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клуб Мираж, Kstovo, 22:00 // 30 October 2010
Electro House
Ночной клуб Москва, Kemerovo, 22:00 // 27 March 2010
клуб Мираж, Kstovo, 22:00 // 14 November 2009
Electro House
М-радио, Arzamas, 12:24 // 25 September 2009
Progressive House
Tom Taylor aka JOKER

“Why so serious?”
He does not remember where he was born. He can not recall nor his birthplace, nor birthday. The sounds of U-96 did not stop his drunk parents from conceiving him. The 90s shined with Prodigy, Funker Vogt planted the Joker’s DNA grooves boosting numerous hangouts.
The best years of his immaculate early years have been lit with forced VHS tapes watching using whop vertical feed video player Elektronika VM-12  in the crosshairs of his father’s shot-gun. The flashback frozen the smile on his modest face. The depth of his anguish of soul ache has been giving him no peace for many years.

In the twilight of the 96 he began to long for revenge and stood up in front of the DJ desk. The first sets, as an eye drop of a child, popped into the ears of unsophisticated listeners. “Finita la comedia” – those were the words fallen from his lips when he was seated first passage of cast iron ladder – his smile glistened with tears.
The years sped up his unveiled art, note by note, sound by sound, set by set forced his ego-trip – he was building up his game plan and management of revenge. Implementation did not make anyone wait. The supernatural revelation removed him off from the wrong way to the victory. Every new set fired holes brains of public. The war has started.

Singularity and uncertainty of sets he played allowed the audience to be in one place or in multiple depending on time. The harmonic sets {2 Step , DiscoHouse , Electro House , Experimental , House , Speed Garage , Tribal }  bring the public into otherworldly rush of empirical knowledge. Unpredictable iterations and choice of music approaches colorfully highlight the color box of his inspiration.
There’s only one unchangeable thing – his smile.

Why so serious?

I like: поесть и попить

I hate: пафосность и вранье

I recommend: улыбаться... это всех раздражает

I am interested in: хм... хз... моск в тупике

I know: ... ох... чего я тока не знаю

I can: ... и умею

Tom Taylor aka Joker
Favorite styles: 2 Step, Disco House, Electro House, Experimental, House, Minimal Techno, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Speed Garage, Tech House, Trance, Uplifting Trance, Vocal Trance
Performance: from €500 / 1.5 hours
Location: Russia, Moscow
Resident: домашний диван (Moscow), СРЦ Молния (Moscow)
Guest: Рц У Бендера город Арзамас (Nizhnii Novgorod), РЦ К-ДЭНС г.Вологда (Vologda), Космополит (Moscow), ТБ (Moscow), Клуб Лабиринт (Rybinsk), Динамик (Kemerovo), Cafe-club Aventura (Nizhnii Novgorod), КРК Мегаполис (Lipeck), ЛНК Москва (Kemerovo)
Was just once: Клуб Индиго (г.Чайковский) (CHaikovskii)
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