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G-Day - Song about pink elephant(Samotarev remix) [Fairy]


Artist Name: G-Day
Release Name:
Song about pink elephant
Song about pink elephant (Dub Mix)
Song about pink elephant (Samotarev Remix)




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21 December 2010 1:02
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Поддержи Samotarev & Kazancev в конкурсе ремиксов UNDERWORLD


Добрый день друзья!

Стартовало голосование на лучший ремикс на Underworld на всемирно известном

Хотим представить вашему вниманию ремикс от российски музыкантов Samotarev & Kazancev

Надеемся наш ремикс Вам понравиться и ваша рука не дрогнет нажать на кнопку Spin It! )))

Послушать ремикс и проголосовать за него можно тут:

P.S. Чтобы отдать свой голос Вам необходимо быть зарегестрированным пользователем или вы можете с легкостью зарегистрироваться, это займет у вас 1 минуту

Спасибо за поддержку

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2 November 2010 16:06
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Four Wings In The Sky E.P.

Catalogue number : PSD076

Samotarev presents

Four Wings In The Sky E.P.

Scheduled release date : 29 of september, 2010

1. Four Wings In The Sky
2. Metamorphosis
3. Sunrise


Welcoming Samotarev, one half of Russian based production outfit, Python along with Yura, to the stable of Pure Substance. Under the Python banner, they are no strangers to our label, with few successful releases under their belt with us, not to mention, the other key labels and their own label, Carica Records.

Now, under his solo moniker, he present us an E.P. with 3 tech houser that are dancefloor friendly. Sexy, deep and engaging results.


Hernan Cattaneo - I like 76 a bit.

Djuma Soundsystem - The Samotarev is a great release!!!! Sunrise is my favourite!

Mental X - Will play Four Wings In The Sky. great cuts!

dPen - 4 Wings in the Sky is really nice.

Darin Epsilon - I liked Metamorphosis from the Samotarev pack.

Samer (Pangea Recordings) - Very forward looking and well produced music here. Very very nice for chillin.

Distant Fragment - Four Wings In The Sky has that deep techy groove that's appropriate to warm up the place. Really nice tune.

Chris Sterio - Good 3 tracker. Fav track Metamorphosis.

Sasha Le Monnier - Will support Four Wings In The Sky and Sunrise.

Summer (Brendon Collins) - Looooove Four Wings In The Sky. Killer tune.

Matt Black - Track 1 and 3 are both very nice.

Hans Tavera - Sunrise and Four Wings In The Sky. Support 100%.

Xaric - Will play Metamorphosis.

Rysh Paprota - Awesome release here! Samotarev's EP is fantastic, favourite is Sunrise, will be supporting for a fair while.

Yamil Colucci - Samotarev is good grooves, but some sounds that i do not fit as the rest of the track came.

Jovan Gligorov (RDC Music) - Metamorphosis from Samotarev is interesting track.

Guido Murat (GnP Tauro) - Metamorphosis is my favourite here. Solid release all around.

Tomi Chair - I like Samotarev's Metamorphosis track. Nice pad work!

Pena (Flow Vinyl) - Metamorphosis is cool.

Andy Newland - Thanks!

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30 September 2010 17:40
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Protocol - Compiled & Mixed by Russell G

01. Kassey Voorn - Ambivalence (Intro Mix)
02. Matt Lange & Maxi Valvona - Losing Marbles
03. Klarkson & Pullin - Slim
04. Samotarev & Kazancev - Sardina
05. Chris Mozio & Tash - Family Buisness
06. Richard Knott - Gulfstream
07. Hyline & Jaybeetrax - Summer
08. ThreeSixty - Verano
09. Matan Caspi - Let The Kids Play
10. Ben Coda - Sleepless
11. Russell G & Steve Haines - Double Six
12. Fr3cky & Hy2rogen - XXI
13. Andrea Bertolini - Pretty Lu
14. Wade Bennett - Some One
15. Gai Barone - A Date In Space

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29 September 2010 4:39
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Cat No: 19BOX038
RELEASE DATE : September 27th, 2010
AVAILABLE AT BEATPORT (After 4 weeks, u can buy at good digital stores)
19BOX RECORDINGS returns with a new EP from the notable young producer BLUE SATELLITE with the single – “Pt. Deux” as a follow up to debut single “Paris”.
There is no “Pt. Un” prior to this release, but it will be on the track listing of his forthcoming album.
Inspired by Japanese fusion sound, “Pt. Deux” is a ravishing release worthy of a prime position in your CD wallets.
The Original Club Mix revolves around hard hitting synth chords and chopped-up guitar samples which sit on top of growling 8Bit elements.
SAMOTAREV(ALEXEI SAMOTAREV) is known as a member of the Rostov-on-Don-based Russian project PYTHON.
He is also a label owner of GREEN SNAKE RECORDS. Recently he’s been focusing on solo work,
and has had positive feedback from JOHN DIGWEED, EELKE KLJEIN, NOEL SANGER, SPOOKY and amongst others.

