Waltende Herrlichkeit, Robby Gamora, Yuki Makoto
Main style: Minimal Electronica
Favorite styles: Minimal Techno
DJ, producer, promoter
Location: Germany, Münster
Guest: Radio Rush FM (Moscow)
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In the distant future, the planet Joceshwaze flew two old Martian. They had a purpose, to expose the creator of commerce and call it a battle. They played a long, long tormented by all the inhabitants of the planet, raspylyalinarkofeny ... And the day came when the residents visited the effect tiktaponiki. All at once forgot about commerce, and became minimal. These guys have copied all the past and the future of the galaxy, changed the course of life. After all the events, talking to Martians minimalist language. Gait changed to 125 steps per minute, everyone started to wear glasses. On the streets of this planet could see a lot of champagne and chaya.Oblaka changed to yellow-blue and light green color. Everywhere was music, waged war with the coenzyme. Yet the music they overcame. Effect tiktaponiki struck billions Martians. The mission was accomplished, but still remained white spaces in the past. Now, the guys went back to earth to change the course of life, to acquaint all with the effect of tiktaponiki.