Russia, Moscow
3 +6
Russia, CHelyabinsk
4 -1
Russia, Belgorod
5 -1
Ukraine, Harkov
Aspiring talented Dj and sound producer, specifically, started writing musicexactly one year ago.For not a lot of time ranked in the TOP musicians(version promodj.com)His music is NOT "easy to digest" and needs to be experienced listener minimal , techno, house directions.This is a new Minimal new sound.Each track ready to hook you with its music, its atmosphere and carry away where-that far away from reality.
6 -1
Ukraine, Kiev
Musician from Kiev. He believes that music is the emotion, lifestyle, the soul. Valde Bene is magnificence. That is exactly what he tries to reach in his every song-magnificence of the sound.Prefers techno, minimal techno, tech house direction.
7 -1
Ukraine, Odessa
Qualitative and deep immersion into the world of techno. Atmospheric background darkest moments that cause goose bumps . Only Alex Deor can hear the emotions and feelings , arranged in the music , and transmitted to the listener !
8 -1
Germany, Nürnberg
9 -1
Russia, Astrahan
Russia, Novosibirsk
Тechno Тherapy
Russia, Langepas
I can't get enough! No, no, no, no!
United Kingdom, London
The Expanse
13 +1
Russia, Krasnodar
14 +1
Maximum energy efficiency dance floor and impeccable selection of material create a unique drive, which has become the hallmark of performances of Chris Shuttle. Original author and not the standard tracks always go beyond the canons, and thanks to the author's sound design carry the same unique exclusive techno vibe.
15 -2
Russia, Kopeisk
16 +1
Ukraine, Kiev
17 -1
Russia, Moscow
I'm a rich bitch (c)
18 +3
Russia, Vladimir
Game synthesizers and groove boxes using live instruments. Completely eliminate music computer! Each performance is not repeatable because I make music before your eyes!
Russia, Chita
20 +6
21 -1
Russia, Moscow
Welcome to my dark and mysterious world ))) Feel Blackside
22 +6
Russia, Nizhnii Tagil
23 -1
24 -1
Russia, Krasnodar
Russia, Ekaterinburg
26 -8
Russia, Moscow
27 -3
Ukraine, Herson
28 +1
Russia, Moscow
Sound engineer "AstaLaVista Records Studio" Producer Drum And Bass,Dubstep,Glitch-Hop,Alternative,Stone-Rock, Grunge and Other Music.
29 +2
Ukraine, Kirovograd
30 -3
Russia, Moscow
31 +1
Russia, Moscow
Project Dim Key is a revolutionary change in music ... this project brought its style to the world, viz. Techno Fusion - Electrical fusion & Confusion His music is different from the current sound of the producers. So that Dim Key does not try to follow any cliches and match any Idols ..
32 -2
Russia, Nizhnekamsk
33 +3
34 +3
Russia, Mezhdurechensk
We turn consciousness
35 -1
36 -1
Russia, Perm
Music! This is for me a kind of art in which art images are created using the definition of organized musical sounds
37 +1
Russia, Orenburg
38 +2
Russia, Kurgan
Ukraine, Kiev
40 -7
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Zlatoust
This work seeks to ensure that would distinguish himself even than that, and that we'll do something diverse, unusual, interesting .... and most importantly that I could surprise!
44 +3
Russia, Ekaterinburg
Russia, Ekaterinburg
46 -2
Russia, Nizhnii Tagil
47 -1
Russia, Moscow
Ukraine, Izmail
49 +3
Russia, Moscow
I produce my music accurately.I try to move away from habitual frames and use something new and unusual for my tracks.
51 -2
Russia, YAroslavl
52 -1
Belarus, Gancevichi
Apenas agressão, apenas o mínimo, apenas techno!
53 +3
Russia, Tyumen
54 +4
Ukraine, Vinogradov
55 -1
Russia, Moscow
56 +5
Ukraine, Kanev
57 +21
Russia, Bogorodick
Music is a cosmos, there are not many and not a few of it! Immerse yourself in the sound of an unlimited galaxy, in the matter of the cosmos!
58 +2
Russia, YAroslavl
59 -2
60 +3
Ukraine, Kiev
61 -8
Russia, Omsk
Russia, Moscow
to give music a third dimension
63 -8
Founder and head of label Neoteck Music.
64 +1
Russia, Orenburg
only the best
65 +2
Russia, Kazan
The main accent as the musician, Timm Beam puts on a variety in House style, with all his following substyles, such as Electro, Deep, Future, Progressive and Tech House. Having taken the basis from each substyle and mixing in the tracks and remixes, TB generates that new its, individual and independent in music world. If his style had the name, then it would be certain Indie House.
Russia, Moscow
67 +9
Russia, Kemerovo
68 +5
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Musical journey on the edge, where nothing is superfluous
69 +8
I am charmed with the music, without music there would no be life. I began jestingly with selections compounds but with software professionals and saw that I liked it more and more. I admit also that I am a bit raw in the mix but also I managed to publishing my songs in EDM.
70 +15
Russia, Sochi
71 +4
Russia, Ekaterinburg
Music should scream.
72 -3
Estonia, Tallin
Neurofunk producer from Russia using both soft and hard synths. Influenced by dark and deep Neuro tune of millenium and like to mixing it with LiquidFunk and Jungle elements.
73 -3
Russia, Sochi
74 -2
Russia, YAroslavl
75 +6
Russia, Chita
76 +4
Russia, YAroslavl
Most of the songs he do are EDM, House, Dance. Anton's ideas for the future are many. He's ready to get out there and show off his stuff. The main reason Anton is making music is for others to enjoy it. Also that they can relate to it and build memories through the music.
77 -3
Russia, Samara
Electronic musician, music producer and club projects, disc jockey, freelance artist and poet, promoter, designer, owner of labels Label SAMBIT, MOVETON and RUBIN Records
78 -7
Russia, Ekaterinburg
79 +3
Russia, Tolyatti
80 +17
Russia, Karpinsk
81 +5
Russia, Moscow
82 -14
Russia, Ekaterinburg
83 +1
Russia, Samara
84 +8
Russia, Chita
85 +3
i bring you peaches ;)
86 +1
Russia, Krasnodar
87 +2
Russia, Surgut
88 -5
Kazakhstan, Pavlodar
That is music for me? Music - is a whole world of unusual sounds, bright colors in the sound. It's a world of beauty, fantasy and deep feelings. That is what I am trying to convey in his tracks, remixes and mixes. The main thing in my music is the musicality (the presence of beautiful melodies), the idea, dance, quality, non-standard approach.
89 +2
90 new
Russia, Moscow
He started writing music a very long time, since the direction Trance music is deeply embedded in my heart. Like experiments in sound, blending styles, it's a hobby later grew into the meaning of life and searching for new ideas.
91 -12
Bulgaria, Plovdiv
92 +8
Russia, Ekaterinburg
93 -3
94 -35
Russia, Taganrog
95 new
Russia, Raduzhnyi (Hanty-Mansiiskii AO)
Sorry for the English text. Hope for understanding. I consider music an integral part of me. Attempts to create electronic music was performed at the beginning of zero years. The feel of the world like the pulsation of everything helps me to find a pair of standard solution. With all this, I consider myself still sailed from the shores into the ocean of possible options for the sound.
96 new
97 -3
Calm, Technical, Originality.... anything superfluous, only music......
98 new
Russia, Ekaterinburg
99 -3
Belarus, Grodno
The best producer and DJ in Tech House genre from Grodno
100 -7
Russia, Novouralsk
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