Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
Dj / Sound Producer from |Moscow,Russia| Label: (Perfecto, Prison Entertainment, Love Style Records, Go Deeva, Keller Music, Maniana Records, KIEZ BEATS, RUNDELL BEATZ RECORDINGS, No Smoking Records).
4 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Producer & DJ, other words would be unnecessary. Listen.
Russia, Moscow
God Is A DJ
Russia, Tula
Pleasure is an independent project created by Sergey Zotov (Vega Z). Pleasure - weekly podcast of the best tracks in the style of Nu Disco and Indie Dance from Russian producers and DJs, as well as World labels! Welcome to the Pleasure!
Russia, Saint Petersburg
12 +1
DJ JunGo more than ten years successful dj, music producer, club promoter, electronic musician, graphic designer and radioshows creator in one. Behind releases on labels: Pacha, Dark Pleasure, Skilled, NeBar, Fashion Music, iTech, Triori, Intricate. He spent more than a fifteen hundred different-own partys!
13 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
14 -2
Ukraine, Doneck
Russia, Moscow
DJ. Dandy - promising and talented DJ. Each of his pack - is a surge of emotion and positive sea! His performances, he likes to entertain, amaze and otherwise develop musical public. Dandy has a unique sense of the dance floor and is able to work with almost any audience. With his work he is intriguing, plant, and sometimes provokes.
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Novosibirsk
Paul Weekend - DJ and producer Tech House, Nu Disco / Indie Dance from Russia. RELEASE OF LABELS: Gert Records Extra Sound Stell Recordings Bedroom Mozik Records Media Blackout NYLO music Prison Entertainment
Russia, Krasnogorsk
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
music non stop
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Russia, Moscow
Pasha Portnov / Паша Портнов - the DJ and the musical director in many popular club projects of Moscow, he performed in all high-profile and successful club projects, He worked with a large number of world stars, goes on tour worldwide.
28 +2
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Tim Gorgeous - Sound-Producer, Photo Model and DJ. St-Petersburg, Russia. Clubmasters Records Artist. Primary Music Genres: House, Deep, Nu-disco, Indie Dance. Secondary Genres: Electro, Future, Big Room, Progressive House.
30 +2
Russia, Ekaterinburg
Deep, Tech & Progressive House. Discography: over one hundred singles and remixes, two albums. Over seven hundred DJ appearances all across Russia. National radio- and club project «Russian Cybernetics». FlipCube Records. «Flip The Cube!» podcast.
30 June 2017, Maccheroni (Ekaterinburg)
Belarus, Vitebsk
32 +3
Russia, Moscow
Producer / Remix Artist / DJ @djandersen
33 +1
Russia, Moscow
Each podcast is designed specifically for you! Good mood, positive emotions and a desire to move the booty - guaranteed ! Vote, I am pleased to understand that I do it not in vain! Thank you!
34 -1
Russia, Dolgoprudnyi
The Lord gives me the opportunity to do things you love and my gratitude to him - has no boundaries! At the console I'm happy, them happy, and share with joy!
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Russia, Moscow
36 +4
Ukraine, Odessa
37 +2
Russia, Tosno
Russia, Moscow
today, WUNDER (Moscow)
39 -2
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Russia, Moscow
41 +2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
42 +2
Russia, Novorossiisk
Kostenko Brothers - Ko.Bro Music with Groove and Tunes!
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44 +1
Ukraine, Harkov
45 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
psychedelic space funk
46 +4
Ukraine, Harkov
My DJ sets are collected from the latest hits and innovations in the world of House music! I have constantly updated content. Will give a unique atmosphere of house parties and quality electronic sound!
Russia, Moscow
Music compilation by Beck & Alex. Carefully selected tunes. Compiled & Mixed by Beck & Alex Music Therapists Please vote & share. Your vote is essential.
Russia, CHelyabinsk
My activity is essential for a unified musical fields of our country and its integration into the world cultural space
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United Kingdom, London
50 +5
Russia, CHelyabinsk
Energy and train drive
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52 -3
Germany, Kassel
Music and I - We just together
53 +1
Russia, Moscow
3 July 2017, Noor (Moscow)
54 +2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
55 +4
Hi there! If you looking for some hopefully non-mainstream DJ approach in Indie Dance / Nu Disco below one-fifteen BPM, probably my page is the option. Just don't forget that high PR and DL figures not always indicates the true gem. Go for the wider angle!
