Maxim Shirshnev
Main style: Deep House
Favorite styles: Disco House, Electro Progressive, House, Progressive House, Tech House, Techno
DJ, producer since 2003
Performance: from €1,000 / 3 hours
Location: Russia, Moscow
Resident: Wow (Moscow), Siberia (Moscow), Fabrique (Moscow)
Guest: PIONEER DJ TV (Novosibirsk), Duran Bar (Moscow), Облака (Moscow), SOHO ROOMS (Moscow)
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IT'S DJ Shirshnev August 2012 Chart  15 August 2012

1-DJ Shevtsov & DJ Shirshnev - Equador (Original Mix)
2-Oceana - Endless Summer ( DJ Shevtsov & DJ Shirshnev Remix)
3-Fly - Musica (Dj Gold Sky & DJ Shirshnev Remix)
4-Flo Rida - Whistle (DJ Gold Sky & DJ Shirshnev Remix)
5-Mattias G80s feat. Danny L. & Master Freez-Tonite (Mattias & G80s Remix)
6-Swedish House Mafia vs. Chuckie, & Amanda Wilson - (ID Bootleg)
7-Thomas Gold, Chriss Ortega, Nicole Tyler - Hypnotized (ID Remix)
8-Tune Brothers ft. Polina - Diamonds (A-Divizion Remix)
9-Roma Pafos feat. Sarkis Edwards-Say Goodbye (Relanium Remix Full)
10-Colorless & Emma-Its Love Trippin (Sam Walker Mix)

February Exclusive Chart 2012 From DJ Shirshnev  29 February 2012

1-Flo Rida - Good Feeling (DJ Gold Sky & Dj Shirshnev Remix)
2-DJ Renat-Composito (Marty Fame Remix)
3-Aya Marar-Mind Controller (WAWA Mix)
4-Jared Dietch feat. Kelli Sae-You're Not Alone (Original Mix)
5-Tradelove-All Right (Original Mix
6-Duck Sauce-Big Bad Wolf (ID mix)
7-Nilson-Malon (Jay Mocio Remix)
8-Muzikfabrik feat. Gosha Touch The Sky (ID remix)
9-Hard Rock Sofa - Quasar
10-Alistair Albrecht-Color of My Skin feat. Arnold Jarvis (Marco F Remix)

January Exclusive Chart From DJ Shirshnev 13.01.2012  13 January 2012

01-Erick Decks - Daft Disco - (Brown Sneakers Remix)
02-Wilde Project - She's A Maniac (Extended Mix)
03-Dj Flight-Family Song (original mix)
04-Incognet - Cold In Mountain (Original Mix)
05-G, DJ Licious, Claude El Divino - Better Than Ever (Diogo Menasso Remix)
06-Plastik Funk-Upside Down (2Elements Remix)
07-Mr. Vasovski - Idaho (Frankie Lacosta & Dmitri Phantom Rmx)
08-Whiteside & Jorge Martin S - What You Feel (Dj Shirshnev Maintime Vocal Mix)
09-Modaal & Adam Reeves - La Negra (My Digital Enemy Remix)

May Exclusive Chart From DJ SHIRSHNЁV  19 May 2011

1-DJ Eako & Robert Livesu feat. Anita Sanchez-Donde Estas Amor (Tito & Slider Dub Mix)
2-Boogie Pimps-Wave (Original Mix)
3-Funkerman - Speed UP (Incognet Remix)
4-Andrea Paci vs Romano & Donati-Chop (Morris Corti & Eugenio La Medica Remix)
5-Melanie Morena feat. Andy P. - How We Gonna Live (Dohr & Mangold Remix)
6-Night (feat. Snoop Dogg) (eSQUIRE Club Mix)
7-Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger (DJ Shevtsov & DJ Shirshnёv Remix)
8-Cahill-Sex Shooter(DJ Shirshnёv Remix)
9-Narcotic Trust - I like It (DJ Shirshnёv remix)
10-7th heaven ft banderas this is your life (Weekend vibes remix)

April Exclusive Chart From Dj Shirshnev  13 April 2011

1-Narcotic Thrust - I Like It (Dj Shirshnev Exclusive Remix)
2-Michael! Jackson -Dont Care About Us (DJ Shirshnev remix)
3-Survivor - Eye of the tiger (DJ Shevtsov & DJ Shirshnev Remix)
4-Refined Brothers feat. Chandler Pereira - Your Love (DJ Shirshnev Remix)
5-Thomas Gold - AGORa (Pedro Henriques Mix)
7-Studio Punks & Katherine Ellis - Feed the Fire (Exclusive Remix)
8-Gold Moon feat. Angie Brown - Simone Cattaneo & Alex Gardini Remix
9-Jason Chance - Swizzle Sticks (Original Remix)
10 ....Top Secret(Dj Shirshnev Remix)

