Belarus, Minsk
According to the results of the outgoing year Dj RATEK occupies the first position in the styles: Electro-House, Future House, Dutch House, Electro Progressive, Progressive House for all countries, and is also the best DJs of the Belarusian version PromoDJ Every week program "VIP Electro" comes to FM and Internet radio stations.
Russia, Ozery
All the best and most delicious just here !
Russia, Saint Petersburg
4 +1
Russia, Moscow
5 -1
Colombia, Bogotá
Here my music! My Philosophy of Life. My Top Creative Sound Ideas. Moya Volume Fantasia. My coveted Dream! Life is so fleeting. Time flies, and strives with Sound in Space...The rapid rhythm of Drum&Bass, Minimal Techno, Tech-Deep House Poisonous Mixture and Synthesis of Electronics Neotrance & Electro Progressive hear and vote on my page) I Respect Friends. And I love God! World of Music is Not limited to Style - this Universe without limits! All Incoming, Music - Forever!
Russia, Moscow
I am a young,progressive dj musician, from the hero-city Moscow:) Listen my tracks,download and put like!) The music I play,it's my mood:)I want to transfer all my listeners;) Good luck to everyone! ;)
Russia, Moscow
Syberian Beast - a Russian musical project which exists since two thousand twelve year due to Svyat Rozhkov
8 +2
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Vorkuta
10 -2
Russia, Volgograd
it's a fine day ;)
Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk
I love new fresh sound
Russia, Vladimir
In BEAT WE Trust!!!
Russia, Tula
14 +1
Russia, Moscow
DJ Koroleva is play in absolutely different genres. DJ Koroleva has experience of work as both the club DJ, and the concert DJ with known hip-hop for performers and artists, also has experience of a radio-show at the time of development of the Rap-Radio.org project (Germany, Russia, France)
15 +1
Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
16 +1
Russia, Salehard
Active promoter of House music in the city, with all kinds of fanout Deep, Tech to Progressive & Techno sounds, mixed with Fidget / Jucking inserts various samples and necessarily acapella. The most stylish and juicy Trap, Twerk, Dubstep, Bass Music - always there in his music box ;) ''House - music of my heart! In my mind, for you!''
17 +5
Russia, Moscow
18 -4
Ukraine, Kiev
19 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
20 -1
Russia, Syzran
Aspiring Dj and musician, talented, kind and helpful. Favorite styles of Dubstep, Trance and Deep House...
Russia, Moscow
Musician, composer of experimental music. His new direction Experemental drum which includes elements of drum&bass,dubstep,neurofunk and drumstep. All his works are successfully included in the directory MixBANK Atlantic Records (Warner Music)
22 -2
Russia, Ivanovo
Cryis - DJ and musician, administrator of the music label Storyland Music, member of EDM project "Cryis & Riddle". Leading monthly dance radio show Keep On Repeat. Ilya Cryis professional works in a wide range of styles, such as House, Dubstep and Chillout Music.
Russia, Moscow
24 +1
Russia, Moscow
The representative of the group of musical sound optimistic connections that lead a person into a state space euphoria with a stereo penetration into the ear holes, sometimes called hormone music-joy. Sergey Forbes
25 -1
Serbia, Novi Sad
My passion for making Mixes started as a thing to enjoy some music, making my unique playlist and sharing it among friends. Soon it became my mission to make the most of it and to make sure people have the best fun possible listening to one of my mixes or as I call them episodes. When I see a crowd of people, united for that one thing called music, makes me honestly happy.
26 +1
Ukraine, CHervonograd
DJ TIGEROS love the tin in the style of Electro House,Dutch House,Melbourne Bounce, Big Room House,Dubstep and Techno!
27 +5
Russia, Moscow
4 March 2017, Сады Бабилона (Moscow)
Russia, Simferopol
Radio RECORD Crimea #RecordMix
29 +7
United States
30 +1
Russia, Moscow
31 -5
Ukraine, Kiev
Only BASS MUSIC!! Musician, riding astride on dire-Bass tank! Seeking to destroy the wall clubs, homes and heads of listeners! Plunge into the world of deep atmosphere and heavy playing time! will seduce you!
32 +2
Just playing the drums your favorite style, do what you like.
Russia, Saint Petersburg
34 +1
Kazakhstan, Almaty (Alma-Ata)
35 -6
36 +1
37 +2
Russia, Moscow
Mix - that will make you fall in love with my work: D
38 +3
39 -9
Russia, Moscow
40 -2
Russia, Naberezhnye CHelny
41 -1
Russia, Orenburg
42 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
43 +1
Russia, Moscow
Tigran (Deepline) - DJ and aspiring producer from Russia (Moscow). In their speeches, sets try to penetrate into the soul of man, that sounded all over the body. Because the body can be controlled, only you need to find the rhythm. Therefore specialize in specific atmospheric sound with a deep dark sounds with notes pierce the space under the oriental motifs. That transmit feelings, emotions and state of mind! - To understand the music, you have to feel it - (с) Deepline
44 +2
Russia, Arzamas
45 -3
Russia, Novosibirsk
46 -1
Belarus, Minsk
47 +1
48 -1
Russia, Moscow
49 +4
50 +1
Russia, Birobidzhan
Full improvisation. I never was the playlists to the mix. I play that fit in the head
51 -2
Russia, CHelyabinsk
Music from which could disrupt the spine - a Double In Trip. We tripin music and convey these sentiments to you!
