Alexey Proket was born in Norilsk, Russia in 1986. In 2001 he got to like electronic music and already in 2002 he proceeded with creating his own tunes. It didn't take long till he started getting good feedback and recognition from well- known Russian producers and dj's such as Sta, Profit, Sunchase and Cyb Orc(Illuminati).

After a while he met Denix who came up with an idea to make a collaboration. This is how Prode was born. Later on Feom and Roland got onboard.

In 2003 Proket remixes a tune called "Let it be" by an estonian producer Bad M.F. with vocals by Bad girl.It becomes an immidiate success and was played on a number of radiostations through out Russia and the Ukraine. it is also featured on an LP(TAM Records) and 4 other compilations.

In 2004
Prode and Logical collaborated on 2 tunes: El Nino and Breakage, that got instantly signed by Recon recordings and are played by Raiden, Optiv(C4C), Profit, Pyro and others. El Nino has even been featured on DogsOnAcid's Top ten. Same
year Doom, another collab between Prode and Logical, got picked by Dylan for his Freak Recordings.

2005 . Having sent Chris Jarman (Raiden) his tune Proportion gets picked by Offkey recordings, Raiden`s own label ( and new Proket - Raiden collaborations start to pop up: Raiden, Proket - B4, Raiden, Prode - Vodkabite(Freak). Proket, Raiden - Skafandr(Offkey), Raiden, Proket - B4.

brings even more luck and tracks like Proket - Gardarika, Prode - Cubic finally got the recognition they rightfully deserved and got pickedby legendary DSCI4 (DJ Trace) and become the essence of the fourth part of the smashing Spy technology series.
these tunes are played by Raiden, Optiv, Dieselboy, Loxy, Limewax, SPL, The Panacea among others.

In 2007
Offkey recordings will release a Proket "Apocrypha" EP. The definition that Proket applies for his sound is schranz`n`bass. By combining these 2 genres Proket creates his own unique sound that can not be confued with anything else. Present tunes like Guta, Locomotive, Skafandr define the future techno sound of dnb.

His djing brought him nearly all across Europe so far, he has played in Holland, Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia of course. Proket's sets are continuosly pushing and full of energy to bring you to hell and back -  mind blowing dark techno dnb of highest pedigree!


Alexey Proket
Main style: Drum & Bass
Favorite styles: Breaks, Experimental, Minimal Techno, Techno
DJ, producer, collaborations since 2002
Location: Russia, Moscow
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