Belarus, Minsk
Belarus, Minsk
DJ with good commercial taste that Umet shake even the most demanding music lovers and keep them up all night in the same breath, bathing in the sea of ​​positive emotions of their music! It Jenia Smile prefers Deep House, House, Club House, Trap, R'N'B and Moombahton, using the mixes only the freshest, colorful and positive tracks!
Russia, Moscow
God Is A DJ
Russia, Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
I am a young,progressive dj musician, from the hero-city Moscow:) Listen my tracks,download and put like!) The music I play,it's my mood:)I want to transfer all my listeners;) Good luck to everyone! ;)
9 +1
Russia, ZHukovskii
10 +1
Russia, Pyatigorsk
MUZHETSKY (DENIS MUZHETSKY) - a top Russian DJs and ms actively promoting G-HOUSE in Russia.Treck's who plays DJ MUZHETSKY differ cool.Talant grace and combined with extensive experience and professional create this DJ.Pozitive,energy , drive - are the three main feelings that MUZHETSKY tries to convey to each listener.Inexhaustible experience with the microphone placed voice gives even more drive throughout his speech.
11 +1
Music Label "Cartoon People" All colours of house music
12 +2
Belarus, Minsk
13 +2
14 -1
Russia, Moscow
Fresh look, great taste and powerful positive energy is what carries this talented dj and musician! Only burning the tracks will be waiting for You on the dance floor!Perfectly works with vinyl and CD.Good sense of the mood and the expectations of the public.Successfully performed as a DJ in clubs, in cafes, in bars.Confident in himself and in those events where there will be - after all, visitors will get great emotions and will want to attend these events again and again.
15 +1
Russia, Moscow
16 +1
Russia, Moscow
Always aspire to the best! Even if you the best!!! DJ Aleks Shantal - extravagant DJ from Moscow. I work in absolutely different styles of house music.
17 +2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
18 +2
Egypt, Sharm el-Sheikh
DJ MARO Have a unique sound that crosses boundaries between Tech House , Funky House, Progressive House And Electro House Music. Happy For This Hug achievement Keep Support My Work!!)
19 -1
Russia, Moscow
20 -11
Russia, Moscow
Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk
I love new fresh sound
Russia, Novosibirsk
23 +1
Belarus, Orsha
Nikolay Suhovarov - One Of The Ten Best DJ's and Musicians of Belarus according to the PromoDJ Version. Is a Frequent Guest in RadioShow “AfterParty” Radio Vitebsk FM. Is a Resident HouseMonkey c Radio is a Weekly RadioShow - Bomb Episode on Wednesdays. Regular Contact with Remixes in Rotation on the Leading Radio Belarus such as - Radio “BA” (Minsk); Radio “Pilot FM” (Minsk); Radio Europe + (Polotsk); Radio Vitebsk.
24 +1
Russia, Moscow
25 -2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
26 +1
Russia, Ivanovo
Cryis - DJ and musician, administrator of the music label Storyland Music, member of EDM project "Cryis & Riddle". Leading monthly dance radio show Keep On Repeat. Ilya Cryis professional works in a wide range of styles, such as House, Dubstep and Chillout Music.
27 +1
28 +2
Russia, Salehard
Active promoter of House music in the city, with all kinds of fanout Deep, Tech to Progressive & Techno sounds, mixed with Fidget / Jucking inserts various samples and necessarily acapella. The most stylish and juicy Trap, Twerk, Dubstep, Bass Music - always there in his music box ;) ''House - music of my heart! In my mind, for you!''
29 +8
Ukraine, CHernovcy
Take me to Japan.
30 -1
Russia, Moscow
United States
32 -6
Russia, Moscow
33 +1
Russia, Moscow
34 -1
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
DJ Koroleva is play in absolutely different genres. DJ Koroleva has experience of work as both the club DJ, and the concert DJ with known hip-hop for performers and artists, also has experience of a radio-show at the time of development of the Rap-Radio.org project (Germany, Russia, France)
Russia, Moscow
37 -5
Russia, Moscow
Syberian Beast - a Russian musical project which exists since two thousand twelve year due to Svyat Rozhkov
38 +1
Russia, Podolsk
Spread the hard, spread the style!
39 -1
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Voronezh
My musical atmosphere is a combination of rigidity and melody, tranquillity and recklessness. I love eccentricity …
41 new
Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
Russia, Ioshkar-Ola
43 +4
Russia, Moscow
For me music was something more fundamental and important, than just desire to become the musician. I never felt as the musician, and I don't feel it now. For me music is the nature. It is not school, not work that is too schizophrenic, in my opinion. At school you can acquire certain technicians, but the best way is to create own equipment. You do something special as you feel it...
