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Russia, CHeboksary
Russia, Moscow
Drummer & sound engineer at the Baptist church in Moscow. Like many of us started in E-jay, then Cool Edit Pro, Adobe Audition, but settled on Reaper.Previously posted their work as a DJ Елей (DJ Eley Unction).
Russia, Smolensk
Russia, Moscow
Music is beautiful! Lyrics-wise. Dancing - funny! Style is eclectic!
Russia, Moscow
I'm a rich bitch (c)
Russia, Vladivostok
Do the music and this already long ago not hobby! Personally for me music this not only sound or that that like,music this part of person, who her(its) creates,but dance of this motion to lifes!
Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
Russia, Morshansk
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Moscow
The OkoloSna project represents an original in its sounding and stylistics actual experimental music with primary influence of ethnic roots and folklore traditions of various cultures and nationalities. It is a fusion of modern dancing rhythms and electronic music with ancient vibrations of sacred mantras, classical tools, nature sounds, throat singing and other ethnic and tribal elements.
Russia, Bashmakovo
Russia, Tomsk
Russia, Nizhnii Tagil
Instrumental and experimental tracks. Dubstep, Chillout.
Russia, Moscow
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Turkmenistan, Ashhabad
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Perhaps the Most Beautiful Music in the World
Russia, Barnaul
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Novosibirsk
The Union Of Friends And Creative People
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Russia, Voronezh
Belarus, Minsk
Musician from Minsk, presenter of monthly PromoDJ show - TRACKPOINT Podcast: Chillout. He prefers such styles as Psy Chill, Ambient, Downtempo, Post-Rock, Experimental. First author's album - "World Language". Resident of PEYOTE PROMO (Minsk). You can listen his music in a space simulator Space Engine.
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Novosibirsk
Experimental use of texture and wonky, off-kilter beats.
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
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Ukraine, Belaya Cerkov
Joint project Vanilla Potatoyes & Anton Seim
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
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sound producer, DJ, Owner в Arrant Records
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Russia, Holmsk
Music is life and I'm living...
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Russia, Kizlyar
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Russia, Petrozavodsk
Russia, Moscow
Atmosphere, distant worlds, earth, dreams and dreams, implicitly, fantasy. Good and Evil, neighbors nearby. All this - in my music. Exceptional live recordings, without patterns and patterned rhythms. Space opens its arms to join as soon!
Canada, Toronto
My idea is that there is music in the air, music all around us; the world is full of it, and you simply take as much as you require.
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Russia, Moscow
Hello! I write mostly Chillout and Ambient! I want people to see my music as I would like it so that people can learn to close)) listen and understand everything))Come, rate, upload))
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Russia, Leninogorsk
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Russia, Samara
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Russia, CHelyabinsk
My music is my narration...
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Kuvshinovo
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Russia, Moscow
Alfida is a really unique artist. Being a vocal diva, producer, hit-maker, DJ, owner and general manager of AlmeZZo Records, vocal teacher is her distinctive feature. She uses exclusively only those tracks which produces herself or in collaboration with other musicians in her live perfomances not limiting herself to one style.
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Russia, Gavrilovka Vtoraya
Three-meter Hello! Stick something in the side of dark electro. Doing music since school, but only seriously began. There are ideas and time, left to buy a normal PC and a microphone, and then on an old stump not much to write...
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Russia, Tambov
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Russia, Moscow
Mood, emotions, sounds!
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Ukraine, Kiev
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Ukraine, Dimitrov
Music is life
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Russia, Moscow
Melodic and atmospheric music project LastEDEN penetrates into the depths of the soul and gives you complete harmony with itself.
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Russia, Novosibirsk
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Russia, Novokuzneck
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Russia, Kaluga
Valefim planet-chillout project created last year . Music should be beautiful and melodic, atmospheric and not intrusive, memorable and peaceful! Welcome to Planet Valefim!
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Russia, Dolgoprudnyi
Only music can get into heart at once, without the main filter - a brain.)
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Armenia, Yerevan
Writes music in all styles, but basically in style Trance, House and their versions.Prefers Dream Trance.At present is engaged in a writing and music producing.His works have been heard on various radio stations and sold in the largest stores in the world .
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Relaxonika by Vanilla Potatoyes
Russia, Vyborg
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Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
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Russia, CHehov
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
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Russia, Moscow
Cyprus, Limassol
Sergey Sirotin & Golden Light Orchestra. It is a project of instrumental music. There were a lot of CDs released not only in Russia but in many other coutries. Sergey Sirotin is an experienced musician and composer. For many years Sergey has been taking part in various activities of music industry.
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Russia, Tambov
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Ukraine, Lvov
"Nobody knew what to do, but Tchaikovsky has specified a way" (Bon Scott).
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Russia, Ryazan
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Ukraine, Kiev
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Russia, Moscow
Sound Producer, Remixer, DJ.
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
Music and Sea!
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Russia, Novorossiisk
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The main music styles of project - Downtempo, Chillout, Intellegent. You are welcom to PDJ page & to Official site:
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Russia, Abakan
Compose and write music for a long time, but only recently began to put their creativity on display. My life from early childhood-related music. Music is a part of my soul, the expression of my inner world and a reflection of my emotions. Create for people and I hope that my work will lift your mood and fill positive.
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Russia, Fryazino
Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Ayan
Musician Main styles: Dubstep, Instrumental Today is a resident of labels: · PATRICIJA RECORDINGS (Latvia) · TRANSORICA RECORDS (Ulysse Records Group) (Russia)
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Russia, Voronezh
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
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Ukraine, Zaporozhe
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Russia, Moscow
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Ukraine, Doneck
Acid save your soul
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Open your heart to the new world!
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Ukraine, Gluhov
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Russia, Zelenodolsk
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Russia, Meleuz
Music is everything to me.
Russia, Moscow
Music producer, write music in many genres - Freestyle, Electro, Hip-Hop, Trap, Metal, Synth-Pop, New Age, Trailer music, Advertisement music. Sound Factory participant
Russia, Moscow
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Germany, Berlin
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Russia, Ekaterinburg
Deep, Tech & Progressive House. Discography: over one hundred singles and remixes, two albums. Over seven hundred DJ appearances all across Russia. National radio- and club project «Russian Cybernetics». FlipCube Records. «Flip The Cube!» podcast.
26 January 2018, Maccheroni (Ekaterinburg)
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
The music is all around us. All you have to do is listen.
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