Russia, Ekaterinburg
Russia, Perm
M.D.A. is a promising, striking artist on the underground scene who has been touring the expanses of Russia, India, Turkey and Ukraine more than ten years! Over the course of his career, he has appeared at several major festivals: SHALOM (ISR - IND), LOST IN GOA (IND), EASTERN TALES (TUR), HOLY FIESTA (IND), SPACE OF JOY (UA/RUS), PROSTRANSTVO, SYSTO, TORTUGA, TRANSLATION, DZAGI, A-ZOV FEST, KVAMMANGA, SKAZKA, WHITE NOISE, INDIA, RAINBOW,ETHNO ORGANICA,GALACTIC PARADISE (IND) and many more...
1 April 2017, Шоколад (Perm)
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Krasnogorsk
Russia, Zvenigorod
Goa & Psy for Everyone! ॐ
Thailand, Koh Samui
I work that my music to sound non-stop in the people's souls, even after they get off the dance floor.
7 +1
Russia, Moscow
Inspiring Psytrance in its most profound aspects for those seeking strong uplifting vibes..
8 -1
Russia, YAroslavl
Dj_Kirilloff real name Kirill (Yaroslavl) Starting his career Dj_Kirilloff could possess excellent technique, playing carefully selecting each track exhibiting a whole program of musical ecstasy. Beautiful music, raised in the upper arm and applause make up the decks again and again !!!
9 +1
Russia, Moscow
Professional musician and world travelled DJ M.Pravda, founder of National Sound Records servicing the world’s top DJ’s. With quality releases & remixes under his belt and an increasingly diverse resume of global venues played suach as The Guvernment (Toronto, Canada), La Boom (Montreal, Canada), Fabrique (Moscow, Russia), IBIZA (Camboriu, Brazil), Kazantip (Ukraine) and much more M.Pravda have earned big respect among fameous music producers, DJ’s and party goers.
10 -1
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
For the last years, Bobina (aka Moscow-based DJ & producer Dmitry Almazov) has been at the forefront of Russia’s electronic dance breakout.
Ukraine, Kiev
17 March 2017, Forsage (Kiev)
Russia, YAroslavl
14 +2
Russia, Moscow
Sounds captured hearing You akin disembodied spirits You Zapletal free In the pulse of everything creations Heart beating of our You live Reflection How to live without music? (;
15 -1
Ukraine, Kiev
16 -1
Russia, Moscow
World of Bionic Buddha involves you in unforgettable travel which lasts during all set. Deep basslines, magis stories, psychedelic overtones and beautiful melodies - that`s what you can find in my mixes... :)
17 +1
Russia, Kolomna
I use in my mixes a combination of several styles Psy Trance. There's commercial psy sound the main sound tracks.
18 -1
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
DJ Kayla Caryapadas from Moscow one of the veteran DJs of the the Russian Trance scene. Kayla was exposed to trance since its early days and has a smooth and powerful sound with commanding crowd response and has been with Digital Nature firm the past five years.
21 +1
Russia, Moscow
DJ Koroleva is play in absolutely different genres. DJ Koroleva has experience of work as both the club DJ, and the concert DJ with known hip-hop for performers and artists, also has experience of a radio-show at the time of development of the Rap-Radio.org project (Germany, Russia, France)
22 -1
Russia, Tyumen
Russia, Moscow
24 +10
Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
25 -1
Russia, YAroslavl
Yarkie not ordinarnye and definitely talented Dj their enthusiasm can ignite most versatile public and paint in the brightest colors. Dj_Kirilloff & Dj Kot could possess excellent technique, playing carefully selecting each track exhibiting a whole program of musical ecstasy !!!
26 -1
Russia, Kemerovo
DJ, musician, FOH & sound engineer from Russia/India. Over a decade of experience. Very picky about the quality and attractiveness of music he plays. Only five % of the music he listened to, gets in his performances and mixes. If you want to characterize Avadhuta in one word – he is the ChartMan. But more sympathetic to the melodic, harmonic, groovy and touched by ethnics music.
Russia, Saratov
Russia, Moscow
29 -3
Russia, Ekaterinburg
30 +1
Russia, Krasnogorsk
31 -2
Russia, Moscow
I'm in TOP! This is GREAT for me!Means moving in the right direction and develope! I would be glad if you show activity and vote for my musical materials!
32 -2
33 -1
34 new
35 -2
Russia, Sochi
Alex MAVR has a vivid Progressive Trance direction in creativity. The reasons for the success of any good artist Dj - it is a skill to the feelings of his audience, and the ability to leave unforgettable moments in the memory. His fans - the people of any age, race and religion. Alex MAVR - this is a man who literally unites continents.
