Sergey Zaharov
Main style: Club House
Favorite styles: Bassline, Big Room House, Deep House, Disco, Disco House, Dub, Electro House, Electro Progressive, Electro Techno, Electroclash, Eurodance, Experimental, Fidget House, Funky House, Funky Techno, Hard House, Hardstyle, Hip-hop/Rap, House, Indie Dance, Instrumental, Latin House, Lounge, Minimal Techno, Nu Disco, Pop, Pop Rap, Pop Rock, Progressive House, Psy Trance, Pumping House, R&B, Russian Pop, Scouse House, Soul, Soulful House, Speed Garage, Synth-Pop, Tech House, Techno, Trance, Trap, Vocal House, Vocal Trance
DJ, producer, MC, promoter, clubber, listener, group / joint project since 2006
Performance: 2 hours
Location: Russia, Pushkino
Resident: Matreshka Brothers (Moscow), Кружка (Korolev), BarAcobama (Elektrostal), Indigo (Pushkino), КЛУБNИKA (YUbileinyi (Moskovskaya obl.)), Clubnika (Pushkino), Art Family (Ivanteevka (Moskovskaya obl.)), Репутация (Pushkino)
Guest: Пивасъ (Pushkino), Золотая Миля (Korolev), Кантри Паб (Korolev), Kill Fish (Korolev), Sky Lounge (Korolev), Чайхона Дюшес (Korolev), Авеню (Pushkino), Hold (Pushkino), Fresh Cafe (Mytischi), Прайм (Mytischi), First (Aleksandrov)
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DJ Sergio Noch

Real Name: Sergey

Date of birth: 05.09.1991

Dislocation: Moscow and Moscow region

DJ, musician, Remiksmeyker, Mash-Up

Main style: Club House, Deep House, Russian, Mash-Up

Favorite styles: Bassline, Disco House, Electro House, Electro Progressive, Electro Techno, Electroclash, Eurodance, Experimental, Funky House, Funky Techno, Hard House, Hardstyle, Hip-hop / Rap, House, Instrumental, Latin House, Minimal Techno, Nu Disco, Pop, Progressive House, Psy Trance, Pumping House, Scouse House, Soulful House, Speed ​​Garage, Synth-Pop, Tech House, Techno, Trance, Vocal House, Vocal Trance

Network: 2 hours

The Resident:

BarAcobama (Elektrostal)

Bar Mug (Queens)

Indigo Club (Pushkin)

Matreshka Brothers (Moscow)

Guest and often is: Night Club Indigo (Pushkin)

Night Club KlubNika (Queens), Night Club Strawberry (Pushkin)

Night Club Golden Mile (Korolev), Country Pub (Queens)

Bar Kill Fish (Queens), Restaurant Mug (Korolev and Moscow)

Sky Lounge Cafe (Queens), Chayhona Duchesse (Queens)

Night Club Avenu (Pushkin), Restaurant Pivas (Pushkin)

Night Club Hold Club (Pushkin), Fresh Cafe (Mytishchi)

Night Club Prime (Mytishchi), Night Club First (Alexandrov)

Holiday House Sofrino and many others

Contact Information:

Booking: 8-966-099-36-99 (iMessage, FaceTime, Viber, WhatsApp)






Skype: sergio noch

       DJ - a man with a certain collection of music, able to use the technique to play it, is made up of its music program, under which people dance, or just listen to it. DJ art is to create and play back the program so that people do this (move) without interruption, to be interesting

                                                         "Music is necessary to twist as it is written"

       DJ Sergio Noch - real name Sergey Zakharov. Grew up in a good family, love of music had begun to experience an early age, it all started after the "School and Themed Disco", and then began a creative way first clubbers - student, musician and hitherto DJ. He first tried his hand at the most common programs such as: VirtualDj, Tractor, Adobe Audition and other similar programs. At age 16, when he began to experiment and study computer program Fruity Loops. With the advent of newer programs, creativity carried away into the very depths. Six months later, he assembled his collection of mixes, bootlegs, remixes.

       His first DJ - Seth, Sergei otigral in 2006 in a nightclub Golden Falliant (Moscow) and then became a resident of that institution.

      The results of operations are not forced to wait long, since 2007, was a guest of many clubs Moscow and the Moscow region. In this difficult matter Sergio Noch helped their colleagues and friends.

       Sergei is a very talented and gregarious man, his music makes dance floors literally tear the club. Music by Sergei always high quality, fashionable and energetic.

       Sergei game can be described as explosive, energetic mix of almost the full spectrum of colors styles club house and mash-up. He easily gets any dance floor, finding a common language with the different audiences. Without bright performance of Sergei does not do any club event area.

      During the work of Sergei has accumulated extensive experience in carrying out various activities, ranging from private parties, and ending with the many thousands of Open Air's. Sergei characterized by great charm, sparkling sense of humor and intelligence to help him get in touch with any audience. Sets, Bootleg, as well as Remixes and Mash-up DJ Sergio Noch familiar to many fans of electronic music.