44 -3
DJ, musician, remixer, Resident music label SWEET BEATS
45 -1
Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Всем спасибо за поддержку
46 -3
Russia, Moscow
The representative of the group of musical sound optimistic connections that lead a person into a state space euphoria with a stereo penetration into the ear holes, sometimes called hormone music-joy. Sergey Forbes
47 -1
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Novosibirsk
50 +2
Russia, Moscow
51 +7
Russia, Kazan
52 -7
53 -3
Russia, Moscow
DJ DIMA BELOFF (resident and one of the founders of the label Gorky Family Project) is a bright, charismatic, ambitious,talented, multi-format DJ, which is hundreds of dance floors and most importantly the recognition of the public. His music is a symbiosis of classic Disco and Club House, c energy popular TRAP, Electro, Bigroom and Dutch House.
54 -3
55 -1
Russia, Ryazan
56 +3
Russia, Moscow
57 -2
Russia, Moscow
I've got what you need to blow your mind!
58 -5
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Music blender
59 -3
Russia, Moscow
60 +1
Belarus, Minsk
61 -4
Russia, Kizel
62 -2
Ukraine, Ivano-Frankovsk
63 +1
Russia, Tyumen
Do you like good quality music? Stick out from the rush and adrenaline? Come to the flame. You wait mixes from label "N"seven" Records Music". Trap, Drum and Bass, Breaks, BreakStep, Dub, Electro, Hard IDM, HardStep, HardCore, HardStyle, DanceCore, JazzStep, JumpUp, JumpStyle, Rave.
64 -1
Russia, Moscow
65 +6
Russia, Elektrostal
Ukraine, Akimovka
67 +5
Malta, Saint Julian's
There is not nothing more beautiful music
68 +2
Russia, Noyabrsk
Cool music is charging for the soul)
69 +5
Russia, Orehovo-Zuevo
DJ, Musician
70 -3
Russia, Moscow
71 +10
Ukraine, Odessa
The music is moving
72 -10
Ukraine, CHervonograd
DJ TIGEROS love the tin in the style of Electro House,Dutch House,Melbourne Bounce, Big Room House,Dubstep and Techno!
73 -4
Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk
74 -6
Russia, Mineralnye Vody
75 -2
Russia, Moscow
76 new
Russia, Krasnodar
77 -1
Russia, Moscow
Only EDM-Trap music of Festival's
78 -1
Russia, Moscow
29 June 2017, Высоцкий (Moscow)
79 -14
80 +9
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Nick Mantis (Nick Mantis), DJ, musician, producer. The basic directions in music: Trap, Dubstep, Ambient. Released of Deep Chill Unwind & Rewind, where Mantis stands on equal terms with such famous headliners as Le Flex, M.Waxx.
81 -2
Russia, Tyumen
CollapSYS this destruction usual parties, we do something unique, tearing templates and does not look like something everyday! We are representatives of a unique format in the city. Only at our parties are afraid of what plays are included in many clubs in the city. Only c we can understand what is underground and rave. We are not amenable to standardization, we are us. Each of our DJ promo group is completely unique and individual.
82 -2
Ukraine, Harkov
83 +7
Russia, Kotlas
84 -1
Russia, Ekaterinburg
85 +10
Russia, Moscow
86 new
Russia, Moscow
good sound
Belarus, ZHlobin
From Belarus with love.
89 -3
Russia, Moscow
Vitaly Platonov a.k.a. DJ Platonov – Capital mash-up DeeJay. Platonov is a resident and guest DJ in many clubs and bars throughout Moscow while maintaining an active tour schedule. Style – Freestyle, in which many musical directions are joined together ranging from sloping rhythms to four-on-the-floors. Author of the track, “Get Ready!” and many sample edits which are popularly used amongst DJ’s.
90 +1
Russia, Moscow
91 +6
Russia, Novosibirsk
92 +1
Ukraine, Harkov
thank you! you are the best! I love the trap, dubstep. Love to work hard and do not like to stop there
93 -1
Russia, Krasnoarmeisk (Moskovskaya obl.)
You will find a powerful unusual sound of drums and tearing drops !!!
94 -19
Russia, Ozery
All the best and most delicious just here !
95 -1
Russia, Moscow
96 +2
Russia, Moscow
Mash_Up DJ, as well as the MC. Member of the official "BLACK STAR CLUB SHOW" in conjunction with "MC DONI.» Solo works with his "YARIK STEP CLUB SHOW»! Leading radio show "ТАНЦУЙ" to "BLACK STAR RADIO". Experiment as a beatmaker and sound producer.
97 -1
Russia, Moscow
98 -13
Colombia, Bogotá
Here my music! My Philosophy of Life. My Top Creative Sound Ideas. Moya Volume Fantasia. My coveted Dream! Life is so fleeting. Time flies, and strives with Sound in Space...The rapid rhythm of Drum&Bass, Minimal Techno, Tech-Deep House Poisonous Mixture and Synthesis of Electronics Neotrance & Electro Progressive hear and vote on my page) I Respect Friends. And I love God! World of Music is Not limited to Style - this Universe without limits! All Incoming, Music - Forever!
99 new
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
100 new
Russia, Novosibirsk
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