Belarus, Minsk
According to the results of the outgoing year Dj RATEK occupies the first position in the styles: Electro-House, Future House, Dutch House, Electro Progressive, Progressive House for all countries, and is also the best DJs of the Belarusian version PromoDJ Every week program "VIP Electro" comes to FM and Internet radio stations.
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Tomsk
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Russia, ZHukovskii
14 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
MC, vocalist, DJ, producer.
15 -1
Russia, Moscow
I am a young,progressive dj musician, from the hero-city Moscow:) Listen my tracks,download and put like!) The music I play,it's my mood:)I want to transfer all my listeners;) Good luck to everyone! ;)
Russia, Moscow
DJ Denis Rublev - resident of the first music publishing, booking agency NBA and FAMOUS DJs. The main headline of the brightest parties of Moscow, Russia, a regular guest at the German club. DJ, musician, soundproducer more than ten years of experience.
Russia, Moscow
DJ Koroleva is play in absolutely different genres. DJ Koroleva has experience of work as both the club DJ, and the concert DJ with known hip-hop for performers and artists, also has experience of a radio-show at the time of development of the Rap-Radio.org project (Germany, Russia, France)
18 +2
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Kirov
20 +2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
today, Barashki (Saint Petersburg)
Russia, Saint Petersburg
22 +1
Russia, Kostroma
23 +2
Russia, Pereslavl-Zalesskii
24 +2
Russia, Moscow
25 -1
Belarus, Gomel
26 +2
Russia, Moscow
27 +3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Anton Liss – successful and talented musician, а producer and а dj from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. His tracks and remixes are issued on records-labels, such as: Hed Kandi, Ministry of Sound. Successfully combining creativity with tour activity, Anton Liss has visited many cities of Russia and Europe with performances.
28 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
30 +1
Russia, Moscow
31 +2
Russia, Moscow
The professional multiformat DJ with already more twenty-year experience. I have changed in many clubs of Moscow, Russia and abroad with huge number of the famous actors and DJs and proved as the professional. Also the eventakh participated in many large actions. The main stylistic preferences - Soulful, Jackin, Electro Swing, Nu Disco, Indy Dance, Deep, Club, Electro, Progressive, Russian Pop, Dance Pop, Disco, Rock, Jazz.
Russia, Moscow
33 +2
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Troickoe
35 +1
Belarus, Minsk
36 +1
Russia, Moscow
37 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
38 +3
Russia, YAroslavl
Dj_Kirilloff real name Kirill (Yaroslavl) Starting his career Dj_Kirilloff could possess excellent technique, playing carefully selecting each track exhibiting a whole program of musical ecstasy. Beautiful music, raised in the upper arm and applause make up the decks again and again !!!
Russia, Ekaterinburg
Russia, Moscow
41 +2
Russia, Moscow
Alex Hart have come a long way since crashing onto the scene in two thousand five. Previous tracks were supported by world Dj's and also included into the official playlist of the Sochi Winter Olympics.
Russia, Irkutsk
43 +1
Russia, Novosibirsk
25 March 2017, FLINT STAR (Troick)
44 +1
Russia, Petrozavodsk
After a long search for a suitable format radioshow, I finally decided, to mix tracks - it`s interesting. Now, every week on Thursday, I make a new fresh mix in genres Electro and Progressive House. Electronic Time is continues. Welcome to my UnReal World.
45 +2
Russia, Moscow
DMC Mikael (Vasilyev Mikhail) – the DJ, the musician, MC. "Quite young, but quickly growing" Plays in popular and demanded Mash Up style." Throughout all set works with a microphone that gives to public even more drive and positive emotions. More than a half of the music-set plays only the author's tracks and remixes. Resident of a musical label of "Fresh Records"
Russia, Moscow
a talented DJ with a good musical preferences
47 +2
Russia, Bryansk
48 +3
Latvia, Riga
49 -1
Russia, Moscow
DJ Hot Maker - DJ with fifteen years experience of the work. He played in almost all the Moscow night clubs. He played for various top Russian companies and at private events. With music from this DJ only positive and good emotions! Enjoy!
