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Discography ShtiFt:

Test of pen (1997)
Elementary school (1998) 2CD
Under the influence of low spirits (1999)
Technical method (2000) 2CD
Perplex (2002)
Microelectronics (2003)
Show can be small (2003)
New works (2003)
Continue... (2003)
Minimal efforts (2004)
KEY 235 (2004)
Crocness (2006)
Extravaganza (2006)
Syntetic (2007)
Meditation (2007)
Scratchy crunch (2008) Pulsations For You (Russia)
Music for color dreams (2008) Pulsations For You (Russia)  
Play noise (2008) Vorbic  (England)
The theory of loneliness (2009) Homework (Russia)
Micromodul (2009)
Iron ideas (2009) Req Recordings (Russia)
For anvide 5.5 (2009) Req Recordings (Russia)
Black holes/Vacuum (2010) Homework (Russia)
Step to Jarre (2011)

ShtiFt - Moscow sound-producer who studies the synthesis of various types since 1996. Works in almost all areas of electronic music from the "Techno" and ending with "Heavy IDM". Published exclusively on Russian labels since 2008 (Pulsations For You, Homework, and Req Recordings), although the album "Play noise" is still out in English "Vorbic". In early 2012 ShtiFt created his own label "DL50 records" in the future will be to publish himself. Uses sequencers, trackers, VST instruments, modern iron samplers (album "Iron ideas" wholly given to "iron") and synth 80s, as well as a lot of effect it. Add to this non-standard construction of tracks and you will understand what ShtiFt. However, listening to albums from different years you will hardly recognize the handwriting of the author. For example the album "Meditation" is more like the music of "Jean Michel Jarre", albums "Music for color dreams", "Play noise" and "The theory of loneliness" similar to the work of the duo "Aurechre", and releases "For anvide 5.5" and "Black holes" in sound vaguely reminiscent of "Depeche mode" ...

I like: idm, glitch, ambient

I hate: Геннадия Малахова

I recommend: не ссать на оголенные провода

I am interested in: tech, minimal

I know: кто убил Кенни

Viktor Demin
Main style: IDM
Favorite styles: Acid, Acid Breaks, Ambient, Ambient Dub, Breaks, Chillout, Cut & Paste, Darkstep, Downbeats, Downtempo, Drum & Bass, Dub, Dubstep, Electro-punk, Electronic Body Music, Electropop, Experimental, Glitch, Hard IDM, Hardcore, Hip-hop/Rap, Industrial, Intelligent, Lo-Fi, Lounge, Minimal Electronica, Minimal House, Minimal psytrance, Minimal Techno, New Age, Noise, Tech House, Trip-Hop
DJ, producer, collaborations since 1996
Performance: from 5 000 rubles / 1 hour
Location: Russia, Moscow, Novogireevo
Guest: Кот (ZHeleznodorozhnyi (Moskovsk.)), Выставка Музыка Москва (Moscow), Олимп (ZHeleznodorozhnyi (Moskovsk.)), клуб Олимп (ZHeleznodorozhnyi (Moskovsk.)), Москва (Moscow)
Was just once: Клуб Икра (Moscow)
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