Peyton (UK)
Main style: House
Favorite styles: Club House, Disco House, Tech House, Vocal House
Producer, radioshow, vocalist, poet, group / joint project
Location: United Kingdom, London
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Hi everybody! Glad to see you:) 

Фотографии с презентации сингла "How to love" с участием Peyton

10 июня прошла презентация сингла "How to love" в клубе "Discoteque" с участием Peyton и Eric Cooper.

12 @ Peyton (UK)

Все фотографии можно посмотреть в альбоме How to love party@Discoteque (Moscow)

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17 June 2011 22:26
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Фотографии, которые сделал Peyton в Москве

Как провели время Peyton и Erick Cooper в Москве.

Все фотографии можно посмотреть в альбоме Peyton'а в Facebook.

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12 June 2011 19:09
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После презентации сингла "How to love"

Peyton, Erick Cooper и Коля с агентом Андреем Солдаткиным едут в московском такси (по радио играет сингл "How to love", презентованный за несколько часов до этого в клубе "Discoteque").

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12 June 2011 17:58
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Через час в клубе Discoteque начнется грандиозное шоу!

Главные герои уже в полной готовности:)

In Moscow @ Peyton (UK)

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10 June 2011 22:06
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Презентация сингла "How to love" в клубе Discoteque

Приглашаем на официальную вечеринку-презентацию трека “Kolya & Matuya feat Peyton - How To Love”, которая пройдет 10 июня в клубе Discoteque.

Вас ждут эксклюзивные ди-джей сеты от музыкального директора клуба Pacha Moscow Dj Kolya и его коллеги по цеху Dj Matuya, живое выступление вокалиста Ely, записавшего для проекта Kolya & Matuya треки “Ill Rock” и “Love Again”, часто звучашие в радиоэфирах популярных российских радиостанций.

А так же выступления иностранных гостей вечеринки “How To Love”: всемирно известного британца Peyton, одного из лучших хаус-вокалистов планеты, номинанта лондонских “House Music Awards”, автора и исполнителя радио-хитов Holiday”, “A Higher Place”, “I'll Rise”, “Here I Am” и др.; и специальный ди-джей сет от Eric Kupper, именно он согласился сделать ремикс на композицию “How To Love”. Эрик работал над дюжиной записей, оказавшихся на вершине мировых музыкальных хит-парадов. Дважды его работы получали Grammy как «Лучшая Танцевальная Запись Года» («Grammy Best Dance Record Of The Year»).

Для мэйджор лейблов имя Eric Kupper стоит одним из первых в списке, когда речь заходит о выпуске нового сингла или альбома для Garbage, Usher, Alicia Keyes, BT, Goldfrapp, Cher, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Sheryl Crow, Lenny Kravitz, Kylie Minogue, Korn, Moloko, New Order, Yoko Ono, Dido, Robert Palmer, Afrika Bambaata & Soulsonic Force, Kate Bush, Jessica Simpson, Anastacia, Donna Summer. Его работа как мультиинстументалиста и аранжировщика в значительной степени повлияли на 50-миллионные продажи альбомов для Anastasia, Marc Anthony, Celine Dion, Jessica Simpson и Jennifer Lopez. А в роли со-продюсера Эрик работал в студии практически со всеми аристами мирового TOP-100, среди них сотрудничество с  Madonna, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Coldplay, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, Toni Braxton, Jamiroquai, Depeche Mode, Eric Clapton, Everything But The Girl, Bjork и David Bowie. 

Помимо свежих мелодий и отборного американского хауса, Эрик привезет с собой в Москву, ремикс на композицию “Kolya & Matuya feat Peyton - How To Love”. Всем посетившим вечеринку предоставится возможность первыми услышать его.

How To Love - это вечеринка лета, любви и хорошего настроения!

10 июня, клуб Discoteque

Eric Kupper, Peyton(live), Kolya & Matuya, Ely(live)

Нижний Сусальный переулок, 5/5А

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7 June 2011 17:26
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Peyton (UK)

