russia, Pervouralsk
78 -2
Belarus, Grodno
The best Tech House musician and DJ from Grodno
79 -4
Russia, Nizhnii Tagil
80 +8
Moldova, Kishinev
81 +4
Russia, Moscow
I will try for You even better..... And to produce more interesting tracks FRIENDS....
82 +7
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Make music and luv... not war!
83 -9
Germany, Stuttgart
Vielen Dank an alle Supporter und an PDJ für das wunderschöne Plattform für uns Musiker! Don't worry - be groovy;)
84 +6
Russia, Moscow
85 -20
The musician from Belarus, the main direction in which creativity is progressive house.
86 -3
Russia, Moscow
Sound engineer "AstaLaVista Records Studio" Producer Drum And Bass,Dubstep,Glitch-Hop,Alternative,Stone-Rock, Grunge and Other Music.
87 -3
Russia, Tyumen
A new project, a kind person, good music)
88 -7
United Kingdom
89 -7
90 -21
91 -5
Russia, CHernyshevsk
92 +5
Russia, Saint Petersburg
every day is a miracle...every gaze in the space...each time the sound of music...
93 +2
Russia, Naberezhnye CHelny
94 -3
Russia, Voronezh
95 -2
Russia, Moscow
Russia, YAroslavl
Staziz - new name in a modern electronic scene. In my opinion it is the most perspective project during the musical activity. From now on I pay more attention to quality and moral substance of my sound.
97 -5
Russia, Moscow
I'm a musician and DJ (in that order, and not the reverse). For me music is magic.
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100 -1
Russia, Moscow
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