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день подарков и чудес)

хотелось бы подвести итоги уходяшего года, и поделится моими маленькими достижениями.

начиная с этого месяца

Мой новый трек поддержал битпорт и взял в чарт (NYE SECRET WEAPONS - ELECTRO HOUSE)

+ ремикс от calvertron очень радовал мое ухо в последнии дни уходяшего года (так же был в чарте Calvertron на Beatport)

Мой новый трек совместно с Tory D поддержал Lazy Rich в своем радио шоу c Spencer & Hill. трек занял 2 место в топ 10 за декабрь по версии lazy Rich (желаюшие могут глянуть плейлист на оф сайте сего шоу)   

Так же в етом месяце со мной связались люди с немало известного лейбла Zooland и заказали ремикс (под етим иминем числятся такие дядьки как  (Mike Candys, Danny S, Taito, Mondo, Burn, Dirty Rush, R.I.O, 2-4 Grooves, PH Electro, DJs From Mars, Bodybangers, Spencer & Hill, Dave Darell, Nicco, Cascada, U-Jean, Miani, Bruno Barudi, Basslovers United, Darius & Finlay, Stereo Palma, Mondotek and DJ Tom, Dan Winter, Jack Holiday, Robert M, Michael Mind) достаточно приятная новость для меня хоть и лейбл выпускает почти одну комерцию :D


К итогам уходяшего года:

Начну пожалуй с треков которые вышли в этом году

1) Год начался удачно мой первый EP в этом году на лейбле SSH сразу же попал в топ 100 beatport (но к сожалению треки не поднялись выше 80 места)

Rabbit Killer feat. Fast Foot EP

Rabbit Killer - Prophetic (original)  top 100 beatport

Rabbit Killer feat Fast Foot - Paranoid (original)  top 100 beatport



2) следом вышел мой релиз совместно с моим другом и товарищем Farleon на не мало известном лейбле Big Fish

Трек добрался до 26 места в топе Beatport мб выше точно уже и не вспомнить что очень порадовало нас :)

Rabbit Killer & Farleon - Super Game (original)  top 100 beatport

Rabbit Killer & Farleon - Super Game (Brutality and E-Cologuk remix)

оригинал трека так же поддержал lazy rich в своем радио шоу и многие другие музыканты 

3) далее выходит совместный релиз с Farleon - ом На лейбле SSH трек активно поддержал Beatport в своем чарте так же нам был предоставлен банер на главной странице Битпорта

Нашими молитвами трек добрался до 19 места в топе Beatport :D

Rabbit Killer & Farleon - Superhero (original)  top 100 beatport

Rabbit Killer & Farleon - Superhero (Digital Freq remix) top 100 beatport

Rabbit Killer & Farleon - Superhero (Freefire remix) 

Rabbit Killer & Farleon - Superhero (Gera G remix)

Rabbit Killer & Farleon - Superhero (Fractal System remix)  top 100 beatport

так же оригинал трека был на 4 месте в топ 100 (Trackitdown.com) 

трек взят в чарт Beatport Week 34


4) 12 декабря вышел релиз Rabbit Killer & Farleon feat. Xangaii трек подержали достаточно много музыкантов

 Rabbit Killer & Farleon feat. Xangaii (original)

 Rabbit Killer & Farleon feat. Xangaii (Calvertron remix)  

 Rabbit Killer & Farleon feat. Xangaii (FTampa remix)

 Rabbit Killer & Farleon feat. Xangaii  (Callum B remix)

 Rabbit Killer & Farleon feat. Xangaii (Alex Kidd remix) 


5) вышел мой первый и пока единственый чарт на сайте beatport


6) спасибо битпорту за то что предоставили мне персональную страницу на сайте :)

7) поздравляю всех пользователей портала Promodj с наступаюшим или наступившим 2012 годом) 


 Извиняюсь за ошибки тороплюсь) праздничная суета итд итп :D

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31 December 2011 15:23

Interview with Rabbit Killer

In my opinion, the Russian (or at least Eastern European) Electro scene is every bit as strong as the American Electro scene, thanks to names like Cool Project, Fast Foot and Rabbit Killer, who I had the pleasure of interviewing recently.

