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Alexander Pustinsky
Main style: Progressive House
Favorite styles: House, Minimal Techno, Tech House, Tribal House
DJ, promoter, listener since 2004
Location: Russia, Moscow
Resident: Дымов N1 на Малой Дмитровке, 6. (Moscow), CLIQUE events (Moscow), Discocartelle (Moscow), DANCESESSION (Moscow), Stop The Pop production (Baranovichi), Royal Moscow Promo (Moscow), Yagoda Bar (Moscow)
Guest: Б1 maximum (Moscow), NEO PROGRESSIVE HOUSE (Moscow), SUMMIT (YAroslavl), Мед (YAroslavl), Бывший клуб A'priori (Moscow), Open (Moscow), Гнездо (Moscow), BAR 1171 (Moscow), Фрейд (Moscow), G-club (Moscow), Utesoff (Moscow), Aloe (Moscow), Бiблiотека (Moscow), Datcha (Moscow), Paddock club (Moscow), 495 (Moscow), Gorod (Moscow), Vernisage (Moscow), COCON CLUB (Moscow), Alex Alco Hall (Moscow), Duplex кафе-клуб (Moscow), Bangles Lounge Bar (Moscow), Театро (Moscow), Newton Bar (Moscow), G-Club (Moscow), Circus club (Moscow), Какаду (Zelenograd), New Sound Land (Baranovichi), Клетка (Novogrudok), Пятачок (Baranovichi)
Frequent visitor: ARMA 17 (Moscow)
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Yagoda Bar ул. Мясницкая, д. 13, стр. 3, Moscow, 23:59 // 20 December 2008
Progressive House
Yagoda Bar ул. Мясницкая, д. 13, стр. 3, Moscow, 23:59 // 13 December 2008
Progressive House
Yagoda Bar ул. Мясницкая, д. 13, стр. 3, Moscow, 23:59 // 6 December 2008
Progressive House
SUMMIT, YAroslavl, 23:59 // 22 August 2008

DJ, Russia, Moscow Surname: Pustinsky Name: Alexander Phone number: +7 905 515 88 00 ICQ: 4604135 Year of a beginning of the career: 2004 Styles: Progressive-Tech, Tech-House, Minimal Techno, Electro, House, Progressive House, Tribal the Resident: Yagoda Bar, Dymov #1, Stop The Pop production, Royal Moscow Promo Gost:a priori, FREUD, OpenCafe, NEO, Utesoff, Aloe, Biblioteka(The Library), Datcha, Paddock club, 495, Gnezdo, GOROD, Vernisage, Cocon, Alex Alco Hall, Duplex. 1171, Bangles, ТЕАТRО, Newtone, B1 MAXIMUM (RAVEolution), G-club, Circus, Summit (Yaroslavl), the Cockatoo (Zelenograd); Belarus: New Sound Land,Kletka( the Cage), Pjatachok, Oscar Alexander Pustinsky (Dj Pustinsky) Was born on March, 19th, 1985. In the city of Norilsk of Krasnoyarsk region. Since childhood, his bright and fascinating life flows with obligatory music accompany. Despite his youth (read energy and up-to-dateness) he managed to find the leaving 20th century with all its left musical carriers: vinyl, the reel, the audiotape... Also has certainly seen the returning of the most qualitative carrier - a vinyl record. Also has certainly seen returning of the most qualitative carrier - a vinyl record. His career DJ Pustinsky, as well as many other Djs, began at school discos. Has continued to be engaged in favorite business at college, but all it was only for fun. Having moved in 2003 to Moscow, Alexander gets to promo-group and creates scandalously-known parties in legendary and, to this day exciting memoirs of the Moscow party-goers, the club A PRIORI. Thus, he has got to party. And once, as it often happens, one DJ could not arrive on the performance and DJ Pustinsky played turntable instead of him. By smiles on a dance-floor it became clear that further his life will be impossible without ear-phones, music on a dance-floor and the hands of happy listeners of its work lifted in the air. From this point it is possible to reckon his professional work in a role Dj (2004). Possessing excellent musical taste, DJ Pustinsky prefers non-commercial sound of progressive house, tech-house, progressive-tech and minimal techno (its creativity was affected by such dinosaurs of a club scene as Sebastien Leger, Deadmau5, Dubfire, John Digweed, James Zabiela, Sasha, Eric Prydz), but he also pays attention to those who got used to commercial sound electro-house, progressive-house and just house-sets. Having played the igniting tracks in the best clubs of Moscow, Alexander collects a considerable audience on actions where takes part. So his tour performances do not leave indifferent any house music admirers. Together with the friend, the tour manager in Belarus, the founder and the ideological inspirer of a label "dm pro", and just an excellent DJ Dusty Miller (, Alexander actively goes on tour across Belarus and together with DM dives to his public the positive and energy. (Concerning joint tours address +7 905 515 88 00 in the Russian Federation or +375 29 722 80 11 in Belarus) (special technical rider). Played on one scene with such world stars as Dom Kane (U K), Martin H (Sweden), Micky Slim (UK), Chris Lake (US), Mark Knight (UK), BeatThiefs (UK) and many other things. Has good booking - and simply friendly communications with many European and local musicians-DJs. «I do not like when people dance only because music plays - it is similar to a puppet theatre when you pull threads, and figures move. I always aspire to make dolls to revive- and my music is not only for touching their movements, but also for playing soul strings, for feeling with heart – then the energy spent by me during the performance, comes back to me in the triple size (whether it be the small closed club for the common round or global open-air for thousands of people). It, probably, also is a happiness. Listen with your heart!»

