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Свит [x2]


So that who wishes to learn and understand that such crunk, I shall explain to you:



Crunk - It is one of forms hip hop's. Unlike hip hop's east coast (East Coast Hip-Hop), music crunk is a mix from repeating tunes and dramas-machine of the rhythms usually generated on most popular dramas-machines - Roland TR 808. The most popular executor of Crunk, is Lil Jon and now not for a long time we shall pass to my idol... Remember such unc with magnificent hair on a head, a bottle of a champagne and mad behaviour which has taken part in clip Usher? Yes, here what representatives CRUNK's. Actually the most known R'n'B the executor, to be exact its known song «Yeah», produced, that unc with magnificent hair. Also think now what prospects CRUNK? In general this style can be described very simply: madwomen bass, aggressive barrackings and corresponding a theme of songs. But, not looking at such simple system this style, for a long time remains in your head, in fact idle time ingeniously. If you think, what it is far not so then listen a lil CRUNK's and your opinion will change for ever. To execute this style the certain charisma, madness, the company of mad friends which should help to write to you corresponding the text is required, gift to write music that all around shivered and a little Lil Jon's. Here the recipe, with that that you have started to respect for your music. Now in Russia and the CIS countries are not present any representative of it, among young commands it is possible to emphasize collective Hardcore Ballaz, and I simply try To be the best DJ of this style. About the most important representative of style CRUNK, Lil Jon's, it is possible to tell, its album became some times platinum, it takes part in many projects, from works with Usher, Caira, Fat Joe up to Korn (and it is already far not hip hop's), it is possible to see on the most abrupt party's, it came across in objectives of cameras in simple clubs, together with in the most untwisted clubs, on private parties, it even has got on party Playboy, but it already its history). Now millions fans of style CRUNK wait though for any novelty to please the hearing and the mood. And if you for it search, it above (I do not joke).


Style has appeared in southern states of America from Georgia and Tennesy. By and large, tracks in style crunk can be carried safely to dirty southern hip hop's (Dirty South hip-hop) or to a southern rap (southern rap), but thus not any southern rap concerns to style crunk.

Features Crunk

The Recitative part is under construction with accent on the first and third quarter - so it sounds on a club sound is better. Some songs in style Crunk, have been forbidden for reproduction in clubs of that the crowd on a dancing went mad of a rhythm and that literally, them these how much got трэки. Many consider as kings of Crunk - command Lil Jon The Eastside Boyz, Prince of Crunk - Musician Lil Scrappy, and Queen of Crunk - Chyna Whyte. The term "crunk" for the first time was applied by group Outkast.
The critic

In the world of hip hop, one criticize crunk-executors that at them weak lyrics and that in all compositions identical bats sound, and all tracks are similar on style. Others at this time agree, that the lyrics indeed lags behind, but as a whole music very much even approaches for clubs. Anyway, crunk it was strongly fixed on a stage and it is considered one of hip hop's currents in which there is no lack of new albums and singles.

Interesting facts

Some think, that an origin of term CRUNK rather simple: this combination of words - CRazy and drUNK, by which the condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication of public in clubs is described. Other theory says, what this modified word «crank», translated as «cunning», «a hook» or «to get» — That is it is such is artful-clinging music which definitely should like an audience.


I, the young DJ, have made the way during a club life rather not for a long time, owing to to Friend DJ's and the big desire... Played in сafe's, in one of city clubs, one of these days birthes and the best cultural entertaining complex of the city. While, that, I continue to develop.


As to music it is my best partybreak's and mash up's which after listened are remembered on long as it crunk, is poorly known style in Russia, but in our city I try to advance it.. After each work I type a certain experience...


I all recommend to listen to my creativity (naturally for those who is interested hip hop's, Hardcore & R'n'B).


And in the conclusion I would like to tell very clever words which to me when that one of "great" (in my opinion) musicians and in due time the DJ has told: " Never be afraid to show the talent as you always will have even one grateful listener. "

Simeon Shirshov aka Dj Stiles
Main style: Hip-hop/Rap
Favorite styles: Alternative Rap, Baile Funk, Beatboxing, Big Beat, Breaks, Comedy Rap, Crunk, Dancehall, Dirty Rap, Diss, East Coast Rap, Freestyle, Funk, Gangsta Rap, Hardcore rap, House, Jazz-Rap, Miami Bass, Old School Rap, Pop Rap, R&B, Reggae, Southern Rap, Turntablism, West Coast Rap
DJ, producer, MC, vocalist, poet, clubber, listener since 2008
Performance: from 3 000 rubles / 1 hour
Location: Russia, Anapa
Frequent visitor: Ночной клуб Пепелац (Anapa), Клуб Саботаж (Anapa), Атлантида (Noyabrsk), Скважина (Noyabrsk (Tyumenskaya obl.))
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