Иван Романовский
Main style: Progressive House
Favorite styles: Deep House, House, Minimal Techno, Progressive Trance, Tech House, Techno, Trance
DJ, producer, promoter, listener since 1997
Location: Russia, Kemerovo
Guest: TM-Radio.Com (Saint Petersburg)
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о самых свежих треках, о релизах...

Ребята, не судите строго, но исходя из своих возможностей и времени, на промодиджей вы сможете услышать мои свежие миксы, а вот треки и предстоящие релизы увы пока не буду обновлять да и свежие новинки вы всегда найдете на других ресурсах. Меня полностью поглощает создание и издание собственной музыки -первостепенная задача, поэтому не хватает времени поддерживать этот ресурс, кроме того, как показала практика, русские слушатели чаще предпочитают более понятную музыку, а для тех кто ищет более глубокого и интеллектуального звучания, вы всегда можете послушать мои новинки на и на битпорте, начиная с этого года завоевание мира началось!))))


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20 November 2011 12:41
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Ewan Rill

For every subtle listener there is a moment of getting acquainted with creative work of Russian musician and dj Ivan Romanovsky, as known as Ewan Rill or Deep Dusk art duet, which was created in cooperation with Moscow musician Antonio Efferos. 
Since 1997 there have been lots of significant events in Ivan's life. Paying special attention not to self-PR but to the music, Ivan has been perfecting his skills at numerous dance floors starting with his native Siberia, all over Siberia region, also in Moscow and now in Saint Petersburg. His experience was based on the experience of professional musicians from all across the planet, who Ivan met by destiny, had performances and communicated with; Chris Scott(Echomen), Barry Gilbey(Cho-Cho Records), Matt Darey(Nocturnal), Jerome Isma-Ae, Dino Ramirez, David Moreno(Ibiza Global Radio), Ronski Speed, Ferry Corsten, Sander Van Doorn, Jochen Miller, Rank 1, Dash Berlin, Sied Van Riel, Signum, Ruben de Ronde, Daniel Kandi, Brian Cross, Kyau & Albert, Supafly, Ian Carey had the most important influence on Ivan's music. 
Ivan has been working at absolutely different music stages with different producers and studying in details basic styles and laws of dance electro music, Ivan has chosen house, techno and trance as the base of his music preferences. 
Once, made a decision to brake the rules of show business, where one can buy and sell anything, Ivan had a courage to prove his importance by his own art. Thus, in 2005 he had his first tries to make and produce music. First realizes were made in cooperation with Deep Dusk band, at famous labels of sunny Spain and Italy - My Little Dog and Midi Mood. Tech house and deep house music was met with joy by Ivan's European friends, but didn't give an immediate result. Some time later, putting all his forces on it, Ewan Rill, at first humbly and then more and more intensively and successfully, was creating his own look in the minds of spectators from all over the world, setting his brain on his favorite music style - progressive house, adding more and more deep and techno sounds. 
First realizes were made at Balkan Connection, in Serbia and South America in 2007, and then because of amazing hard-working character of Ivan, his art spread in more than thirty different countries. Such labels as Lowbit, Stripped, Stellar Fountain, Vurtical, Baroque, Undertechnical, Mistioquemusic, Magic Room, Polytechnic, OLD SQL, Triplefire, Indigo, Liquid Grooves, Electromic Tree, Green Snake, Carica, Segment, Stereo Paradise, Stereo Enchained, Festival Lounge, KP, LuPS, Green House, Vise Versa, Dextrous, Dopamine etc... The list has been growing every year, and most part of the labels supports Ivan, inviting him to their musical families and communities. 
Several years ago Ivan's art has got a great support from a big electronics shop Beatport, if to speak in details, his tracks are in the top-ten list of progressive house best tracks quite often. Not speaking about the support of such veterans of music industry, gurus and wizards as Paul Van Dyk, Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seaman, Nick Muir, Cid Inc, Jody Wisternoff, dPen, Jaytech, Darin Epsilon, Solarstone and Nick Warren in their sets. 
A very important event happened in 2014, when Matt Darey, a master and a legend of British dance floors, invited Ivan to cooperate. And Ewan Rill's mixes were sounding from absolutely different radio shows at FRISKY, Proton, DI.FM, TM, ETN.FM16BIT.FM...
In order not to look baseless, we offer just to pay attention to the number of realizes, it has been over 200 in last two years, more than 350 tracks, not just stamped, but created with love and aim to win any listener.


477 1 145 PR 9,7 ▲ 320 Progressive House
388 5 80 PR 8,5 ▲ Progressive House
232 7 94 PR 6,3 ▲ Progressive House
Третья компиляция состоящая полностью из треков и ремиксов моего творчества, приятного прослушивания! 
235 4 92 PR 5,6 ▲ Progressive House
320 7 111 PR 9 ▲ 320 House, Techno
Микс записан специально для конкурса от лейбла "Get Physical", включает в себя... 
556 10 215 PR 16,7 ▲ 320 Techno
Спасибо всем кто посетил нашу вечеринку, вы потрясающие люди! Желаю всем развиваться... 
241 8 85 PR 7,1 ▲ Progressive House
записан вживую без наушников в домашних условиях с мак бука и контроллера,... 
245 3 96 PR 17 ▲ Techno, Progressive House
410 4 145 PR 17,7 ▲ Progressive House, Electro House


1 148 34 PR 25 ▲ Progressive House
Трек участвует в конкурсе ремиксов от Freza & Sergey Flash. Приятного... 
167 6 PR 1,7 ▲ Progressive House
236 1 PR 1,1 ▲ Dark Progressive
194 2 PR 2 ▲ Deep House
вообще конечно трек 2009го) но получил новую жизнь и возможно в конце... 
78 5 PR 0 ▲ Tech House
its time to be free) 
92 5 PR 2,1 ▲ Progressive House
89 7 PR 2,1 ▲ Progressive House
68 5 PR 2 ▲ Tech House
88 4 PR 2 ▲ Tech House
189 5 PR 4 ▲ Progressive House
I am everything) 
123 PR 1 ▲ Progressive Trance
надеюсь окончательный вариант по звучанию)))) 
115 3 PR 1 ▲ Progressive House
172 PR 2 ▲ Progressive House, Progressive Trance
Cora Novoa remix contest. 
106 3 PR 2 ▲ Techno
думаю название Cyber Mode для проекта мне нравится)) 
106 5 PR 3,5 ▲ Tech House
52 3 PR 2,1 ▲ Tech House
165 4 PR 1,2 ▲ Progressive House
покрамсаю танцполы им то)))))) 
130 4 PR 6,4 ▲ Tech House
Hot in here!!! Out NOW!!! ent/release/detail/291340... 
114 1 PR 3,1 ▲ Progressive House, Tech House
116 1 49 PR 7,3 ▲ Progressive House
86 43 PR 6,2 ▲ Progressive House

Не изданные (все, которые не скачиваются, пока рассматриваются лейблами, либо уже подписаны на издание)

155 2 PR 8,5 ▲ Tech House
трек выходит в ближайшее время на испанском лейбле My Little Dog, вероятно... 
202 2 171 PR 13,3 ▲ Tech House
вот туда мы двигаемся по звуку))) 
142 PR 7 ▲ Tech House
очередной наш с Эфферосом рокнролл))) 
175 3 62 PR 10,6 ▲ Tech House
в настроении "Orbital")) 

Старые треки не могу избавится))

287 5 57 PR 10,5 ▲ Progressive House, Tech House
is commin'.. 
703 5 142 PR 17 ▲ Deep House, Progressive House