Love Electro Elite Vol. 1

372 1 47 PR 1,6 ▲ 320 Club House, Deep House
Очередная Новиночка Специально Для Вас Друзья!!! 
320 42 PR 1,8 ▲ 320 Club House, Russian Pop
Очередная новиночка специально для вас  
501 1 78 PR 2,4 ▲ Club House, Russian Pop
К вашему внимаю представляю новенькую работу 
1 105 3 153 PR 7,2 ▲ 320 Club House, Russian Pop
Встречаем новую работу, слушаем, добавляем и танцуем, как обычно за репост отдельное... 
211 5 28 PR 3,9 ▲ 320 Club House, Russian Pop
А вот новый трэк от Макса Барских в моей версии специально для... 
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  • DJ Pasha Anisimov  #
    БРАТАН КАК ЖИЗНЬ!???!!!)))
  • Dj O'hlop'K'OFF  #
  • Dj O'hlop'K'OFF  #
    плюсую за творчество !!! жду в друзьях !!!
    DJ Alex Getman  18 April 2016 13:33 #
    Привет!!! От души моя поддержка!!! Продолжай в том же духе))) Творческих успехов))) Надеюсь на взаимность)))
    Сабіна Сафарлі & Юра Юрченко  20 July 2014 0:51 #
    DJ ONEON  4 April 2014 12:38 #
    ALEX BIKEY  25 October 2013 16:21 #
    Лови + хорошие работы! + + + давай в друзья
    DVJ Evgeniy Osipov  24 March 2012 1:52 #
    Если не затруднит послушай,прокоментируй.
    Volcom  14 January 2012 3:48 #
    +1 со Старым новым годом Тебя!!!
    Volcom  10 January 2012 21:20 #
    Дядь я скинул тебе шапочку WELCOME TO THE MATRESKA BROTHERS ++++
      DJ Sergio Noch  12 January 2012 17:00 #
      Дядь я уже поставил)))
    Pavel Fruct  5 January 2012 21:33 #
    Привет брат!))) лови +++ оцени мой сет)) …
    DJ Pasha Anisimov  31 January 2011 20:15 #
    БРАТАН КАК ЖИЗНЬ!???!!!)))
    Dj'Moskot  29 January 2011 2:06 #
    +++++ !!! ))
    Dj O'hlop'K'OFF  31 December 2010 21:40 #
    ksu262  18 December 2010 15:34 #
    HEY DJ
    DJ ALEX TSVETKOV  25 November 2010 20:56 #
    DJ AMELIN [MOSCOW]  21 November 2010 20:48 #
    Dj O'hlop'K'OFF  12 November 2010 12:38 #
    плюсую за творчество !!! жду в друзьях !!!
    DJ Darkness  11 November 2010 13:21 #
    +RP!!!Заходи в гости, буду оч рад!!!
    ALEXANDROV PROJECT  23 October 2010 6:48 #
    WOW +PR за творчество забегай в гости и в друзьях буду рад тебя видеть HEY DJ
    ★Не Такий★  18 August 2010 12:58 #
    Отличные треки,понравились сильно!
    Твори так и дальше!
    MishanyaDJ  17 April 2010 11:02 #
    Enr!a  26 January 2010 11:02 #
    ооо..Пушкино..Pumping..лови +
    МаЗиЛа  26 January 2010 10:30 #
    а где послушать памп работы ,..)))
  • –3
    Slava Grafiti™ | Produce in Ukraine  25 October 2009 19:01 #
    Приветище!!!=)Вот полная версия моей конкурсной роботы!Оцени пожалуста...Мне очень нужно знать мнение людей!Зарание огромное спасибо!!!
  • –3
    Slava Grafiti™ | Produce in Ukraine  22 October 2009 15:54 #
    Привет!Оцени пожалуста мою конкурсную роботу!Очень хочу знать твоё мнение!!!Зарание весьма блогадарен!
  • –3
    Slava Grafiti™ | Produce in Ukraine  27 September 2009 11:11 #
    Ok...Мы друзья=)
  • –1
    Lost Dreamer (Power Flow)  26 September 2009 14:36 #
    Где же твой PUMPING????? =)
    Di innel  20 June 2009 4:21 #
    +1 тебе от ((DJ_link_lilit) никнейм) меня за творчество
    DJ Sergio Noch  3 March 2009 16:59 #
    DJ Sergio Noch  5 February 2009 6:09 #
    Три диджея под травой,
    Как то ночью шли домой,
    Кабы я был резидентом-
    Закричал один фальцетом,
    Я крутил был для всех нас,
    Каждый день аплифтинг транс!
    Я коль резидентом был-
    В разговор второй вступил,
    Для всего б честного люда,
    Пампинг хаус крутил повсюду!
    Был бы резидентом я-
    Было б драма до....уя!-
    Третий гордо заявил,
    Я б его везде крутил!
    Тут как будто терминатор.
    Вывалил организатор,
    "Парни, с вашим проморанком,
    Вам крутить пластинки в танке!"
    И прогнал из клуба силой,
    Тут диджеев отпустило....))))
    DJ Wind  30 January 2009 5:44 #
    Муза супер, _PR_, забегай в гости!! ;0
    DJ Kisslotnik  30 January 2009 2:35 #
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