Russia, Novorossiisk
Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Russia, Barnaul
Russia, Perm
5 +1
Russia, Moscow
6 -1
Russia, Krasnoperekopsk
I write music for the pleasure of the audience, the music keeps our heart, because it is everywhere ;)
Ukraine, Luck
Ukraine, Izmail
Russia, Moscow
△ An established Russian DJ and producer
11 +1
Russia, Ufa
12 -1
Russia, Moscow
13 +1
Kazakhstan, Atyrau (Gurev)
14 -1
Russia, Naberezhnye CHelny
15 +3
Russia, Magadan
Musician. From the cold city of Magadan. He began his career in two thousand and twelve. Works with two labels "STEREOMOON RECORD" and "New Big Srar Label". Music CerJ-a Cake-a not zatsiklina in a certain style, he always likes to experiment. And add tin. Energetic and cheerful young man. Always glad to meet new people!
16 +3
Russia, Evpatoriya
Music is the meaning of my life!
17 -1
Russia, Moscow
18 +2
Russia, YAkutsk
19 -2
Russia, Ufa
I never dreamed of the big stage, I write music and I like it, and like it when people like! Yes, I try to imitate, and with such musicians to whom I still ege-n-th! But as with regard to music, it comes from within! Cry from the heart can say)))
20 +1
Russia, Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)
21 +1
Russia, Ioshkar-Ola
22 +1
Moldova, Bendery
Hello everyone ! DMC Bilan one of the first of Transnistria, who came to PROMODJ Plays in different directions in different styles : Mash-UP, Big Room House, Dutch House, Electro House, Electro Progressive, well, etc. As I always say "Whether any nationality or skin color , but always remained a man ! "
23 +3
Australia, Melbourne
Producer & DJ from Melbourne, Australia
24 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
25 new
Russia, Moscow
26 +3
Russia, Slavyansk-na-Kubani
27 +1
Russia, Tomsk
Just a musician!)
28 +4
29 +8
Ukraine, Rozhische
30 +4
Ukraine, Kirovograd
DJ, sound producer, in music, preference is given to styles such as Electro House, Melbourne House, Dutch House, Club House, Trap, Future House, Electro House , Deep House, Big Room House, Progressive House. When you listen to his music, you can understand what the soul sings and how the body needs movement, he likes to make people happy with beautiful music, it's part of his soul, while working with music, he makes listening to it not boring, but interesting enough to listen more and more!
31 +4
32 -1
Belarus, Minsk
33 -3
Russia, ZHukovskii
34 +4
Ukraine, Kamenka-Bugskaya
Hello everybody! I am a Roman Mikhaylishin novim nickname R.M.I.X.Y. young DJ, Producer familiar with music about a year, from childhood loved to listen to e-RM. But over time, I became interested in writing electronic music, and now he is writing. Every day I move a step further and learn new chips to create music. I write in the style of Dutch House .Dancecore ,, Deep House, Club House and other dance styles.
35 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
MC, vocalist, DJ, producer.
36 -3
Moldova, Orgeev
TrapsyDon Music
37 +2
Russia, Tver
Weightless Gate.WG - new , young a joint project designed to promote their musical skills.
38 +2
Russia, Moscow
39 +5
Russia, YAkutsk
40 +1
Belarus, Orsha
Nikolay Suhovarov - One Of The Ten Best DJ's and Musicians of Belarus according to the PromoDJ Version. Is a Frequent Guest in RadioShow “AfterParty” Radio Vitebsk FM. Is a Resident HouseMonkey c Radio is a Weekly RadioShow - Bomb Episode on Wednesdays. Regular Contact with Remixes in Rotation on the Leading Radio Belarus such as - Radio “BA” (Minsk); Radio “Pilot FM” (Minsk); Radio Europe + (Polotsk); Radio Vitebsk.
