Belarus, Minsk
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Novosibirsk
Russia, Moscow
Moscow | Producer | Remixer | Территория Бар | Supramental | Growing Reality Records | #mashupСУББОТЫ podcast
Russia, Moscow
DJ, remixmaker , mashuper with more than two years' experience in the activity , and high technique game.
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Music Label "Cartoon People" All colours of house music
Russia, Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)
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Russia, Sochi
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Egypt, Sharm el-Sheikh
DJ MARO Have a unique sound that crosses boundaries between Tech House , Funky House, Progressive House And Electro House Music. Happy For This Hug achievement Keep Support My Work!!)
13 +2
Belarus, Minsk
14 -1
Belarus, Orsha
Nikolay Suhovarov - One Of The Ten Best DJ's and Musicians of Belarus according to the PromoDJ Version. Is a Frequent Guest in RadioShow “AfterParty” Radio Vitebsk FM. Is a Resident HouseMonkey c Radio is a Weekly RadioShow - Bomb Episode on Wednesdays. Regular Contact with Remixes in Rotation on the Leading Radio Belarus such as - Radio “BA” (Minsk); Radio “Pilot FM” (Minsk); Radio Europe + (Polotsk); Radio Vitebsk.
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Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Ukraine, Harkov
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Holmsk
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
Ukraine, Harkov
Fresh steep acttual music for you dear listeners
27 April 2017, Паприка (Harkov)
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Russia, Samara
27 -1
Russia, Novorossiisk
Music for Soul & Body
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
What flows from the soul and just for you dear listeners.Enjoy the music and be with her together!
29 new
Russia, Belgorod
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31 -1
Russia, Krasnodar
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Russia, Moscow
Russia, Salehard
Active promoter of House music in the city, with all kinds of fanout Deep, Tech to Progressive & Techno sounds, mixed with Fidget / Jucking inserts various samples and necessarily acapella. The most stylish and juicy Trap, Twerk, Dubstep, Bass Music - always there in his music box ;) ''House - music of my heart! In my mind, for you!''
34 -2
Russia, Samara
35 -1
Russia, Moscow
36 -9
Russia, Moscow
37 -1
Russia, Novosibirsk
Russia, Orel
Russia, Novosibirsk
40 -3
Ukraine, Kiev
41 +2
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Pavlovo
43 -2
Russia, Moscow
I've got what you need to blow your mind!
44 +3
Russia, Moscow
Igru music not only with hands and head, and heart.... Play music not for myself but for You!!! Will transform your environment, in the environment you Saturday)))
45 -5
Russia, Moscow
46 -2
Belarus, Minsk
47 -2
48 -2
Belarus, Minsk
DJ and everything related to what comes out of the speakers, speakers and headphones, and other garbage that kills your ears for many years. And also can sell their brains and the product of their work at very competitive prices!)
49 +2
Russia, Moscow
50 -2
Russia, Voronezh
51 -2
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
52 +24
53 -3
Russia, Moscow
54 -2
Russia, Moscow
Mash_Up DJ, as well as the MC. Member of the official "BLACK STAR CLUB SHOW" in conjunction with "MC DONI.» Solo works with his "YARIK STEP CLUB SHOW»! Leading radio show "ТАНЦУЙ" to "BLACK STAR RADIO". Experiment as a beatmaker and sound producer.
55 -2
Russia, Voronezh
56 -2
Only music!
57 -2
Russia, Stavropol
58 +6
Ukraine, Akimovka
59 -1
60 +1
Norway, Stavanger
61 +1
Russia, CHeboksary
62 +1
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
63 -6
Russia, Moscow
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Kazakhstan, Astana
65 +18
Colombia, Bogotá
Here my music! My Philosophy of Life. My Top Creative Sound Ideas. Moya Volume Fantasia. My coveted Dream! Life is so fleeting. Time flies, and strives with Sound in Space...The rapid rhythm of Drum&Bass, Minimal Techno, Tech-Deep House Poisonous Mixture and Synthesis of Electronics Neotrance & Electro Progressive hear and vote on my page) I Respect Friends. And I love God! World of Music is Not limited to Style - this Universe without limits! All Incoming, Music - Forever!
66 -7
Russia, Samara
I am engaged in the mix and start to create your own tracks . Combines in his work a wide variety of styles and genres of dance music . Working on quality , stuffed hand. I wish to be heard by people and is divisible only by positive emotions with the audience . I would be glad of any support !
67 -1
Russia, Orehovo-Zuevo
DJ, Musician
68 -1
Russia, Novokuzneck
69 -1
Belarus, Minsk
70 -1
Russia, Moscow
71 -1
Russia, Moscow
72 -1
Russia, Samara
Belarus, Minsk
74 -2
Russia, Kingisepp
Began working professionally disc jockey in two thousand year. For this time repeatedly changed their musical tastes of Speed Garage & D"n"b to Discohouse & Deephouse. He worked in some of the clubs of St. Petersburg, also participated in the closed House-parties. The permanent participant of the program "MiXer" on the local radio station. In Kingisepp was a resident of, and a lead of all of the local clubs. At the moment, is a resident of the club "ORION"(Kingisepp).
75 +7
Russia, Moscow
76 -2
Russia, Moscow
77 -2
Kazakhstan, Astana
Kazakhstan, Astana
GOSH CRASH - this new atmospheric sounding, its unusual tracks don't leave you indifferent!
Ukraine, Harkov
80 -45
Russia, Krasnodar
81 -1
82 -1
Russia, Moscow
Vitaly Platonov a.k.a. DJ Platonov – Capital mash-up DeeJay. Platonov is a resident and guest DJ in many clubs and bars throughout Moscow while maintaining an active tour schedule. Style – Freestyle, in which many musical directions are joined together ranging from sloping rhythms to four-on-the-floors. Author of the track, “Get Ready!” and many sample edits which are popularly used amongst DJ’s.
83 -6
Russia, Moscow
84 -24
Russia, Severodvinsk
85 -1
Russia, Barnaul
Hello Fans of electronic music! Listen, download, vote for new items and Dutch Electro House mix!
86 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
87 +4
Russia, Stavropol
88 -1
Russia, Moscow
89 -1
Russia, Novosibirsk
90 +5
Russia, Samara
91 -2
Kazakhstan, Aktau (SHevchenko)
Music Is Good
92 -2
Russia, Apatity
Russia, Korolev
94 -2
Russia, Ulyanovsk
the music flows from the soul, I just give her
95 -1
Russia, Moscow
DJ Cool Kidd - The man who Non-limiting ourselves with a musical format. One of the most sought after DJ FREESTYLE central Russia.
Russia, Elektrostal
97 +1
Kazakhstan, Atyrau (Gurev)
98 new
99 +1
United States, Davis
Four years ago DJ MartaA. started to play Twerk, and she became The Best World Twerk DJ She is... ● First European Twerk DJ ● The Youngest Twerk DJ in The World And... ● Unique Twerking DJ ;)
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Uzbekistan, Tashkent
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