Vladislav Molchanov
17 September 1987
Main style: Techno
Favorite styles: Acid, Acid House, Acid Techno, Bouncy Techno, Chicago House, Deep Techno, Detroit Techno, Experimental, Ghetto House, Ghettotech, Hard Techno, Industrial Techno, Minimal Techno, Schranz, Wonky
DJ, producer, promoter since 2007
Performance: from $100
Location: Russia, Taganrog
Resident: Bunker (Taganrog), Осака К (Taganrog), Club 1 (Taganrog), Русский Чай (Taganrog)
Guest: Rocco (Nizhnii Novgorod), Радио-Н (Novocherkassk), (Rostov-na-Donu)
Frequent visitor: Мегаполис (Taganrog), Точка (Rostov-na-Donu), Valiano (Taganrog), Podzemka (Rostov-na-Donu), AURA (Taganrog), Stars (Taganrog), ТВС (Taganrog)
Was just once: Dj Cafe Vintage (Taganrog), Курьер FM (Taganrog), BBQ (Taganrog), Cuba Libre (Rostov-na-Donu), Kamenka (Taganrog), Morrison (Rostov-na-Donu), Асмолов (Rostov-na-Donu), ESCAPE (Rostov-na-Donu), Остров (Taganrog), Фортепиано (Taganrog)
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Русский Чай, Taganrog, 22:00 // 10 January
Kosmo, Taganrog, 22:00 // 12 December 2014
Tech House
Русский Чай, Taganrog, 23:00 // 15 November 2014
Русский Чай, Taganrog, 21:00 // 7 November 2014
Cuba Libre, Rostov-na-Donu, 22:00 // 1 November 2014
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Hi! My name is Vladislav, also known as RoGeR in musical circles. I was born in Taganrog, the south of Russia, in 1987. My love to the music was inherited from my father – the drummer. The most favorite toys in my childhood were drum machines and synthesizers, and the first cassettes I listened to were Kraftwerk. The whole life I liked rhythm in music, and melodies were in the background, probably that’s why I love techno so much, which I completely discovered when I came to the closed techno party first time at the age of 19. After that I’ve never missed any of the underground events, enjoyed favorite music, friendly atmosphere, and met interesting people there. Even when I was 15 years old I tried to understand the process of mixing using primitive software, but only in the middle of 2007 I declared myself as a deejay of full value, with hard techno music taken as a basis. Also from that time I used to organize parties as a part of ‘Digital Punks’ promo group.

I perform as a deejay in native town and in our region till nowadays, play proper techno. At the same time I am a member of experimental live project The O.P. since 2009, I create ideas for the music which we make with our band and play at our gigs. It’s not a secret that I tried to compose music myself from the early childhood. I love classic sound like 303/606/808/909, doped with different experiments. I try to make exactly this kind of techno. I’ve got not many own tracks and I don’t compose music often, but fortunately there are some finished works, that are worth introducing to the world techno community. So, keep your asses alive! :)

I like: techno, underground & vinyl

I hate: commercial music

I recommend: быть собой

Promo Mixes

  24 PR 0,6 Disco House, Funky House

Live Sets

  21 PR 0,53 House, Detroit Techno
Запись моего почти 3-х часового сэта в лаундж кафе, где я создавал... 
  15 PR 0,38 Techno
  3 179 PR 9,94 320 Acid Techno, Acid House
Запись сэта с вечеринки 'Techno Banquet'. Компиляция из оригинального эйсид техно и... 

Radio Shows

  9 PR 0,23 320 Techno, Experimental


  16 PR 0,4 320 Techno, Experimental
Roger is back with this fresh mix on Russian Techno. A true... 
  7 100 PR 5,86 320 Detroit Techno
Доброго времени суток всем кто любит и ценит музыку техно! Сегодня мы... 
  7 PR 0,2 Dubstep, Rave


8 4 PR 0,38 Techno, Big Beat
6 4 PR 0,1 House, Techno
9 10 PR 0,25 Techno, Experimental
feat. Dot Eat Dot. конец сэта. 
15 7 PR 0,18 Techno, Experimental
Нижний Новгород, день рождения Ramones. 

brkpod032: Brokendubz podcast032


Замечательный микстейп подготовил для нас любитель экспериментального звучания, ярый фанат прямой бочки и просто замечательный диск-жокей – RoGeR. В часовом подкасте номер 32 вы услышите отголоски чикагского хауса и джука, кислотные басс-линии и множество всяких перкуссий, плавно переплетающихся с глубокой басс-бочкой uk-garage и безумным mutant-bass.