I like: блеск в глазах:)

I hate: российский автопром

I recommend: не пользоваться им:)

I am interested in: да:)

I know: как убить время:)

I can: тонуть:)

    liloo81  4 June 2016 19:04 #
    За труды твои прогрессивные))++
    dj b0nus  14 November 2012 15:00 #
    Отличный качающий Саунд Товарищ! Хорошая Музыка всегда актуальна! Молодчик ++++++PR и в ФАНЫ!!!
    Dmitry Bobrov  26 January 2012 18:24 #
    Как оно твое ничего, коллега? :)
    Reak (prm)  8 December 2011 17:04 #
    Krosber  29 June 2011 18:33 #
    + тебе и в други))
    Egoism  11 December 2010 16:49 #
    Привет.Свежий материал.
    Egoism - Last Day (EP) Сriminal Zone Records(ITALY) …

    Ер получилось очень ядовитым ,темный,эмоциональным и ярким.
    Efim Kerbut  9 September 2010 6:26 #
    Egoism  5 August 2010 19:23 #
    Этот трек стал заглавный треком в компиляции Emotive Ibiza

    Приятного прослушивания …
    KAISERBIT (MUS)  16 February 2010 21:03 #
    DJ BalabanoFF  25 January 2010 17:47 #
    Привет! Давай в друзья! отцени мои миксы!
    Dj Mike Wonder  15 November 2009 0:14 #
    Привет ДРУЖИЩЕ!!!!! давай в други!
    Egoism  7 October 2009 16:56 #
    Эй, эй))) Жду в гости+.
    Dj Escalate  2 July 2009 19:15 #
    Alex Glance  16 June 2009 17:24 #
    +))) здраствуй PROMODJ РУЛИТ
    Dj Mike Wonder  31 May 2009 23:45 #
    +1 к рейтингу. Удачи.
    Sasha Vector  26 May 2009 17:25 #
    Alex Akimov  23 April 2009 1:10 #
    Классные миксы
    DnnsDG  13 April 2009 3:52 #
    Привет Сань !!! Проголосовал +pr и давай дружить и сдесь Wink
    dj dusty miller  27 February 2009 10:30 #
    ЗЫ: ПРИВЕТ)))))
      Pustinsky  27 February 2009 14:46 #
      привет, катлэт))
    dj dusty miller  27 February 2009 10:26 #
    Мои Релизы доступны в сети: … …
      Pustinsky  27 February 2009 14:46 #
      сань, я в курсе)))
    So'va  17 February 2009 9:30 #
    Дядя .... напиши мне в аську плиз.....)_
    Sasha Vector  10 February 2009 16:21 #
    Dj Aleksey Popov  2 February 2009 4:17 #
    Progressive House! Эксклюзив
    Jr.Beat | Just the right music  30 January 2009 2:14 #
    Здарова, мужчина)) как жизнь? + тебе
      Pustinsky  31 January 2009 20:46 #
      хей хоу)) все збс)
      как сам, а?)
    Dj Cash One  26 December 2008 23:56 #
    И я нормуль!!!! Соскучился по тебе!!!!! Да, в Лондоне!
      Pustinsky  27 December 2008 1:55 #
      что еще за гомошуточки?)))))))))))))))))) ))
    Dj Cash One  26 December 2008 2:40 #
    HEY!!!! How you??? Да, в Лондоне!
    DJ Stoks  25 December 2008 4:54 #
    за микс+
    Katrin Kittyx  22 December 2008 18:01 #
    Сашуль, огромное спасибо тебе за такой тёплый красочный отзыв! Безумно приятно читать и осознавать! =)
    djamba  21 December 2008 4:11 #
    Привет!!!!!!!!Прикольная муза у тебя!!!!+ тебе в проморанк и к трекам тоже!!!!!Если не трудго заходи ко мне оцени мои треки!!!!!
    WILYAMDELOVE  7 December 2008 18:53 #
    HEY DJ плюсы тебе за творчество давай в други!) WOW
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