36 +1
DImitrII Malakhovsky / VOTKiNSK / The main style is preferred: ATMOSPHERiC PROGRESSiVE & ELECTRONiCA ...
37 -2
Russia, Moscow
38 +2
Russia, Ramenskoe
40 +2
Netherlands, Amsterdam
41 +6
Russia, Moscow
More than just a Studio. Gathered here are people with different musical preferences and make common cause. All with a unique background and a great desire! The main thing that unites us - the love of good sound. Join us!
42 -6
Russia, Saint Petersburg
43 -5
Russia, Moscow
He started writing music a very long time, since the direction Trance music is deeply embedded in my heart. Like experiments in sound, blending styles, it's a hobby later grew into the meaning of life and searching for new ideas.
44 -1
Russia, Arhangelsk
"Heavenly Sound" radioshow - music for your spirit, soul and body!!! Listen on internet-radio "NuEuphoria" every first friday of month at six p.m. Moscow time
Russia, YAroslavl
BORA - DJ, musician, promoter and organizer of major events, open-air and private parties. He selected the basic style Minimal Tecnno and opened talent for DJ. Today BORA welcome guest at many clubs in Russia.
25 February 2017, JINN (Rybinsk)
Russia, Saint Petersburg
47 -3
Ukraine, Lvov
Psychedelic, Forest,Dark, Techtrance - It's a blast :)
Russia, Moscow
49 +1
Russia, Ekaterinburg
Atmospheric music is dark [Deep & Dark Progressive] is focused on the nature of the unconscious emotional changes, immersion in a trance listening, positive emotional shift, the overall positive attitude. Characteristic features are: grim infernal aesthetics combined with dark energy, atmosphere minor aspects psychedelic, exotic melodies. The project is filled with aggressive emotions and dark passages.
50 +7
Russia, Moscow
Playing for the soul and set the mood, positive motives on the background of clear rhythms!+:)
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
Russia, Podolsk
I don't like the uniformity and simplicity in music, so each of my works are so unique as possible.Each of my works, presents in the mix, unique, refined, elegant and possess its zest
53 +30
Russia, CHelyabinsk
54 -5
Russia, Moscow
55 -2
Russia, Vladivostok
56 -2
Russia, Golicyno (Moskovskaya obl.)
57 +2
Russia, Dmitrov
Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
59 -4
Global Suprastructural Music
Russia, Kaluga
61 -5
Russia, Ekaterinburg
62 -1
Russia, Moscow
63 -1
64 -1
Russia, Moscow
Select the melody of the universe and the sacred geometry of sound ,she measured the feelings and emotions of life experiences together with you listening to my mixes! Stay with me and call friends to us! Listening to the mix don't forget to click on the heart in appreciation and respect for the work done ,which I do only for you!!! Where my mix is heart click on it)) I will be pleased!!!
65 new
Germany, Hamburg
Super music for dancing or listening
66 +5
Russia, Stavropol
Participiant of TranceAssorty project. Resident of GTI radio, TrancEuphoria, AFC Radio
67 +6
Russia, Moscow
Imaginarium corp.
68 -3
Russia, Moscow
69 -1
Kazakhstan, Almaty (Alma-Ata)
70 -4
Bulgaria, Sofia
71 -7
Russia, Sevastopol
72 -3
73 -3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Wellcome to my world)))
74 -7
Russia, Moscow
[Sonic Chakras Records]
75 -3
Russia, Sergiev Posad
76 -2
Russia, Klin
77 +9
Russia, Moscow
78 -2
Russia, Ekaterinburg
79 +8
Russia, Kazan
80 -1
Russia, Moscow
81 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Israel, Tel-Aviv
Jenny Karol - ReBirth.The Future Is Now!Epic Trance Show. Weekly trance radio-show, incl. exclusives releases from record labels.
83 -2
Russia, Moscow
Every friday evening the best prgressive, tech & deep house music on RushFM radiostation!
84 +1
Kazakhstan, Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Are You There?
85 -8
Russia, Moscow
Share with the world my collection of good and beautiful music.
86 -8
Russia, CHelyabinsk
87 +2
Russia, Moscow
88 -13
Ukraine, Nikopol
89 -5
Russia, Novosibirsk
91 +1
Russia, Moscow
I try to convey in my mixes only positive atmosphere
92 -4
93 +2
94 -1
DJ, musician, resident of Internet radio TeleportStation. Musical preferences - Psy trance, UK psytrance, Night psytrance .
95 -1
Russia, Mytischi
96 +2
Russia, Vladivostok
97 -1
Ukraine, Lugansk
98 -1
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
Russia, Podolsk
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