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Pitched Elephants

Pitched Elephant`s music is a dubstep which naturally absorbed elements of glitch sound distortions, minimalism of garage and wicked energy
of neurofunk. Due to wide musical outlook they do not stop at any certain musical style, deciding in the favour of one or another, neither driving themselves
into stylistic frames.They are involved in the process of alteration and selectioning different musical forms. Dubstep of PE
is uneven and nonuniform, music is aimed on seeking nu flows of gliding bass sound, elegant tunes and meditative rhythms.
These guys tunes do possess extremly magnetic environment and ambience surrounding listeners and revealing serpentine bass lines.

by Viked

Дмитрий Кругликов-Коротков
Main style: Dubstep
Favorite styles: Ambient, Big Beat, Breaks, Experimental, IDM, Neurofunk, Trip-Hop, Turntablism, UK Garage
Producer, listener since 2007
Performance: from €200 / 1 hour
Location: Russia, YUrga