Rabbit Killer’s first real break came after his first major release under Polish label ‘Sick Slaughterhouse’ signed his tracks ‘Prophetic’ and ‘Paranoid’, which he collaborated with Fast Foot to make. After a lot of attention on blogs and download sites, Rabbit Killer soon found Big Fish Recordings signing one of his tracks with fellow Kazakh Farleon. Being featured both as the topic of previous articles on the site and making our weekly sips, Rabbit Killer’s very quick rise to popularity has seen him gather a world wide fan base thanks to big names like Vodge Diper and Lazy Rich who have supported his music.

I was very excited to interview Rabbit Killer, as he is one of my own idols. Here is what he had to say for himself:

How did you get the name ‘Rabbit Killer’?

RK: Honestly, it’s hard to remember about that. I can say I went over many stage names before final approval of “Rabbit Killer”. I wanted to create an impressive and memorable nickname, like something really crazy – the name which could fit me and my music. And I guess I succeeded in that.

How did your music journey begin? Who inspired you to start making music?

RK: I was always fond of music. I have been playing the guitar since the childhood and even entered the Music College. But I haven’t studied neither a week there, because I’ve thought I knew about music quite enough to create something by myself.
As for electronic music, I’ve started making it recently. I was always interested how tracks were made, what programs were needed for that and how the process of creating tracks looked like! I’ve purchased the required software, provided myself with manuals and that is how my music journey started.

Were you always a listener of Electro/Electro House?

RK: Yeah, I always listened to electro. But I can’t say it’s my favorite style. I love listening to classic music, jazz, reggae, rock. But my preferences are still going to progressive, dubstep and complextro.

What music software/hardware do you use to make music?

I use FL Studio.

You work regularly with fellow Kazakh ‘Farleon’. How did you two meet?

RK: Farleon is my fellow-countryman! I’ve met him on-line, when he has just started to make music in R’n’B style! Further I acquainted him with such styles like dirty electro and dubstep, as well as I shared my knowledge and skills in this sphere. So I guess I can call him my disciple.


You’ve also worked with big Russian stars like ‘Cool Project’ and ‘Fast Foot’. Is there anyone in the industry who you would love to work with?

RK: I’m always happy to collaborate with talented musicians. But I’d better not to say exact names. Let it be my secret.

Your first ‘major’ release was under Sick Slaughterhouse. How did this come about?

RK: Everything came true suddenly. I was suggested to sign on my EP there and I accepted. Before this, I didn’t worry about signing my tracks on any labels. I just made music for my own pleasure, not more.

You have also had a release under Big Fish Recordings, which is one of the biggest labels in Electro House scene. Which has been your favourite label to release under and do you see yourself setting up your own record label in the future?

RK: At present moment I am in Sick Slaughterhouse crew and my preferences are going to them. There are lots of other good ones, but I used to choose label in terms of kind personal relationships with label owners and their attitude to the artists of course.
As for concerning my own label: the answer is NO. I think it’s a silly idea and a waste of time for me. I can hardly manage my duties. And I won’t be able to establish a worthy label, able to compete with another famous ones, because I just have no time for that.

What is your favourite project that you have participated in?

RK: “Supergame”.

You would be considered as being part of the “Russian army” (or at least the Eastern European army) who are considered as being the big names in the new Electro House scene. What is your opinion of the Americans and South Americans who are also big names in the scene, for example, Porter Robinson, Lazy Rich, Darth & Vader, etc.? Do you see it as a war?

RK: No way! I respect all these artists and not going to measure me against them.

And lastly, our classic question: It’s 2AM with a packed dance floor, what track do you drop to get everyone pumped?

RK: Knife Party (ft. Skrillex) – Zoology

What a great choice. Thank you very much for taking the time out to talk to me. It has been a pleasure and I look forward to hearing more of your work in the future. Thanks!

I genuinely am really excited to hear more of this talented producer’s work in the future, more excited than I am about many other artists, in fact. I could explain why, but I will let his music do the talking:

official source

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12 November 2011 3:10

Персональная страничка Beatport

Наконец-то теперь и у меня такая страница =)



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6 October 2011 12:43
no comments

а у кого была такая игрушка???))))

у каждого была такая игрушка =)


Для тех кто ждет, релиз будет в начале  августа на всем известном лейбле Big Fish

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7 July 2011 18:01

Rabbit Killer mask

DSC00036 @ Rabbit Killer

обошлось где то в 2 тысячи

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7 May 2011 18:08