Stan Williams
Main style: House
DJ, radioshow, promoter
Performance: 2 hours
Location: Russia, Moscow
Resident: Radio,MEGAPOLIS 89,5FM (Moscow), Ibiza Live Radio 103.7 Ibiza, Spain (Ibiza), Capital FM Moscow 105.3 (Moscow)
Megapolis, Moscow, 12:00 // 15 January 2016
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Stan Williams Sessions  11 September 2014 0:37
Stan Williams Sessions  4 September 2014 20:27
Stan Williams Sessions  4 September 2014 20:26
Andrew Schmidt  20 May 2012 21:36
Happy birthday, Stanley! With the best regards and congratulations)))
Love this guy since 1993... +++
Thanks Man.!!! Happy New Year!
With best regards Man!!
+++ дружим
go to friends, man!
Hi Stan Respect from Indokitay!!!
Happy birthday, Stanley! With the best regards and congratulations)))
good good good cool cool )))+
yes yes yes
thank thanks thanks :)
Thank you for the great show on radio MGPS FM!
You are the best!
Thanks Max,
Wish you the best in Music!
Thanks for a great atmosphere last Saturday at the club ZONA! (Dima - asst. Nadezhda) BEST
Thank you Dima! Happy New Year to You and Nadia. Thank for inviting me. Let's again again later. Мороженное!
Thank you Dj Chopovski for explaining.
@R-Stan- I've been mixing from Technics and Thorens audio file turntables since you were born.
it's not that i do not know how to mix, But I did not want to mix every track properly because of 2000 dancers that night in Cheleyabinsk was feeling my music (they wanted more). You as a Dj should think about music selection first. and the mixing will follow. I was taught from the pioneers of mixing. You should be honored that I answered your feedback. Thank you for your words. I think you was in a bad mood.
• удалить • лучший GOD IS A DJ
+) & add 2 friends
(Atatat was here)
Hi Stan! You have great power! Dancing to your mix in Kaluga, very much! No stress!!! WOW WOW WOW
Привет где скачать микс от 3 июля на мегаполис фм КАЙФ КАЙФ КАЙФ особенно с 9 минуты ваще жара!!! КРУТО RULISH BEST
Вот и появился!!!
Привет) вот я тебя и нашла)
hello! I add you points for your styly show and cause I know you since 13 yearzzz now. Gosh!
thank you my honey bunny!!!
+3,57 RESPECT from Party Club X.O. BEST

Change the status with mukha-raver on an artist/DJ and send the music here. We wait!

Listen on my page radio-versions of my tracks (demo), then to produce them on your label. We discussed this possibility.

I wish mushroom growth of this page, that booking on Russia were more successful and frequent! WAZZAA!

Best regards, Anton!
Послушай mix Spirit это последний о котором я тебе говорила! …
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