Сергей Залевский Кошелев Олег
Main style: Uplifting Trance
Favorite styles: Hard Trance, Progressive Trance, Tech Trance, Trance, Vocal Trance
DJ, producer, radioshow, vocalist, poet, clubber, listener, collaborations
Performance: from €400 / 2 hours
Location: Ukraine, Kiev
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Time2Rest - The Dark Lord (Harry Potter Theme Mix) - Search label

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Друзья, делимся с вами хорошей новостью. Наш трек «Nature Poesia (Emotional Mix)»,... 

Неизвестные Герои

"Неизвестные Герои" Недавно наткнулись на статью в YOUR EDM посвященную нашему алиас проекту Time2Rest (Adam Navel & Sergey Zalevskiy) в которой рассматривался наш трек Nature Poesia, очень приятно было читать то, сколько эмоций и переживаний вызвал данный трек и, что именно он привлёк к себе столько внимания транс поклонников. Читаем!

Unsung Heroes 014: Time2Rest – Nature Poesia (Emotional Mix) [Uplifting Trance]

Lately, when I have been looking at the Trance world in early 2013, I have been noticing some trends that have seemed to have been dominating the scene. An emphasis has been placed more upon tracks that works well with the dance floors with thick, pounding beats and more emphasis on rough, electric synth lines that cause heavy reverberation on a stage. I have seen this with W&W at Mexico City and the lineup at ASOT 600 NYC with Trance/Trouse artists Ferry Corsten and W&W; both having higher spots than the purer Trance artists such as Max Graham vs. Protoculture, or Alex M.O.R.P.H. . Even the people at Anjunabeats have gone through a considerable change. And yet, aside from people of the Pure Trance camp such as Solarstone and Ferry Tayle, there have been less of an emphasis of the true emotional impact that Trance can clearly convey through their music. However, this is not a bad thing, as the people who truly listen to this music are those who care deeply for the music and for the emotional struggle that each of these pieces conveys to the human subconscious.

I am one of those very people, and it is my job here at Unsung Heroes to showcase the true beauty of mankind and to share the intangible hopes and dreams that some artists have the gift of being able to place in their productions. Today, we look at a very unknown artist called Time2Rest. An artist as much as he is an enigma, he has only produced and released one remix back in 2011 on Lifted Sounds Recordings. However, judging by his artistic style, he is no amateur. In fact, his attention to detail and the unbelievable amount of risks he fearlessly leaps forth into as an artist showcases that he is wise past his years and can confidently create music that goes beyond the dancefloors. Today, we look at his highly emotional mix of his Original track, Nature Poesia. Meaning ‘Poem’ in Spanish, Nature Poesia does more that just create mindless music. Nature Poesia tells a story; one of beauty, hope, dreams, triumph, victory and realization of you and the world around you. One of the best Uplifting pieces ever in our opinion, it is clear that Trance can change your life for the betterment of the world.

The first page begins with gorgeous, atmospheric strings as faint whispers of a lone bird chirps in the distance. A synth calmly appears as thunderous tribal drums bring the energy to a start. The bass kicks in and the first chapter begins, with driven basslines, energetic synth lines and serine, subtle strings and peaceful synths, creating a perfect contrast between hope and determination. More and more strings add to the deck as a placid piano rolls in with just the right notes connecting with the basslines. The breakdown completely cuts the BPM in half, in order to give these magnificent strings space in order to convey their emotional message. Taking notes from a cinematic point of view, a lone violin leads the main melody of the second chapter as lush suspensions and non-chord tones take over the foray. The birds and bellowing of wind really brings the concept of nature home as soft synths start making its build towards the final chapter.

The energy hits a high as all of the synths converge into one spot, chatting and throwing around melodic ideas as the energy builds and builds to an almost unbearable point. As the drop hits, all losses of self consciousness and self of being occur as the rush of orchestrated beats and multi-layered machine of uplifting melodies create a cacophony of organized and melodic noise that connects directly to the soul. This piece sticks in your head and seriously showcases the beauty of the human condition throughout its pages. The messages that Time2Rest has conveyed is nothing short of genius and has the capacity to bring the listener to a state of emotional vulnerability and not realizing how the tears went streaming down ones face (if one truly listens to the beauty of Nature Poesia).

