16 Тонн, Moscow, 22:30 // 24 January 2015
MiniBar, Moscow, 23:00 // 8 March 2014
Клуб Sunrise, Tver, 23:00 // 5 November 2011
Fabrique, Moscow, 23:05 // 4 November 2011
Friends, Fans and Idols

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Сhoice of style in the direction - Techno / Minimal Techno / Мedia-CD,Vinyl.

SASHA MERLIN - creative and charismatic DJ, totally gave themselves over to the music. Actively working on the stage, able to "surprise" of the true gourmet, leaving a huge imprint in the memory of the dance floor. Touring the cities of Russia, visited many clubs in our homeland with unforgettable sets, which will long remain in the minds of techno clubber, who came to the event, which is headlined by SASHA MERLIN. Stylistic choice in favor of Techno / Hard Techno / Minimal Techno / Schranz.

SASHA MERLIN - began his career in early 2002, when began to actively monitor the mass movements rave, such as - Instance, Sound Tropolis, Gagarin-party, May Day and of course Kazantip ...

Not having time to be born, and began an active interest in club culture, show business and music, electronic napravleniy.Pervye steps in the development of music and the DJ would bring the person held in small clubs in the area and regions.First gig was at a recreation center in Moscow region ... actually the first experience was purchased with varying success, on the stage on soft programs, which has long worked for and tried to create templates, or something similar to the music ...




On the creation of the first tracks and mixes of course inspired by the guys from "the prodigy". Are still heroes.

Prefers / TECHNO / MINIMAL TECHNO / respect the work of the CD and VINYL.

Thank you for your attention.



Main style: Techno
Favorite styles: Euro Techno, Hard Techno, Hip-hop/Rap, Minimal Techno, Progressive House, Schranz, Tech House
DJ, producer since 2002
Performance: from €1,000 / 2 hours
Location: Russia, Moscow
Guest: Sunrise Night Club (Tver), PLAZMA (Sochi), Kiss FM (Kiev), KISS FM DANCE RADIO UKRAINE (Kiev), Бомбоубежище (Doneck), Король Королю (YAroslavl), Принц (Tver), dub club (Moscow), Plan B (Moscow), клуб Phonteq house (Moscow), Gorod Club (Moscow), 69 (Anapa), Vozduh(территория завода Арма) (Moscow), 7 sky bar (Saint Petersburg), Gazgolder (Moscow), A-Priori (Moscow), Казантип (Evpatoriya), Mini Bar (Moscow), Radio Megapols 89,5 Fm (Moscow), Монтана (YAroslavl), Neo (Moscow), KUTA (Malahovka), Shanti (Moscow), НК ШАТЛ (Kolomna), Вермель (Moscow), Mendeleev Project (Moscow), Serebro (Moscow), Tonnel (Moscow), Park Club(Kletka) (ZHukovskii), Ten (Moscow), катран (Simeiz), Стерео (Moscow), (Moscow), Cvet Granata (Moscow)
Was just once: BERHAIN CLUB (Berlin)
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