My name is Ed Dawson. I'm 30 and I've DJed Drum n Bass/Techno/Technoid/TechnoDnB/House/Braindance/IDM for 12 years. I also have been making electronic music for 10 years. I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. It is 60 miles/96.5 km from New Orleans. I grew up going to parties in New Orleans at the State Palace Theatre which held hundreds of events throughout it's span through a promotion company called the FreeBase Society. They would have headliners almost every week. I gained interest in learning to DJ and started beat-matching House records. After a couple of months, I started buying Drum n Bass and taught myself how to beat-match DnB. I practiced for hours every day and made a mixtape which made it's way to a local promoter's LLC Low Key Productions. The owner Chris was a awesome guy and got me my first gigs around town. I played at a couple clubs that don't exist anymore, and got my first spot opening at a rave at one of the only parties ever to be thrown in Baton Rouge at the Belmont. I played in a smaller room and the first record I opened with was Cannibal Corpse - Hammer-Smashed Face, which if you don't know is a Death Metal song. This cleared the room aside from my close friends and a couple others. Later, I acquired residency at a club named Club Culture, a Reggae/Dancehall club through my good friend Matt Bruce. And, every Tuesday for a couple years we played Drum n Bass. I later moved to Houston to go to a community college to earn an Associate's Degree in Audio Engineering. I left after a year and moved back to Baton Rouge. While away from Baton Rouge I acquired a big taste for IDM. Aphex Twin and Venetian Snares were a huge inspiration and it reflected in the music I made as well. I kept listening to DnB a little and in 2010 my soundscape honed in on Technoid, or sometimes referred to as Techno-DnB. I am now hooked. I am also making Technoid, but hopefully one day you will hear it.
Ed Dawson
Main style: Technoid
Favorite styles: Acid House, Acid Techno, Alternative Rap, Beatboxing, Breakcore, Breakstep, Darkstep, Detroit Techno, Downtempo, Drill'n'bass, Drum & Bass, Drumfunk, Dubstep, Experimental, Freestyle, Glitch, Hard IDM, Hard Techno, Hardcore, Hardstep, Hip-hop/Rap, House, IDM, Indie Dance, Industrial, Industrial Techno, Intelligent, Leftfield, Minimal Electronica, Minimal Techno, Neurofunk, Oldschool Drum & Bass, Schranz, Tech House, Techno, Techstep, Tribal House, Tribal Techno, Trip-Hop, Turntablism