MAFALi Cafe, Naha, 18:00 // 27 August 2011
Tribal House
TBA // 27 June 2011
MAFALi Cafe, Naha, 22:00 // 23 April 2011
Club Riot, Naha, 22:00 // 19 March 2011
RYO a.k.a. speedmaster from Japan
RYO a.k.a. speedmaster
DJ activity is started in 1991 influencing the music such as SOUL/ROCK/NEW WAVE from infancy. PLAY is done with a lot of DISCO/CLUB and it is popular so far. It has a lot of regular events such as amor’n’paz/鳴響之宴/Sinka/RHYTHMOON now. It is acknowledged as “Popular DJ who digests the most a lot of bookings in Okinawa” as the guest performs to a lot of BIG events. The DJ PLAY that is selected regardless of proven technique or genre by an original sensibility and constructed in the experience offers the space for everyone to be able to enjoy producing GROOVE corresponding to the necessity.And, making efforts to production activity and REMIX offer to NEW TOWNER and QUAKE by solo (speed master) The width of the activity like the offer of the music to compilation CD etc. such as original musics and REMIX etc. has been expanded with unit (TEQ) with DJ MIYASHITA/DJ NA-GA.High rank RANK-IN was done by Japanese DJ ranking 50/50 of CLUB/DJ magazine “LOUD” in 2007. In addition, it is one of the DJ/artist who cannot take his/her eyes off the width of the activity more and more further in the expanding future as booking from foreign countries and own label “T- under recordings” are started up. Various TOP DJ/artist and co-starring were accomplished regardless of the genre outside the country so far.SYSTEM F / Jackie Christie / RAZOR N GUIDO / JOHNNY VICIOUS / KO KIMURA / EMMA / KOUTAROU.A / F.P.M. / MITOMI TOKOTO / JAZZ TRONIC / SILVA / SHINKAWA / MONOBE / SHOKO-F / TRIPLE BAREL / S.T.F. / REMO-CON / URAKEN / JOHN MONROE / KEY STONE / Groovetune / Nxx Oxxxx / KAGAMI / RYUKYU DISKO / over flow / HIFANA / ULTRA BRAiN / UNI / SINE6 / FULL MOON MONDO / SAVAGE SCREAM / MUBALI / BrainBusters / SLUM / USCUS / Xavier Morel / CAVE / Devious / BRYAN COX / DJ Skurge(UR) / DJ MAYURI / DJ TSUYOSHI aka NUMANOID / FUNKY GONG / OMB |
Ryo Shinjo
Favorite styles: Acid, Acid House, Acid Techno, Ambient, Ambient Dub, Ambient Goa, Chicago House, Club House, Dancehall, Dark Psy Trance, Full-On, Funky House, Goa Trance, Hard House, Latin House, Minimal House, Minimal psytrance, Minimal Techno, Progressive Trance, Psy Trance, Psy-Progressive Trance, Reggae, Reggaeton, Tech House, Techno, Tribal House, Tribal Techno, Vocal House
DJ, producer
Location: Japan