Note that this was played on OzzyXPM on his Blue Soho Sessions 013 and is currently unreleased. However, we can probably safely say that it will probably be released on XPM Recordings in the future. Also, since I was sick last week, I was not able to write up an Unsung Heroes. So instead of skipping a week, I am going to write up a special installment tomorrow for your listening pleasure! Keep a look out for it!

Keep the music alive, Trance fans. -Q…

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22 October 2013 19:57
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Time2Rest - Nature Poesia (Emotional Mix)

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4 May 2012 1:07
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Еще одна приятная поддержка нашего ремикса на трек Undertech & Solar Paradise - Light Day

На этот раз трек попал в ТОП 10 SUZY SOLAR

SUZY SOLAR - APRIL 2011 TOP 10 (compiled April 14, 11)

01. Zaa ft Stine Grove - Return To Life (X-trude Remix) [Loverush Digital]

02. Matt Bukovski - Delight (Arctic Moon Remix) [Harmonic Breeze Recordings]

03. Arctic Moon - Adelaide (Original Mix) [FSOE Recordings]

04. Mark Sherry ft Sharone - I Will Find You (Indecent Noise Remix) [Reset Records]

05. Luke Terry ft Helen Sylk - Cloudbreak (Original Mix) [Unearthed Red]

06. Undertech & Solar Paradise - Light Day (Time2Rest Remix) [LiftedSounds Records]

07. Mike Koglin & Corderoy - Metronomic (XGenic Remix) [Discover]

08. Alan Wyse ft Carrie - Diamond Kiss (Ronald de Foe Remix) [Music En Route]

09. Tritonal ft Meredith Call - Broken Down (Ronski Speed Remix) [Air Up There Recordings]

10. A.r.d.i ft Irena Love - Memories (Original Mix) [Silent Shore White]

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11 May 2011 12:40
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Time2Rest - Nature Poesia (Emotional mix)

24.02.2011 закончили работу над треком, под названием Nature Poesia (Emotional mix). Стиль аплифтово-энергетично-эпиковый :))) Надеемся, переделывать сведение не придется :) В скором времени будет доступна демка :)

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25 February 2011 3:03

Музыкальный проект Time2Rest (TranceFM (Залевський Сергей) и Adam Navel (Кошелев Олег)). Проект Time2Rest создан благодаря двум талантливым музыкантам, нацелен на написание позитивной насыщенной и эмоциональной музыки. Уже успешно зарекомендовал себя не только в своей стране, но и на мировой арене, получив поддержку от топовых ди-джеев и продюсеров со всего мира. Наполненный яркими идеями и энергетикой мы дарим своим слушателям только самую лучшую и качественную музыку. Так же, мы являемся участниками социально-ориентированного проекта Perfect Earth.


Time2Rest нацелен и в дальнейшем дарить только самые лучшие музыкальные моменты в вашей жизни. В ближайшее время, мы постараемся начать выпускать еженедельные выпуски свежей и просто качественной транс музыки. Так же, планируем заняться более серьезной работой над собственными новыми треками.

    time2rest  12 January 2011 2:48 #
    Сегодня будем заканчивать очередную свою работу И начинать следующею
    1Touch  21 December 2010 23:14 #
    ID - ID (Time2Rest Remix) великолепен!
      time2rest  23 December 2010 17:40 #
      О_о Откуда такое мнение?) Он еще не вышел)
        1Touch  23 December 2010 18:13 #
        Но я уже слышал)
          time2rest  23 December 2010 23:22 #
          В любом случаи рады, что работа понравилась Скоро будут новые работы Wink
    dj S.SMART  27 November 2010 17:25 #
      Adam Navel  27 November 2010 22:36 #
      wow it's COOOOL =D
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