52 -2
Russia, Tyumen
I make people happy and I give them only positive emotions
53 +4
Russia, Moscow
For me music was something more fundamental and important, than just desire to become the musician. I never felt as the musician, and I don't feel it now. For me music is the nature. It is not school, not work that is too schizophrenic, in my opinion. At school you can acquire certain technicians, but the best way is to create own equipment. You do something special as you feel it...
54 -2
Russia, Moscow
55 +7
Moldova, Orgeev
56 +2
Russia, Moscow
57 -2
Ukraine, Harkov
thank you! you are the best! I love the trap, dubstep. Love to work hard and do not like to stop there
58 -4
Russia, Nizhnevartovsk
59 +6
Ukraine, Berdichev
Hello everyone.I Dj Dima GoPro, the new DJs, I work in many styles, but mostly in the style of Dubstep. I really want to grow and develop their skills, to grow and achieve more in the Dj industry.
60 +10
Russia, Gatchina
My music is full of energy .
61 +3
Russia, Moscow
62 +1
Russia, Anapa
63 -7
United States, San Francisco
64 +9
Ukraine, Poltava
I love music and I love beautiful music even more =)
65 new
Russia, Moscow
24 February 2017, Violet (Moscow)
66 -6
Russia, Tula
breaks band
67 -6
Ukraine, Odessa
68 +8
Russia, Moscow
69 +2
70 +4
Kazakhstan, Uralsk
71 +8
Russia, Moscow
ANDY ST - The owner of a unique sense of taste, master Drum'n'Bass case in straight sets is used only the best and tastiest of this business. His music is a life-affirming and charges the emotions of others ...
72 -5
Russia, Moscow
Founder and Chief executive at DF Promo, DJ and promoter from Moscow. Works with a variety of music genres, focusing on (but not limited to) drum'n'bass, neurofunk, UK funky and ragga jungle/dubwise. Ira's main goal on stage is to uncover the dancefloor energy and share unconditional love for broken beats with the audience.
73 -4
Russia, Nizhnevartovsk
Huge respect to all the listeners of my podcast, just because you keep on doing what I was doing! All my works are based only on your findings and assessments. Actively share their opinions and fruits do not have to wait long;)
74 -2
Russia, Barnaul
Music creates the feelings which you can't find in life.
75 -7
Russia, Moscow
76 -17
Russia, Obninsk
77 -11
Russia, Moscow
78 +5
Russia, Novosibirsk
Musical taste made ​​from human DJ
79 +1
United States, New York
I DJ STIFF and a do only good music in different style )) a so to same good REMIX and MIX!!)) and just nice tracks and songs)))
80 -2
Russia, Vologda
81 -4
Russia, Moscow
DENIS A (Bedrock, DAR, Ministry Of Sound) - SPACE MOSCOW musical director & resident. Label boss of DAR label. The founder of music style HYPNOTERIC
82 -1
Ukraine, Sumy
83 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
It's me, a person who fell in love with interdimensional transfer magic, called music. Сome with me in the world of your dreams & emotions.
84 +3
Russia, Stavropol
Heavy, inscrutable, thrilling sounds of dubstep penetrate the body, forcing the mind to go into the unknown and mysterious world, once again proving that it is often much more decibels sensual displays, deep bass pushes the body in the chair, the pupils dilate, thought converge into a single point, the presentation began ...
85 +4
Russia, Moscow
86 -11
Russia, Vereschagino
87 -1
Russia, Murmansk
88 +9
Russia, Penza
89 -4
Ukraine, Razdelnaya
90 +2
Russia, Ulyanovsk
Club DJ (different formats: Electro House, DubStep, Dutch House, Progressive House, Trance)
Russia, Samara
92 new
Ukraine, Borodyanka
I am a DJ. He started DJing a year ago, in April)) What are stsenichskaya? EMM ... do not even know what it is) well, in my understanding, it is like "what I want to achieve," and "I want to convey to people his mixes and tracks" by the way, I will soon start writing their own track in styles: Dubstep, trap, Arabic Trap) has a lot of sketches here and they will bring to mind. And to people I do not know what I want to convey .. Something like this)))
93 new
Russia, Saint Petersburg
94 +5
Russia, CHeboksary
Music - that's life. Rhythm starts, invigorates, lifts, adds strength, gives a dose of adrenaline or makes sad, think sneaks up chills. I can not imagine my day without music. Choose its own rhythm and forth!
95 -5
Russia, Astrahan
96 +4
Russia, Perm
97 +1
Russia, Korolev
98 -10
Russia, Moscow
99 new
Russia, Samara
100 -7
Russia, Tomsk
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