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Main style: Acid
Favorite styles: Acid Breaks, Acid House, Acid Jazz, Acid Techno, Acid Trance, Dark Psy Trance, Experimental, Glitch, Minimal psytrance, Psy Chill, Psy Trance, Psybient, Psychedelic breakbeat, Psychedelic rock
DJ, producer, promoter, listener, group / joint project since 2007
Performance: from €23
Location: Russia, Puschino
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Psy-Virus - The considerably-directed experimental project based in the 2007'th summer in the scientific city of Pushchino. The Main objective - absolute and final fracture of stereotypic ways and means of perception of world around, and as removal of the creative restrictions introduced from the outside. Comprehension of the original essence. The divine essence. Essences of the creator.

[BIO-SPHERE] ... To 2007. Preparation for active actions. Constant experiments with the analog and digital equipment, and as their combination. Studying of methods of reception and sound processing, in particular for creation of such noise genres as Dark Ambient, Field Recordings, Noise, Harsh Noise, Psychedelic Noise and Power Electronics. The subsequent changes in character of creativity have been caused by one interesting case: attempt to write down a pure bass for the purpose of the subsequent use, has failed to the first second. Record has broken and has started to be reproduced in an infinite cycle. In steam of seconds of this record has gone in overloaded, fragmentary and covered with distortions powerful noise beat …

[NOISE => THE RHYTHM] July 2007. The subsequent experiments with loops application have led to creation of the musical project «Psy-Virus» and him the first EP - «Ex-Mind». Work over EP has reversed the musical part of the project. Simple, but verified to micro second rhythms. Deformed, but not loosing own form drums. Heavy guitar parts and noise impregnations. It was the fine beginning. But «Ex-Mind» was the first not long. Having armed with the audio-materials saved up for some years, experience and the knowledge received for all time, work on a following album has begun…

[THE RHYTHM => EXPERIMENT] November 2007. Second EP of the project - «My [W.A.R.]». War with all. War against all. War with itself. War against itself and the shade. It - «My [WAR]». War with bias, biases, presets and prejudices. Techno, Hardcore, Noise and Rhythmic Noise, have been presented to the full on "were-reason", therefore in new EP all has been mixed in a single whole, leaving huge open space for new ideas. Three parts, three parties of a single whole: [W] - IDM, Ambient; [A] - Cybergrind, Grindcore; [R] - Techno, Rhythmic Noise. Destroying, but creating. Merciful, but ruthless. Combined the incompatible. «My [W.A.R.]» has absorbed in itself all the most successful from experiments with electroguitars, drum machines, virtual synthesizers and analog noise. All experiments have been finished. Time has come to take the form. The wave form …

[EXPERIMENT №1 => MASSES] January 2008. Wave-forms of sound Freedom turn around with white, sparkling points. They really exist, I precisely know it. It not fiction and not a reality. This is reincarnation… «Waveforms Of Sound Freedom» started in the middle of winter of 2008 and till now finds those. Those who knows. Those who sees and hears. The first official album of the project has been published at once by limitless circulation, absolutely free of charge, without any restrictions. Current possibilities of intrusion really are boundless, but anybody doesn't notice them. As well as that ahead there is one more hidden, almost weightless tiny business, promised to execution by Pink Elephants wasn't appreciable also. They won't bring, I am assured of them. It is necessary only to See them …

[EXPERIMENT №2 => MASSES] March 2008. «Seeing Pink Elephants» has been published on nowadays not existing experimental Internet label in the spring 2008. Wave-forms have proved to be, but in parallel with them the most experimental work of the project was created. Wave-forms went the checked up road: Rhythmic Noise, Digital Hardcore and Hardcore. But the second road was unknown: Industrial and Dark Ambient, IDM and Breakcore, Breaks and Noise. They all escaped for the spaces taken away by it, battling among themselves. The few can See Pink Elephants. The few can guess their true purpose, learn all their secrets and look at the world their eyes …

[MASSES => RESULT] July 2009. Absolute freedom. Absolute equality of all before all. Absolute creation. All preparations are finished for a long time. Nobody in forces to stop this process. «Finished!» Has broken outside. This summarizing, compilation of ideas and thorough check of the forces before leaving. For a long time, but not for ever. There are no doubts of the past. There are no future limits. There is only a creator. Is just now. And it - only warm-up before a way to all-consuming eternity …

[...ETERNITY...] August 2010. Sharp, but not the unexpected flashes, remembered, but not losing the magic melodies. It has already occurred. Here and now. There is only an eternity. And anything except. Psy-viruses breed for a long time in heads of nothing suspecting people, their population grows in a geometrical progression. Every day it is more than all of them and more. With it is useless to struggle. The return way isn't present. «Eternity» - meanwhile the best work of the project for all time of its existence. The basic musical line - Industrial, bombarded by mix IDM, Breakcore, Trip-Hop, Techno and Ambient. But it yet a limit…

[ETERNITY] August 2010. Sharp but not unexpected flashes. Memorable, but not losing their magic with time melodies. It has already happened. Here and now. There is only Eternity, and nothing else. Psy-viruses grow in heads of unsuspecting people, their population is growing exponentially. Every day there are more and more. Fight is useless. No way back. «Eternity» - so far the best work of the project for the time of its existence. The main musical line - Industrial, bombarded with a mixture of IDM, Breakcore, Trip-Hop, Techno and Ambient. But it is not the limit ...

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    Minor Unit  15 March 2014 22:31 #
    Happy birthday! All the best wishes to you and your family!
  • +1
    HOLYMANATEE  16 November 2012 18:32 #
    хороший вкус! рад дружбе)
      PsY-ViruZ  19 November 2012 18:53 #
      спасибо! я тоже :)
  • +1
    wo1  9 March 2012 22:29 #
    Прекрасная музыка...+
      PsY-ViruZ  10 March 2012 16:10 #
      прекрасный комментарий )
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    Nikesaw  15 January 2012 9:35 #
    Интересное многообещающее начало, добавляю в друзья!)
      PsY-ViruZ  15 January 2012 16:28 #
      спасибо! :)
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    Base Low  12 August 2011 16:45 #
    свежее мясо свежее мясо свежее мясо свежее мясо свежее мясо свежее мясо свежее мясо свежее мясо свежее мясо свежее мясо свежее мясо свежее мясо свежее мясо свежее мясо свежее мясо свежее мясо
    Никонов лучший!!!
      PsY-ViruZ  12 August 2011 21:49 #
      спасибо! ))
      один из любимых современных поэтов! ;)
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