VA - Descensus Christi ad Infer (Mystical Flashback Rec.) out now !!! Royal Dancing Mechanism / Hyperspacexplorer



Fresh Russian Dark Psychedelic Trance Label wants to provide a first trippy compilation!!!



Artist: VA

Title: Descensus Christi ad Infer

Compiled by: Gamaliel

Type: MP3 / FLAC / WAV

Label: Mystical Flashback

Catalog#: MSTCL001

Artwork: Melan Wastege @ Germany

Mastering: Sefirot @ SK-Pro Studio Mexico

Date: early 2011




01. Audiosex - Un Sane
02. Alien Trancesistor & Electryxeed - Thank u Byron Bay
03. Pan Psyhic - Square Cutz
04. RDM - Dive Into the Unknown
05. aGh0Ri TanTriK - Raakchass
06. Space Shaman - Mental Hospital
07. Fearkiller - Lou
08. KanibaL HolokausT - Rokee meets Hishiryo
09. Gamaliel - Canibalismo Entre Amigos
10. The Exmos (M.M.C. + Xaos) - Burato
11. Mergel - No IQ
12. Audiopathik & Xikwri Neyrra - Ancient Times
13. AudioSex - Astral Body Builder


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22 March 2011 19:00
Royal Dancing Mechanism / Hyperspacexplorer
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Добрая история об удивительном приключении ))) Downtempo trip trance :)...

VA - PsyTrance Open Air Vol.3 Royal Dancing Mechanism / Hyperspacexplorer

Psytrance Open Air Vol 3 web @ (Laboratory X)


Main Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: July 20 2010

Available for licensing.

PsyTrance Open Air Vol.3 another compilation from Psy Spy Records, comes with fresh and exclusive tunes made by Artsense, Psycoholic, Laboratory X and other talented producers.  
Loaded with music for deep states, this release was made to expand the consciousness and experience of psychedelic reality.
This is truly a connection between mind and the body, music that allowing the spirit to break free and proceed into the deep of psychedelia in the most intimate way that trance has to offer. 
Compiled by Psycoholic who has many years of experience in music creation and playing live all around the globe, this collection of tunes keeping an astounding balance between dark and light, synthetic and natural, driving beats and dramatic melodic lines.
This umixed tracks can be played anytime during the night or day to activate your mind and body wrapping your ears with mesmerizing.
01. Artsense vs Hypnotic Waves - Clunk Factory
02. Psycoholic - Seventh Universe
03. Cosmogen - The Dawn (Ultrascan Remix)
04. Insum - The Resurrection
05. Laboratory X feat RDM - Wunjo
06. SooSLiX - Space Labyrinth
07. Innovation Modification - Memories
08. Psycoholic and Alfida - Kuzlaring
09. Laborator X - Ocean Deep (Element Water Mix)
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8 July 2010 17:58
Royal Dancing Mechanism / Hyperspacexplorer
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Если вы хотите что бы я услышал и оценил Ваш трек - кидайте его плеером сюда в блог! Любой стиль! Но только свои треки!!! Можно ещё и ремиксы...На стене приветсвуются только отзывы о моём творчестве!

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10 August 2009 15:37
Discovering of yourself through the waves of sound Ж) p.s.: ДЕМО (качество...