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Ез ез ез!

Сегодня вышел альбом от нашего друга dnb продюсера Zardonic, который называется Vulgar Display Of Bass!

В треклисте присутствует наш совместный трек Zardonic & PLAYMA - Kick Ass!

Вот полный треклист:

01. Zardonic, Counterstrike, Gein & Robyn Kaos - Revolution
02. Zardonic and Voicians - Bring Back The Glory
03. Zardonic, Mark Instinct, NumberNin6 & Run DMT - Real Steel
04. Zardonic & Playma - Kickass
05. Zardonic, Throttler and Lowbss - Hypnotized
06. Zardonic & Messinian - Survive
07. Zardonic, Omar Santana & Evan Gamble Lewis - Dominate
08. Zardonic and Receptor - Destroy
09. Zardonic, Memtrix, Cooh & No Money - Cut Raw
10. Zardonic & Krusha - Mechagodzilla
11. Zardonic - Deathmachine
12. Zardonic & Reid Speed - Sideshow Symphony

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26 March 2012 22:41
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PLAYMA Поздравляет всех с наступающим 2012-м годом!

PLAYMA Поздравляет всех с наступающим 2012-м годом!

Качаем и слушаем наш новогодний подкаст!…


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27 December 2011 21:27
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Отзывы на наш первый релиз WE CAN LIVE FOREVER // FAR AWAY - APORN016

Довольно таки круто для нашего первого релиза! 

Tony Anthem (Future Prophecies) - yup good work guys :) 

Optiv (Cause4Concern) - Good Tune! I like the melodies and stabs with the looping vocal. Far Away is also 
great. I want more. 

Mackie (Afghan Headspin / Pixel Fist) - Great release! Would love an Instrumental of "We Can Live...." 

High Rankin - Cool tracks. I like. 

Hyper! Hyper! - really good sound, look forward to hearing more from these guys.. 

South Central - Far Away is really good track... not so keen on We Can live forever from us! 

Hellfire Machina - Big!!!! 

Aquasky (Brent) - i didnt like the vocals on the first tune. BUT FAR AWAY is frigging off the chizzle... an 
amazing piece of music. ticks all the boxes for me. goosebump BIZ... FULL SUPPORT BABY! 

Muffler - big tunes 

erb N dub - Great I will be supporting! 

Pendulum (Elhornet) - Great vibes on both these tunes. Thanks :) 

The Qemists - big thanks 

Autobots (Tom) - Wicked.. rolling musical dancefloor goodness. 

NoisseS - Cool production, big bass 

Dodge & Fuski - great work, instantly catchy 

Specimen A - well done lads ! =) 

SKisM - nice! 

VENT - big tings 

501 - lovely! 

Atlantic Connection (Westbay Music Group) - Strong release ! 

JFB - Sick! 

Tek-One - nice! 

NAPT - Spaseeba guys nice one :) good times dubstep 

Jay Cunning - Great sounds! Love it!  

New dubs
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3 November 2011 1:29

PLAYMA - We Can Live Forever // Far Away [APORN016] - AUDIOPORN RECORDS! - Вышел!

PLAYMA - We Can Live Forever // Far Away [APORN016]

Наш первый релиз наконец то вышел на лейбле AUDIOPORN Records!

Доступен на BEATPORT.

С 31-го октября будет доступен так же на виниле и в других магазинах!

Made up of Russian producers Davip and Mars, along with respected French producer Ben WilliamPLAYMA represents a hybrid of three creative visions. After a show in Kalingrad which happened to feature all three producers, a quick play around in the studio resulted in a surprisingly huge track. Knowing they were onto something, Davip, Mars and Ben William quickly formed a new Dubstep trio known as PLAYMA.

With backgrounds in Breaks, Drum and Bass and inspiration from a variety of music including Miles Davis, The Chemical Brothers and Noisia, it was always likely that PLAYMA would have a unique, novel sound – and now they bring their unique brand of Dubstep to Audioporn Records.

Davip - Crash!
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17 October 2011 17:43