DJ Shirshnev Exclusive February, March Chart 2011  2 March 2011

1-Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (Dj Shirshnev Remix)
2-DJ Deba feat. Prys - Take Me Higher (Dj Shirshnev Remix)
3-DJ Deba feat. Prys - What I Like (DJ Shirshnev Club, Dirty Remix)
4-Survivor - Eye of the tiger (DJ Shevtsov & DJ Shirshnev Remix)
5-Dj Shirshnev feat Frankie lacosta - Sky (Original Mix)
6-Whiteside & Jorge Martin S - What You Feel (Dj Shirshnev Maintime Vocal Mix)
7-CHRISS ORTEGA feat. NICO - Feel Allright (DJ Shirshnev Amor Mix)
8-Top Secret Dj Shirshnev Remix
9-There 4 You feat. St. James - Dirty Dub Mix
10-StudioPunks - Feed the Fire (eSQUIRE REMIX)

Dj Shirshnev January Exclusive Chart  12 January 2011

1-Houseshaker & Dj Nico feat. Alexander - So In Love (DJ Shirshnev Remix)
2-Dj Shirshnev feat Frankie lacosta - Sky (Original Mix)
3-Survivor-Eye of the tiger(Dj Shevtsov & Dj Shirshnev Remix)
4-Alex Astero and Evan Sax feat. MC Van40 - Ragga Jam (Dave Ramone)
5-OFFBeat and Di Scala feat Polina Griffiths - Bye (Frankie Lacosta & Dmitri Phantom Rmx)
6-The Saturdays - One Shot (eSQUIRE REMIX)
7-Basto - (Are You Ready) Space Cake Lollipop (Dj Sign Private remix)
8-K KLASS_Right & Exact (Version 2)
9-Obsessiv feat.Sophia May-I Will Never Give You Up (Bellatrax 2am Mix)
10-Donati & Amato vs Depeche Mode-I Feel Loved(Exclusive Remix)


1-Survivor - Eye of a tiger (DJ Shevtsov & DJ Shirshnev remix) Exclusive Remix
2-Dj Shirshnev feat Frankie lacosta - Sky (Original Mix) Exclusive Remix
3-Uliana - But We know (Dj Shirshnev Club Dirty Remix) Exclusive Remix
4-CHRISS ORTEGA feat. NICO - Feel Allright (Alan Tremain & DJ Shirshnev Amor Mix)
5-Morris - Angel Eyes (Treitl Hammond Remix)
6-Sir Colin - Have Merci (Houseshaker Alert Mix)
7-DJ Cargo - Reach Up (Peppermint Exclusive Remix)
8-Peter Brown-Jump to the Rhythm(Exclusive Remix)
9-Tony omera - Re-Work by Dj Shirshnev
10-1-PAT FARRELL feat. NAD - Don't Let Go (Pat Farrell Club)

October Exclusive Chart From Dj Shirshnev  3 November 2010

1. ESQUIRE_feat._Polina_Griffith_-_Find_out_(Original_Mix)

2. Peter Luts feat. feat. Jerique-Can't Fight This Feeling (Hard Rock Sofa Remix)

3. Hi Tack - Say Say Say (Wating 4 u) (Hi Tack Remix)

4. eSQUIRE Feat Ruth Cullen - Wanna Sing (CLUB MIX)

5. Nicole Scherzinger-Poison - Cahill Club

6. Uliana - But We Know (DJ Shirshnev Disco Remix)

7. Spencer & Hill - I Want You (Dave Ramone Rmx)

8. Music - Houseshaker & Dj Nico feat. Alexander (Original Mix)

9. Whiteside & Jorget Martin S - What You Feel(Dj Shirshnev RMX)

10. Manyus, Paolo Di Miro-So Right - Original Mix

Semtember Exclusive Chart From Dj Shirshnev  8 September 2010

Survivor - Eye of the tiger (DJ Shevtsov & DJ Shirshnev Remix) DEMO!!!

CHRISS ORTEGA feat. NICO - Feel Allright (Alan Tremain & DJ Shirshnev RMX)

SPIT vs. Geo Da Silva-Falling Like A Truck (Dj Shirshnev Crazy Bootleg )

Alex Astero & Evan Sax feat. MC Van40 - Ragga Jam (Dave Ramone Rmx)

Katherine Ellis & Addict DJs-I'm coming Out (Digital Mode Remix)

Sir Colin - Sexy Ladies (Houseshaker Mix)

ENJOY DJS - Bailando Remix

SHM - Leave The World Behind (eSQUIRE's Mega Mix)

Royal DJs-California Dreaming (Candy's booty Mix)

Robert M. & Dirty Rush- Super Bomb (Waveshock Exclusive Synth Bomb! Mix)