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1 August 2011 22:19
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RTPOD14: DJ Roger


Next podcast episode is from DJ Roger, who lives in Taganrog and whom you may have already heard in RTPOD5 as a part of Digital Punks duo. Vladislav Molchanov was born in 1987. He joined the ranks of his hometown underground culture in 2006, and nowadays he still remains it’s faithful defender and keeper. He started playing schranz and hardtechno as a DJ in 2007, and in 2008 Digital Punks promo group (and DJ duo) was born. Currently, Vladislav prefers classic and experimental techno grooves, using vinyl and/or digital techniques. The mix he recorded for our podcast shows his preferences and devotion to the sound of proper techno that we promote. Enjoy!


Tracklist & download:

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24 October 2010 3:12
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brkpod010: Brokendubz podcast010


Z-chel has started his own podcast 3,5 month ago. It's not a long time, but now we have the anniversary podcast. As usualy, it's connected with bass, dubstep & something more than just good underground music.

First hour mixed by Z-chel himself & consists of fresh tasty sounds. And the second hour is a powerful set specialy recorded by RoGeR.

So, Digital Punks presents Brokendubz Podcast #10...

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2 April 2010 5:44
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brkpod005: Brokendubz podcast005


Zchel's quote:

Hey yo! Wazzup, guys! It's first guest podcast by second member of "Digital Punks". Let me represent you crazy techno motherfucker from Taganrog, Russia - RoGeR. The man who adores techno from original to hard & wonky. Also he respect dubstep, wobble & heavy bass music. The 5th "Brokendubz" it's kind of experimental show, beacause for the first time consists of different electronic styles & few comments from RoGeR. But bass is dominatin' & breaks are rockin'! Just check it out!



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16 January 2010 3:29
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RTPOD5: Digital Punks


Next Russian Techno podcast episode consists of 2 parts, and it’s 2 hours of good experimental techno, compiled and mixed by Digital Punks creative duo from Taganrog. 2 DJs - Roger and Z-Chel geathered under this flag in 2008 to make proper, underground parties with radical dance sound. They both represent new wave of DJing, and combine new technologies with good old vinyl magic. Music taste is everything, and the attitude is the only thing that matters. So, here’s some techno with balls, served by Digital Punks…


Tracklist & download:

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11 May 2009 17:31
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    SinoBIT  23 April 2013 4:37 #
    Counterfuckt  21 January 2012 16:08 #
    The O.P.  18 January 2012 20:59 #
    залупец, блеать!
    o2h_Ramones  9 December 2011 15:21 #
    йоу! последний эпизод серии
    Bigmammaa  9 November 2011 17:35 #
    Чек дыс аут!))
    vadz  15 September 2011 22:52 #
    чота ты у меня не находишься когда афишу создаю... лажа какаято ((
    Psycho-Dj aka Дж ПсихЪ  3 June 2011 20:07 #
    Таганрог!) привет!) лови+)
    o2h_Ramones  13 May 2011 5:44 #
    хип хоп
    Balanov  11 May 2011 18:23 #
    Yo!! YOOO!!
    StanisLove Dj  23 March 2011 10:23 #
    ++++ тебе)))
    FantCode  22 February 2011 22:19 #
    Здаров Родж... Оцени плис. Буду очень благадарен за совет

    TRYLOBEAT  29 January 2011 20:00 #
    The O.P.  13 January 2011 20:39 #
    TRYLOBEAT  31 October 2010 17:17 #
    Z-chel  26 October 2010 17:50 #
    TRYLOBEAT  24 October 2010 12:23 #
    F.W.  24 October 2010 7:34 #
    Z-chel  7 October 2010 17:13 #
    koshtaizzzverrrg  18 September 2010 15:12 #
    Sergey Kuznetsov  17 September 2010 19:12 #
    С днем рождения,чувак!!твоческих успехов!и хорошего техно))
      RoGeR!  18 September 2010 14:39 #
      Спасибо огромнейшее!!! Wink
    Arthur Spectrum  17 September 2010 4:28 #
    С днюхой, бро!
      RoGeR!  18 September 2010 14:39 #
      Благодарю, чувак!!! =)
    Sergey Kuznetsov  16 September 2010 23:46 #
    TRYLOBEAT  2 September 2010 0:52 #
    Aleksandr Poshtarenko  13 August 2010 6:30 #
    Z-chel  2 August 2010 10:58 #
    OLEG MANTNES  30 July 2010 2:24 #
    Бесконечный респект за продвижение Техно движения!!!
    Музыка,то чт о надо!! КАЙФ
    Плюс безусловно!!!
      RoGeR!  30 July 2010 16:00 #
      спасибо, бро! Wink
    ArcheB  29 July 2010 23:25 #
    TRYLOBEAT  20 July 2010 23:12 #
    NEIMAR  14 July 2010 17:42 #
    Привет! Оцени как будет время Wink

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