Peyton’s long musical road to releasing his eponymous debut album ‘Peyton’ starts in a small town in North Carolina. Christopher Peyton was born to a travelling evangelist and preacher, one Wesley Peyton, and into a life much less ordinary. Reverend Wesley Peyton travelled the length and breadth of the country spreading the good word, bringing hope and love to a nation in need of spiritual guidance. The Reverend reached out to his adoring public and became one of the first radio and TV evangelists to take to the airwaves and reach a whole new audience of adoring souls waiting to be saved. Revivals ran over four or five days and climaxed with an ecstatic catharsis of frenzied faith. Peyton junior grew up in this incredible environment, a young boy with a renowned clerical father, every facet of his life lived to the letter of the Lord, a life filled with love and hope and spirituality. Growing up in the Christian fundamentalist Pentecostal church, it would have been easy for Peyton to have followed in his father’s footsteps, and for the first part of his life Peyton lived a very respectful and holy existence, singing in his father’s church - a life of gospel choirs, cassocks and happy clapping hallelujahs! When Peyton was a young boy he moved with his family to Virginia where his father was offered the position of pastor at Reality Gospel Church, a charismatic interdenominational congregation with a thriving television ministry. Young Peyton became very involved in the day to day running of the church, working initially as the director of the children’s church, singing regularly for the Sunday morning services, and eventually working alongside his father’s ministry as the Minister of Music and choir director. The fame and acclaim that Peyton’s father received must have left a lasting impression on young Peyton. As it is with fame and fortune, Reverend Peyton’s celebrity as a Pastor came and went. After growing frustrated with the self-righteousness and lack of compassion generally found in fundamentalist worship, he eventually formed a new church based on love and forgiveness which he called ‘Victory Fellowship Ministries’. This church used the scripture from the book of Isaiah as their mantra, which says “No weapon formed against thee shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against thee in judgement thou shalt condemn” (see lyrics for Keep The Faith). Throughout his early teens Peyton had seen the highs and lows that being put on a pedestal can bring. The Peyton family suffered some difficult times throughout the years of ministry, especially during the glory years at the height of Rev. Peyton’s success. However the Peytons stuck together through it all, and young Peyton stood behind his father knowing that he himself would one day need to ask for the same support. When he was eighteen Peyton moved to Tennessee to a small town north of Chattanooga and attended the conservative Christian academy, Lee College, where he studied music, played in bands and realised that his real passion was singing and performing. Peyton travelled and performed from Mexico to Romania and from Yugoslavia to Canada, playing at underground Pentecostal Churches as part of a gospel group. All of this led to Peyton’s eyes being opened to something other than elite music groups and contemporary Christian music that had made up much of his life up until that time. As part of his studies Peyton had the option of taking a semester out and coming to the UK where he found himself at Cambridge. This was a turning point in his life and Peyton engrossed himself in his studies of English Literature, and as his interest grew he found his Christian beliefs replaced by an understanding of literature and the study of humanism. This helped him search for the answers regarding his own questions about his sexuality, something which he had been hiding throughout his religious upbringing - something that may not have gone down too well in the Bible belt of Tennessee, much less with his own parents! While he still regularly prayed, Peyton had reassessed the parameters of his own beliefs and knew for the first time who he was. Upon returning to the states he dropped out of his Christian singing groups, and focussed his final year of undergraduate studies on exploring literature and applying for a scholarship which, thanks to the British Council, Leeds University and Pilkington Glass, eventually took him back to England to do a Masters in English Literature. He turned his back on an opportunity to do charitable work in Africa for the Peace Corps and pursued his love of great writing. Leeds was really the place where Peyton’s contemporary music education began. Bizarrely up until that point, Peyton’s knowledge of music had been limited to puritanical gospel choirs and Pentecostal pop, (ask Peyton his favourite Bowie album or the relative merits of pre-Sgt Pepper Beatles singles over Let It Be, don’t expect a full and well-seasoned reply…) but coming to Leeds Peyton’s eyes, ears and mind were opened to Northern Soul, house music and the fantastic club scenes up North. It was glamorous, exciting and it opened his mind to other people, how they think and ‘secular’ music. Peyton embraced it, loved what he heard and started work on blending his own musical influences to fit with current trends. Peyton’s studies continued to uncover new debate and areas of interest and he found a real connection with the writings of EM Forster whose understanding of humanity struck a real chord with him. In 1993 Peyton graduated from Leeds and moved back to the US (but this time his Argentinean boyfriend would follow two weeks later). Peyton had something to discuss with his parents - up until this point the very idea of a gay relationship had