56 +4
Russia, Saint Petersburg
57 +6
Russia, Moscow
58 +4
Russia, Ryazan
My musical essence - it is qualitative to present dancing material with identity inherent in me. I love music which gets from the first notes then to present it as a dessert!
59 +6
Russia, Vologda
60 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Alex won the love of the audience playing the most pressing and winding tracks, creating a unique atmosphere on the dance floor. He regularly releases new mixes, separated by style - the main series of mixes (oriented on deep house) is produced under the name SOLONMIX, as regards the direction of techno - for it Alex made a new series called TECHNOVISION.
61 +3
Russia, Zelenograd
62 +4
Russia, Saint Petersburg
63 +9
Russia, Ryazan
Russian music label, all releases is Free Download. The label's releases are in the form of original tracks and remixes, mashups, thematic and promo dj mixes. A label's mission consists in bringing to the listener the actual modern (and classical!) sound such styles like Deep House, Indie Dance, Nu Disco, UK Garage, Tech House, Disco House and the House is!
64 -7
Russia, Irkutsk
65 +6
Russia, Arhangelsk
66 +7
Russia, Moscow
Beautiful Music For Beautiful People!!!
67 +1
Russia, Moscow
68 +1
Russia, Moscow
69 +5
Russia, Pavlovskii Posad
70 -3
Russia, Stavropol
71 -13
Russia, Saint Petersburg
72 +7
Russia, Tyumen
His playing is subtle flair to the style of music, the mood and desires of bestowal of the dance floor. He knows how to "light", to give the mood and atmosphere of fun. This man truly in love with what he did and always ready to share it with You. If you have determined where to find a professional DJ and for a reasonable fee - you hit the target !
73 +7
Russia, Moscow
Ruslana Sultanova - dj, musician, producer and singer well-known as a leader of the electronic band A la Ru in Moscow. She is performing within the field of Deep/Tech House music.
74 +4
Ukraine, Odessa
Melodious summer lounge deep euphoria of his rhythm plunges into the atmosphere of rest near the sea at sunset.
75 +1
Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
77 +7
Russia, Nizhnevartovsk
78 +5
Russia, Saint Petersburg
The Muse of the club stage, making your hearts to tremble with happiness:)
79 +2
Russia, Ekaterinburg
IndieDisco - EpicPop - DeepChaos
80 -5
Russia, Tolyatti
81 +17
Russia, Saint Petersburg
A DJ and musician from Nizhny Novgorod, grew up on the GSS sound. He graduated from the St. Petersburg school DJs "Clubmasters". His music is full of meaning. He believes that the progressive house will come back and say their word.
82 +4
Russia, Volgodonsk
83 -1
Russia, Arhangelsk
84 -14
Russia, Moscow
Professional attitude and flair to the most extraordinary listeners .. sound quality and technology. Communication with the public ..
85 +2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
A traditionalist of the old school electronic sound. Music is supposed to be beauty, essence and zest. The rest of the evil.
86 -1
Russia, Moscow
Feelings, emotions, thoughts in the acoustic incarnation
87 +1
Russia, Moscow
aka Andrei Deep
88 +1
Russia, Moscow
89 +3
Russia, Moscow
90 -66
Russia, Belgorod
91 +3
Azerbaijan, Baku
I think that music is one of the smartest inventions of mankind , music has to inspire a person ...I am currently trying to make so that each element of the track written by me or remix has a value for each value for each listener ...
92 +3
Russia, Novosibirsk
93 -2
Russia, Kazan
94 -1
Russia, Moscow
Nightlife saturated with bright colors and the atmosphere of constant celebration. The life of a DJ who gives this musical landscape color becomes an integral part of the kaleidoscope. My music and musical mood is a kaleidoscope of all the cities of our country in a fit of emotion to others. It is a style of life that is always light the fires of your city and will give a positive tone for your mood!
95 +2
Russia, Moscow
Belarus, Grodno
97 new
Russia, Ivanovo
98 new
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
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