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Ukraine, Doneck
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Ukraine, Kiev
Ukraine, Vinnica
Ukraine, Odessa
Dj X Project - a musical project remiksmeykera talented . Ego remix lit audience on the set of the dance floor , because of its energy, drive and positive . Remixes , tracks - under the order ( turnkey ) Email:
Ukraine, Harkov
Ukraine, Luck
Ukraine, Odessa
Music has tremendous power. It saves, heals and gives us the right to be who we are. Beautiful song can convey the mood, emotion, or even to express a state of mind. Chief Mashup Artist of Odessa
Ukraine, Lvov
Ukraine, Vinnica
Ukraine, CHernovcy
The first manifestations of music began when I was studying at a music school. Then he became interested in listening to electronic music. He began to understand the styles of music. I've got an ear for music. Then he studied the program FL Studio and Adobe Audution. Now I make music in different styles of music. A more distributed style of music I Electro House.
Ukraine, Burshtyn
Ukraine, Izmail
Ukraine, Kamenka-Bugskaya
The talented experimenter, skillfully combining the transparency of the Deep and daring of the Electro and Future House.
Ukraine, Kirovograd
DJ, a musician from Ukraine (Kirovograd region Novoukrainka) Ivan Shevchenko (aka Dj Sheva) In music, prefers larger styles such as - Melbourne House, Club House, Future House, Electro House, Deep House, Big Room House. When tapping his music can be understood that sings soul and body needs movement, it is an amateur please people great music, it's part of his soul, while the music does well to listen to it was not boring, and so interesting to want to listen to again and again!
Ukraine, Rozhische
Ukraine, Harkov
Ukraine, Kiev
Ukraine, Harkov
MatreshkaShow / Mfm / EuropaPlus
Ukraine, Vinnica
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Ukraine, Luck
Ukraine, Borzna
To carry positive emotions, rotin in works not only lump-sum consonance but also certain depth, idea, sense in works...
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Ukraine, Rozhische
I'm a young DJ and musician. I started making music and I fell in love with music creation processes. I am from Ukraine and I hope you enjoy my projects.
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Ukraine, Kiev
Sasha Nekols - winner of "The Best Track in Ukraine" in the nomination "Electro". Behind him, dozens of remixes that play in the biggest live radio stations such as "KISS FM", the tracks are not getting support from the little-known DJs such as "OutcasDj's, Psytronical" and others. Also has releases on labels. Resident Projects "REDRIVE Media"
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Ukraine, Kurakhovo
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Ukraine, Konstantinovka
TanzKod Dj (last DJ Festoon) - young DJ, with a little work experience of Konstantinovka city! Always glad to new acquaintances and visitors to my village! I hope my stuff will not leave you indifferent;))
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Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
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Ukraine, Tatarbunary
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Ukraine, Pervomaiskii
Ukraine, Pervomaisk
Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
Hi! Let's be friends ;)
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Ukraine, Lvov
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Ukraine, Tyachev
Ukraine, Sambor
Ukraine, Kiev
Ukraine, Harkov
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Ukraine, Harkov
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Ukraine, Dubno
Getting started with music, with weddings. Behind the DJ booth was at the opening of the "Cultural-entertainment complex Coca", and there was a resident! With the help of Kiev musician - Dj Matt Fox, mastered not bad program FL Studio! Since that time, working on remixes and original in their tracks! And all my work)))) appreciate you!)))
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Ukraine, Doneck
Do not look for happiness, it is better to give Give each other positive emotions with the music!
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Ukraine, Kosov
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Ukraine, Doneck
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Ukraine, CHernovcy
I love music! I love her writing, listening and dancing to it. I want my music to make people happy and lifted them up, forced to dance, to dream!
Ukraine, Kirovograd
Ukraine, Kamenka
Ukraine, Sumy
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Ukraine, Vinnica
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Ukraine, Odessa
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Ukraine, Artemovsk
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DJ, Sound Producer
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Ukraine, Kostopol
DJ OneSound
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Ukraine, Odessa
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Ukraine, ZHitomir
Young producer from Ukraine ! Looking for a Booking Manager for active interventions (contact personal messages) about cooperation write a personal message or email !
Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
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Ukraine, Doneck
DJ, Musician, remixer, sound engineer, Music is my hobby. Have a goal - do not see obstacles, I develop and study with each work. Learn from my mistakes and am grateful to my friends for considerable criticism in terms of mixing and mastering. Work in different directions.
Ukraine, Kremenchug
I Mall Loft, and I want to make the world beautiful music) My essence become the best of the best musicians
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In his tracks and miksakh, you will be always able to feel his heartfelt mood, charge of emotions and rocking SOUND.
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Ukraine, Kiev
I write music for the soul and the people, the main kerf volume up)
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Ukraine, Lvov
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Ukraine, Kiev
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Ukraine, Selidovo
I love write my tracks in genres such as EDM, Electro House and Melbourne Bounce.I'm writing three years.
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Ukraine, Lvov
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Hi, everybody. we Will begin with that that everyone likes to listen to music on the style, we try to do our tracks melodious and unique, for our listeners that they would please you. So everything only begins in the future a lot of interesting, driving and melodious Dubstep style for you. Thank you that you with us:)
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Ukraine, Kiev
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Ukraine, Velikii Bychkov
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Ukraine, Nikolaev
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Ukraine, Kiev
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Ukraine, Lugansk
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Ukraine, CHernigov
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Ukraine, Izmail
I love music
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Ukraine, Kiev
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Ukraine, Kiev
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Ukraine, Kramatorsk
New Ukrainian musician and DJ, who is in the top musicians of Ukraine according PromoDJ! Author of many remixes.
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Ukraine, Kremenchug
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Ukraine, Doneck
81 new
Ukraine, Kiev
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Ukraine, Uman
From simplicity to cordiality, from energichnosti to shock! Listen and enjoy!
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Ukraine, Tarascha
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Ukraine, Ivano-Frankovsk
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Ukraine, Severodoneck
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Ukraine, Kiev
Pryvit.Zanymayus topics, something to bring me Joy and positive bolshe !!! My Diamond tracks and komentyruyte))
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Ukraine, Kiev
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Ukraine, CHerkassy
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Ukraine, Kramatorsk
House Music
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Ukraine, Dolina
91 new
Ukraine, Ivano-Frankovsk
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Ukraine, Lvov
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Ukraine, Borzna
I write modern music to a thicket in such styles as Electro-House,House,Dubstep,Club House.
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Ukraine, Avdeevka
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Ukraine, Odessa
Denis Ivanovich Nikolaev aka Dj Nikosha Viniloff
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Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
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Ukraine, Berdichev
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Ukraine, Konstantinovka
100 new
Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
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