Линч, Ekaterinburg, 20:00 // 17 July 2015
Drum & Bass
Vibe Room, Ekaterinburg, 18:00 // 24 January 2015
Abstract Hip-Hop
Vibe Room, Ekaterinburg, 19:00 // 7 January 2015
Drum & Bass
New Bar, Ekaterinburg, 18:00 // 17 December 2014
Drum & Bass
New Bar, Ekaterinburg, 20:00 // 12 August 2014
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I'm a dj since 1999. I'm from Russia. I moved to Yekaterinburg (Ural region, between Europe and Asia) in 1997 and I was immediately caught by various styles of electronic music I never heard before as I lived in a very remote area in the far north of the country. By 1999 I clearly preferred breakbeat-oriented drum and bass among other styles. When I went to one of the night clubs called Lyuk ("Hatch" in English) I realised that I wanted to play that music. Lyuk was a citadel of underground club life in the city, a sort of a pattern for further clubs. After Lyuk closing in 2003 a number of new places for clubbing started to emerge gradually, and I had gigs in a majority of them through the years. I also had a number of gigs in many other cities of Russia: Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Tagil, Tyumen, Orenburg, Omsk and Saint Petersburg among others. In 2003-2005 I turned to some pop-oriented drum and bass but soon I became disappointed by absence of any actual evolution in this area and turned back to breakbeat jungle and old school in 2005 and I adhere to this until now. I participate in a number of local jungle/drum and bass/dubstep/downtempo/hip hop club venue series at the moment and I was running some events by myself. I play 1 to 3 times a month typically.

My exclusive micro cassette mix saw the light in November 2008 as a part of "Ezhtape" project launched by mighty Tyumen guys from "EZH-prom" group (see The cassettes are available free at EZH-prom club venues or through participating djs. In addition, the most lucky boys and girls get cassette players equipped with built-in loudspeaker.

In summer 2010 a new local society was born called "SPECIAL REQUEST" ( - aiming at promoting diverse d&b styles free of mainstream stereotypes - leftfield, intelligent, old skool, experimental, abstract, micro, deep, jazzy, original tech step, drumfunk, sci-fi, ethnic, etc.

I prefer various styles of smart drum&bass - leftfield, deep/minimal, atmospheric, drumfunk, microfunk, jungle, intelligent, dark&techy, industrial, jazzy, ambient, idm-ish, etnic, experimental, etc. Typically I mix 90s stuff with later things. I think it doesn't matter how old a particular record is, it just should have its own concept and flavour.

Sergey Nesterov
Main style: Drum & Bass
DJ, listener since 1999
Location: Russia, Ekaterinburg
Guest: Vibe Room (Ekaterinburg), Линч (Ekaterinburg), Артефакт (Ekaterinburg), ДаБар (Ekaterinburg), New Bar (Ekaterinburg), 3.14 тонн (Tyumen), Люк (Ekaterinburg), Base (Ekaterinburg), Circulus (Ekaterinburg), Курящая Cобака (Ekaterinburg), Loft (Ekaterinburg), Квартира /Салют/ (Ekaterinburg), ПВ на Карьерной 16 (Ekaterinburg), Tele-Club (Ekaterinburg), Автобан (Ekaterinburg), Наса (Ekaterinburg), PV на Пушкина (Ekaterinburg), PV BRZ (Berezovskii (Sverdlovskaya obl.)), Инсайд (Revda (Sverdlovskaya obl.)), Скалолазная башня (Ekaterinburg), Playnet (Ekaterinburg), Riviera (Zarechnyi), 6 км (Revda (Sverdlovskaya obl.)), Ё (Ekaterinburg), подвал Дворца Спорта (Ekaterinburg), Zebra (Ekaterinburg), Пятый Океан (Ekaterinburg), ART-KAFE 51 (Ekaterinburg), Hardt (Ekaterinburg), Грибоедов Модный клуб (Saint Petersburg), Цоколь (Saint Petersburg), Пицца-пронто (Saint Petersburg), Иллюзион (Tyumen), Dub (Tyumen), 5 элемент (Tyumen), Cheguevara club (Omsk), Juke Joint (Nizhnii Tagil), HOME (Nizhnii Tagil), Лыжная база (Nizhnii Tagil), ДК Уралхимпласт (Nizhnii Tagil), Underground Garage (CHelyabinsk), Аллигатор (CHelyabinsk), ДК (Orenburg)
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