secret place, Minsk, 23:00 // 10 October 2009
Drum & Bass
Tobikz Pwnage
Main style: Drum & Bass
Favorite styles: Ambient, Darkstep, Frenchcore, Hardstep, IDM, Neurofunk, Speedcore, Technoid
DJ, producer, promoter, Listener since 2008
Performance: 1 hour
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pARwO  3 October 2009 2:13
и за STEP))
xDShiz  24 September 2009 9:32
ёёёё кусок говна ))
Привет. Гоу в гости то) …
Tobikz Pwnage at Energy Open Air (UA, Cherkassy) клик за TOBIKZ PWNAGE!
Да здравствует Drum'n'Bass!
С прошедшей днюхой! Пусть в жизни будет больше находок чем потерь, больше друзей, чем врагов, и пусть вертухи никогда не останавливаются! pwn them all !
С Днем Рожденья!!! Drum & Bass рулил ралит и будет рулить!!!=) Почаще на страничку ток заглядывай
Ман, С ДНЕМ РОЖДЕНИЯ! Всех - всех благ тебе, респект!
давай во френды))
ман зацени)

чек плиз

What are you doing here?
I said what the fuck are you doing here?
Why have you come here?

Because you've been abandoned by the powers that be...
There's nowhere else to turn!

Jump on a bus with a rucksack full of explosives,
the government will dish you out a free car.

But keep your head down!
Be good citizen and walk without a limp,
and you get zip.

You count for nothing.
That's why you're all here...
And your cries fall on deaf ears...
But if you want to spend your life getting
bullied and raped by cunts like Blair!

And having paedophiles
wander the fucking playgrounds!

While you smile mutely
and pay your fucking taxes... then get out the door.

не то чтобы я люблю DNB, просто хочу определить что это. заранее спасибо! BEST
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