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Rom@ Project

Rom@ Project
(Roma I).
Sound Producer, musician from Russia (Moscow).

To get involved in electronic music began at an early age, playing piano, drums, synthesizers led to the fact that he started trying to write their own songs. Their first track, he began to write in 1998 year.Began his career in 2001.
Project Rom@ Project founded in 2010 year.

Is a breakthrough in the style of Electro House and Progressive House and other.
This guy has already gained popularity not only in Russia but also abroad. Rom@ Project has made productions with colleagues from the USA, Russia, and many more other countries.

Releases "On The Move", "Let's Go", exit in the singles, remixes "Paw Luk - Love Is (EP)", "Max Mile - To Kill (EP)", "Numall Fix feat DJ Vengovsky - Movement of life (EP)" gained a lot of respect and support from the the world's dj's.
In addition, the world has seen his tracks in the charts and on high positions in the TOP 100 Release Beatport, as Breaks, Trance and others ..

When the end of speech, the music starts!

labels: Azalia Recordings (Moscow), LW RECORDINGS (UK), Trance4Live Records (Nederland), Impressed Music (USA), ReState Records (Kemerovo), Stream Noize Records (Yekaterinburg), Grafted Music (Yekaterinburg), Ulysse Records (Samara), EXIA RECORDINGS (Kemerovo), Body Motion Records (Tver), AP66 Records (Krasnouralsk), Pipa Music (PR Label Group) (Novosibirsk), COMPILATION MUSIC (PR Label Group) (Novosibirsk), Povidlo Records (PR Label Group) (Novosibirsk), F & S RECORDS (Kharkiv), Bullhorn Records (Lysva), Veles Records (Komsomolsk)

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ICQ: 632331348

Skype: romaproject.pdj

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Roma I.
Main style: Progressive House
Favorite styles: Big Room House, Breaks, Club House, Complextro, Deep House, Dubstep, Dutch House, Electro House, Electro Progressive, Fidget House, House, Progressive Trance, Soulful House, Tech House, Techno
Producer since 2001
Location: Russia, Moscow
Resident: Azalia Recordings (Moscow)
Was just once: LW RECORDINGS (UK) (London), Trance4Live Records (Nederland) (Amsterdam), Impressed Music (USA) (New York), ReState Records (Kemerovo), Stream Noize Records (Ekaterinburg), Grafted Music (Ekaterinburg), Body Motion Records (Tver), Ulysse Records (Samara), EXIA RECORDINGS (Kemerovo), AP66 Records (Krasnouralsk), COMPILATION MUSIC (PR Label Group) (Novosibirsk), Pipa Music (PR Label Group) (Novosibirsk), Povidlo Records (PR Label Group) (Novosibirsk), Bullhorn Records (Lysva), F & S RECORDS (Harkov), Veles Records (Komsomolsk-na-Amure), Азбука танца (Saint Petersburg)