50 +4
Russia, Moscow
51 -1
52 +7
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
54 +4
Russia, Slyudyanka
55 +2
Russia, Moscow
God Is A DJ
56 +4
Russia, Moscow
57 +9
Russia, Moscow
58 +3
Russia, Moscow
Producer / Remix Artist / DJ @djandersen
59 +3
Russia, Moscow
For me music was something more fundamental and important, than just desire to become the musician. I never felt as the musician, and I don't feel it now. For me music is the nature. It is not school, not work that is too schizophrenic, in my opinion. At school you can acquire certain technicians, but the best way is to create own equipment. You do something special as you feel it...
60 -4
Russia, Moscow
61 +3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
62 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
63 -11
Russia, Ozery
All the best and most delicious just here !
64 +4
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
65 +5
Russia, Moscow
DJ DIMA BELOFF (resident and one of the founders of the label Gorky Family Project) is a bright, charismatic, ambitious,talented, multi-format DJ, which is hundreds of dance floors and most importantly the recognition of the public. His music is a symbiosis of classic Disco and Club House, c energy popular TRAP, Electro, Bigroom and Dutch House.
66 -11
Russia, Novosibirsk
67 -2
Russia, Norilsk
The essence of any of my set is an energetic exchange of emotions between me and the audience. So I always carefully select music under his every set. I loved this exchange from school and rushing so far;)
68 -1
Russia, YAroslavl
Egypt, Sharm el-Sheikh
DJ MARO Have a unique sound that crosses boundaries between Tech House , Funky House, Progressive House And Electro House Music. Happy For This Hug achievement Keep Support My Work!!)
70 +12
Russia, Moscow
71 +3
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Tula
73 +2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
74 -1
Russia, YAroslavl
75 -4
Russia, Uhta
76 +2
Russia, Ufa
78 +1
79 +1
Russia, CHeboksary
80 -4
Russia, Moscow
81 +2
Russia, Moscow
82 +3
Russia, Moscow
83 +4
Ukraine, Zaporozhe
84 +5
Russia, Moscow
85 -4
Russia, Kamyshin
Hi all, I ACTUALLY SEVERAL lyrical MAN UNDER THIS ACTUALLY I really like TRANS. Having no musical education WHAT I decided to try and write some of their own. I am very grateful to the who voted for my work, thank you all! You can always count on my support. ANTON.
86 +2
Russia, Salehard
Started its activity in autumn palacethe Year and quickly rose to the Top, thanks to its remarkable mix. DJ, remixer, musician from Western Siberia. Can mix almost any dance music, but prefers the styles of Trance, Electro House, Club House. Electro, Progressive, and other similar styles, likes to experiment, is Willing to cooperate with any labels!!!!
87 -1
Russia, Moscow
88 +2
Russia, Saratov
visit twice a month my musical selection of the best dance music on the planet make this world a more musical and energetic participant in the most vivid and unforgettable parties of the Volga region
89 +3
Belarus, Minsk
90 +3
Russia, YUzhno-Sahalinsk
DJ, producer, promotions manager ¦ Russia, Sakhalin ¦ HOUSE/G-HOUSE/DEEP HOUSE/CLUB HOUSE
91 +3
International House Music Phenomenon that has established himself as one of the most sought-after, independent artists. Pioneering his own distinctive Power House Genre.
92 +4
Russia, Moscow
DJ and producer from Moscow
93 +4
Russia, Syktyvkar
94 +4
Russia, Saint Petersburg
DJ SERGEY TIGROV young, talented and perspective Disc Jockey.Родился and grew up in the club capital of Russia - St. Petersburg. Early years is closely connected with music. Began to earnestly manifest itself in the club культуре.Сергей played in all the most famous clubs of St. Petersburg, later began to be produced on many labels have been noted by many organizers and DJs.
95 +4
Music Label "Cartoon People" All colours of house music
96 new
97 +3
Russia, Moscow
98 new
Ukraine, Odessa
I always was in music. As far as I remember, this was exclusive occupation that I wanted to engage in. When I first tried itself in didzheinge, I felt that this my, and I will always be a deejay. For me it was a natural thing in the world. Born in Ukraine and above-ground in city at the Black sea! Odesa.
99 new
Russia, YUzhno-Sahalinsk
100 new
Russia, CHeboksary
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