been synonymous with unhappiness and shame, so it had always been a topic to be avoided in the Peyton household. This may have been further complicated by the fact that Peyton’s uncle, the Rev. Peyton’s brother, was also gay and had never been accepted by his judgemental sibling. Peyton had learnt a lot in Leeds, nothing more important than how to cook a good curry. Surprisingly when he took this skill back to the Peyton homestead in Virginia it was met with some confusion - the only Indians they knew in those parts were Native American Indians. The night that Peyton set aside to come out to his parents he prepared a hot Indian Curry as an ice breaker, a dish that the Peytons have avoided eating ever since! Fortunately, his carefully crafted words worked and his parents accepted the news that their son was gay. His mother cried, but tears of a mom who wasn’t able to share the burden of something very heavy with her son all those years. The Reverend Peyton took a long bath to digest the news (and the curry). The following morning was Father’s Day, and the reverend was particularly lachrymose during his Sunday morning service. Consequently the church parishioners thought he was especially anointed and everyone received a great blessing. The outcome of that emotional weekend was that his parents adopted love as their approach to something they didn’t understand very well, and began an open and honest relationship with their son that has gone from strength to strength. The next stage in Peyton’s life took him to South America where he was offered the position of professor at a university in Cali, Colombia. When he wasn’t teaching courses in literature and culture, he was learning to dance Salsa, speak Spanish, and generally soaking up the rich Latin American influences of the local nightlife. After working in Colombia for several years he decided to move to Washington DC where he was able to live an urban gay life. He waited tables for a while and enjoyed the club scene but eventually Peyton moved to New York City, where he decided to live the dream and become an artist. Peyton spent a year in New York, where the city loved him and he loved the city. Peyton the artist was born and he immersed himself in writing poetry, music and singing. In 1998 Peyton moved to London and was offered a place at UCL to pursue a PhD in Latin American Literature. However, money ran short and Peyton waited tables at the fashionable Notting Hill eatery 192 where he met lots of influential people and mixed in artist circles. He explored a variety of jobs, freelancing for Tatler magazine, teaching Salsa, and doing the odd bit of session singing, and was soon part of the London scene. Soon after Peyton set up his catering and events outfit 2SH (2 Skinny Homos) with his partner, but his passion first and foremost was music. The first project to get wings was Hexdragon - a promising record deal on Nellee Hooper’s label ‘Meanwhile’ which introduced Peyton to the UK music industry as an artist in his own right. When the project ended up falling through, due to label/producer politics, Peyton was quickly signed up by agents and found himself with bit-part work in TV, films, videoshoots and modelling. Peyton nipped back to see his folks in the US who he still shares an incredibly strong bond with and whilst he was there he saw one episode of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. Incredibly, upon returning to the UK he got a call on his mobile as he walked through Heathrow customs from the producers of the UK version of the show asking him to come to a casting. Unbeknownst to him, his name had been put forward by his friend Anoushka Menzies of Bacchus PR who just knew he would be perfect for the show. Of course, Peyton got the gig and was soon on TVs across the world as the food and drink expert on the show. By this time his music career had already begun to take off, with his hit single ‘A Higher Place’ signed to Hed Kandi Records blowing up on dance floors across the world. Suddenly he was on TV, with giant posters on buildings and subways, his catering business 2SH was flourishing (doing parties for designers Alice Temperley and Oswald Boateng, among many others), and he had begun work on his debut album with legendary producer Eric Kupper. So that brings us to where we are now - Peyton, the album, was released in October, 2005 on Hed Kandi Records. Subsequent to release, Hed Kandi was taken over by their competition Ministry of Sound. MOS are strictly a compilations label, so Peyton has secured the full rights to his album back and is now in the wonderful position of owning his own music. The album is a collection of uplifting songs that really tell the story you have read in words and music. It is a rich album full of references to a most unusual life. Every track breathes layer upon layer of depth, from deep gospel inspired harmonies of tracks such as I'll Rise, to the stomping anthem A Higher Place. I’ll Rise is based on the beautiful poem ‘And Still I Rise’ by the celebrated African-American poet and writer Maya Angelou, and is a pure example of why Peyton is the real deal. Singing from the heart, with lyrics that really mean som

    Vladimir Skorotsky  26 August 2016 14:40 #
    I do not expect to see you on this site!!!
    Anton Cherry  18 January 2012 16:08 #
    Greetings! Amazing music, man!!! Will glad to see you in my friends!!!
    Addicted to your creations!!!
    FLAC  10 June 2011 23:02 #
  • +2
    Terpsixora  22 April 2011 10:55 #
    I really like your voice! Many things - just sweetie! Especially I like "All that matters", "Fogive me" and how to love!!! I am waiting for your arrival to Moscow so much. I want to see your live show!!
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