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29 September 2010 4:36
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Samotarev & Kazancev - Sardina [Baroque] / Protocol CD Comp. By Russel G

  1. 1 Kassey Voorn 'Armbivalence' (Intro Mix)
  2. 2 Maxi Valvona & Matt Lange 'Losing Marbles'
  3. 3 Klarkson & Pullin 'Slim'
  4. 4 Samotarev & Kazancev 'Sardina'
  5. 5 Tash & Chris Mozio 'Family Business'
  6. 6 Richard Knott 'Gulfstream'
  7. 7 Hyline & Jaybeetrax 'Summer'
  8. 8 ThreeSixty 'Verano'
  9. 9 Matan Caspi 'Let the Kids Play'
  10. 10 Ben Coda 'Sleepless'
  11. 11 Russell G & Steve Haines 'Double Six'
  12. 12 Hy2rogen & Fr3cky 'XXI'
  13. 13 Andrea Bertonlini 'Pretty Lu'
  14. 14 Wade Bennett 'Some One'
  15. 15 Gai Barone 'A Date in Space'
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22 September 2010 10:46
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Samotarev - Say New Life [Drops]

TrackList: 1 Aleja Sanchez - The Mirror (Original Mix)
2 Alvaro Prieto - Rollaker (Original Mix)
3 Andreja Z - No Trespassing (Original Mix)
4 Anton Stellz - Choon (Original Mix)
5 Deadpeet - Turkey (Original Mix)
6 Gamera - Light Subway (Original Mix)
7 Keyzee - Ausreisser (Original Mix)
8 Rytek - Darkness in Chinatown (Original Mix)
9 Samotarev - Say New Life (Original Mix)
10 Sound Inspector - Time Is Up (Original Mix)
11 Yonathan Dahan - Karoz (Orignal Mix)

Release Info: Its time once again to put together some of our great talent from all over the globe together and bring you another explosive installment in Diferion Vol2. 

In this second installment of Diferion, eleven original tracks were put together by great talented individuals that all speak music as one language.

ALL still within the Drops spectrum in genres 

Techno, Minimal Tech, Minimal Deep House & Tech House 


Kian (producer)
very nice compilation, The Mirror is my fav, will play.

TH BEST MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ale Castro (Frequenza / Franz Franz / Acktivism / Pressure)
nice !

Alvaro Prieto (Aquasound,Drops)
Nice comp , many good sounds !!

Alvaro Prieto, Anton Stellz, Rytek,

Matias Larrosa (Liquid Grooves, Mestiza Records, Balkan Connection, Dark Pleasure Records, Mistique, Jetlag Digital, Atlant Digital)
nice compilation!

Gerardo Boscarino (Frisky Radio)
light subway!

Clarence Brandon (Drops, Sound Travels, PM Deep, DéTOUR)
Great compilation! Good tracks in here. Will play.

Jorick Croes (Drops, Liquid Grooves, MBD, Raccoon Recs, Pressure)
Andreja Z & Anton Stellz tracks are cool, good compilation

very cool compilation fun to be init :)

Transcient (liquid grooves/aquasound)
some cool tracks here

Chloe Harris
rollaker is my fav

Excellent compilation. Great sounds. Digging this.

Dibby Dougherty (Yello//Baroque)
Dahan track is best

Mesquitas (Fassade Records, Sound Architecture, Drops, Architroninca)
This release will do good in sales something for everyone!

Josh Abrams (Baroque, Looq, friskyRecords, Polytechnic, FriskyRadio)
Darkness in Chinatown is the shit! Also like The Mirror and Say New Life..

bobby deep
nice minimal traxx selection!!

Wade Bennett (liquid grooves, Tokio recordings, Baroque)
thanks for this, great package.

Good tracks.!!!

Ariel G
Nice Tunes Thanks

Shawn Rubens (Drops, DéTOUR)
fantastic! rytek killer track mate

jonny calypso
Yihaaaaaaaaa... Nice Compilation!!

Someone Else (Foundsound)
i like 'turkey'.

John Hellson
Nice traxx , will support!

D.Kowalski (Liquid Inc.)
DeadPeet's Turkey - very interesting track)) downloading))

Repton (liquid grooves,drops,bellarine)
many good tracks here !!!
Riley Warren (Frisky Radio, Zero Digital, System Recordings)
Dowloading Darkness in Chinatown. This will go straight to the cd case. =)
Solarity (Anjunadeep, Urbantorque, Silk)
Interesting stuff here, thanks

Joel Armstrong (Dot Dot Records)
he Keyzee tune is bizarre but dope



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14 September 2010 1:18
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Samotarev - Your Way


Artist Name: VA

Release Name: Summer Sampler
Lime Time - Cotton Clouds (Original Mix)
Deep Edge - Daylight (Original Mix)
Track3: Samotarev - Your Way (Original Mix)
Track4: Bassline - Expectation (Original Mix)
Track5: Marc Moan - Warm Soul (Ki.Mi. Remix)
Track6: Ruslan Halogen - Morning Extract (Original Mix)
Track7: Vasiliy GooDKov - Take Control (Original Mix)
Track8: Makarti - Accurate Synthesis (Original Mix)
Track9: M.Boa - Underwater World (Original Mix)
Track10: Sergey Ilyaskin - Olesya (Original Mix)
Track11: Ray Mack,Sinjun - Red Shorts (Original Mix)
Track12: G-Day - Maya (Original Mix)
Track13: Chelahov - Sound Plague (Original Mix)
Track14: Mono - 27th Spells (Original Mix)
Track15: Minimaloasis - Airport (Original Mix)
Track16: A-mase - Sadness (Original Mix)

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1 August 2010 13:48
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Ingenium - Theme Of Yesterday`s Autmn


Artist Name: Ingenium
Release Name:
Theme Of Yesterday`s Autmn
Theme Of Yesterday`s Autmn (Original Mix)
Theme Of Yesterday`s Autmn (Samotarev Remix)

Track3: Theme Of Yesterday`s Autmn (Alexandr Zarva Remix)



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4 June 2010 19:25
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[MHM56] Samotarev - Olga



Artist Name: Samotarev
Release Name:
Olga (Original Mix)
Its all about you (Original Mix)



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17 May 2010 13:36
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