41 +1
Russia, CHelyabinsk
42 +3
Ukraine, Luck
43 -16
Russia, Kazan
MARC BERNES - DJ and musician since . The future star of electronic dance music, as well as in Russia and all over the world dream: To become the first in Russia and in the World
44 +3
Russia, Novosibirsk
45 -2
Russia, Moscow
46 -31
47 -1
Russia, Moscow
DJ DIMA BELOFF (resident and one of the founders of the label Gorky Family Project) is a bright, charismatic, ambitious,talented, multi-format DJ, which is hundreds of dance floors and most importantly the recognition of the public. His music is a symbiosis of classic Disco and Club House, c energy popular TRAP, Electro, Bigroom and Dutch House.
48 +1
Turkey, Marmaris
Indie Dance, Deep House & House Producer - Dj & Remixer Dear Deer Records - Media Blackout - Palace Beach Records - Epic Tones Records
49 +3
Uzbekistan, Fergana
50 +7
Russia, Zlatoust
This work seeks to ensure that would distinguish himself even than that, and that we'll do something diverse, unusual, interesting .... and most importantly that I could surprise!
51 -3
Russia, Moscow
52 -1
Russia, Smolensk
53 +5
Uzbekistan, Buhara
54 +5
Russia, Moscow
Russia, CHelyabinsk
56 -3
Ukraine, Harkov
57 -3
Russia, YAkutsk
SKRYME - Musician | DJ | Student NEFU
58 +3
Russia, YAkutsk
59 -3
Russia, Ekaterinburg
60 +3
Russia, Kopeisk
61 -11
Russia, Samara
Russia, Ust-Katav
63 +3
Russia, Ussuriisk
64 +4
Russia, Samara
65 +9
Russia, Saratov
66 +3
Russia, CHelyabinsk
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
For many years, sought in various styles ... Wrote Trance, Dub Step, D'n'B .... As a result, Dutch House became his main style. Now Dj Dstruction (Alex Zorg) - beatmaker, DJ and producer of its powerful and at the same time striking tracks Dutch House.
68 -3
Ukraine, Berdyansk
69 +10
Belarus, Minsk
70 +14
Russia, Moscow
71 -1
Ukraine, Odessa
Dj X Project - a musical project remiksmeykera talented . Ego remix lit audience on the set of the dance floor , because of its energy, drive and positive . Remixes , tracks - under the order ( turnkey ) Email: maxdjxproject@mail.ru
72 -1
Russia, Tula
73 +2
Russia, SHahtersk
74 -1
Uzbekistan, Samarkand
75 -3
Russia, Moscow
76 +6
Russia, Kazan
77 +14
Russia, Novosibirsk
78 +7
Russia, Moscow
79 -19
Russia, Lipeck
80 +6
Ukraine, Doneck
81 -5
The Best EDM Sound (Dutch House, Melbourne Bounce, Big Room)
82 -5
Ukraine, Ivano-Frankovsk
83 -5
Russia, Bryansk
EDM Everything To me!
84 -1
Belarus, Minsk
85 -5
86 -5
Russia, Kazan
A young talented (Dj,producer).Music started about a year and a half ago, I first mastered the style of this Melbourne bounce who inspired and brought me in a creative way,began to Write for the sake of what if a lot of people were really happy and cheerful,that had as many good moments they spent with music,which even after many many years later will remind them of those happy and fun moments!
87 +7
Kazakhstan, Dzhezkazgan
88 +2
Russia, Irkutsk
Young, a spokesman for the Siberian District, composer, saundmeyker producer. Working in a fashionable direction - EDM.
89 +4
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
90 +2
Belarus, Minsk
91 +4
Russia, Bodaibo
92 -3
Russia, YAroslavl
93 -5
Ukraine, Kiev
94 new
Egypt, Sharm el-Sheikh
Working in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt!
95 +3
Germany, Ankum
96 new
Belarus, Minsk
97 new
98 new
Ukraine, ZHitomir
Young producer from Ukraine ! Looking for a Booking Manager for active interventions (contact personal messages) about cooperation write a personal message or email !
99 new
Russia, Krasnodar
100 new
Ukraine, Kiev
I write music for the soul and the people, the main kerf volume up)
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