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Jon Gooch a.k.a. Spor obtained his name from one of the first set of samples he collected, entitled 'Spore Tactics', and a favorite piece of artwork by a friend, Karl Kwasny. However he soon dropped the "e" from the word to balance the arrangement of letters when displayed in a graffiti style. After a school friend introduced Jon to the world of Drum & Bass he began experimenting with software to create his own music.


Spor quickly attracted attention from big names in Drum & Bass, and finally secured a deal with one of the most revered labels in the industry; 'Renegade Hardware'. Much of his work was released through this label, and soon Jon began DJing sets. He has also released work under the name 'Final Reckoning' with Codex. Spor has since then been traversing the globe playing his music at clubs across the world. After a successful partnership with Renegade Hardware and Barcode Recordings, and releases with Teebee's Subtitles Recordings, Spor and long-time friend Chris Renegade from Renegade Hardware launched Lifted Music with fellow dark Drum & Bass producers Apex, Evol Intent and Ewun.

Spor's electro house side project, Feed Me, has also been rather successful. A two track EP has been released under Deadmau5's label, mau5trap, along with a track on Noisia's label as well.


His most recent remixes and releases have seen him gain more attention from the mainstream and his reputation as a great producer has soared. Jon is expected to be releasing an LP for Lifted Music in late 2010 or early 2011. The track "Pacifica" is set to be released as a single soon, as he said on the Lifted Music Podcast 018.



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Spor — Conquerors and Commoners (2010) (LFTD009)

Spor — Silver Spaceman (2009) (LFTD006)

Spor — Aztec (2009) (SHA025)

Spor — Stoppit (2008) (RAMMLP11CD)

Spor — Claret’s March (2008) (LFTD005)

Apex & Spor — Dirge (Feat Evol Intent) (2008) (LFTD003)

Spor — Breathe In, Scream Out (2008) (SUBTITLES066)

Evol Intent & Ewun — 8 Bit Bitch (Spor Remix) (2008) (EILP001)

Spor — The Resistance (2007) (ATMMAG71)

Spor — Supernova (2007) (LFTD002)

Spor — 103 Degrees (2007) (LFTD002)

Spor — 1 UP (2007) (LFTD002)

Spor — Molehill (2007) (SUB057)

Spor — Knock You Down (2006) (LFTD001)

Spor — Hydra (2006) (ZIQ159)

Spor — Powder Monkey (2006) (SUB055)

Spor — Ignition (2006) (RH73)

Spor — Dreadnought (2005) (RH72)

Spor — The Eyes Have It (2005) (RH72)

Spor — Lose It (2005) (RH72)

Spor — To The Death (2005) (RH72)

Spor — Cyberpunk (2005) (BAR12)

Spor — Way of the Samurai (2005) (BARLP01)

Spor — Alpha Trion (2005) (BARLP01CD)

Spor — Dante’s Inferno (2005) (BAR07)

Spor — Brickbeats (2005) (BAR08)

Spor — The Qemists (2005) (BAR08)

Spor — Haywire (2004) (KNOW51)

Spor — Outbroken (That Track) (2004) (RH62)

Spor — Nebulous (2004) (RH62CD)

Spor — Insecticide (2004) (TOV67)

Final Reckoning — A Thousand Worlds (2005) (TOV73)

Final Reckoning — Ghosthacker (2005) (TOV71)

Final Reckoning — Nothing Less (2005) (TOV73)

Unicron — Orion’s Five (2005) (TOVLP06)

Unicron — You Must Believe (2005) (TOV69)

Spor — Three Ravens (2004) (BAR04)

Spor — Judderman (2004) (DMIND008)

Spor — The Whisper (2004) (DMIND008)

Pendulum — Toxic Shock (Spor Remix) (FREAK???)

Ewun — Hate Machine (Spor Remix) (BARLP02)

Infiltrata & Spor — Three Faces (2006) (BAR14)

Konflict — Messiah (Spor Remix) (2005) (RH65)

Unknown Error & Spor — Untitled (2006) (SUB057)

Unknown Error — Shadows (Unicron Remix) (2005) (TOV69)

Jon Gooch
Favorite styles: Drum & Bass
DJ, producer