Сергей Смирнов
Main style: Uplifting Trance
Favorite styles: Chillout, Progressive Trance, Trance
DJ, producer, Listener since 2007
Location: Russia, Saint Petersburg
Guest: DJSTATION.RU [ 89.2 FM ] (Tyumen)
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Soon! Armin Van Buuren SUPPOOOOOOORT! 
Perfect Vision

Всем привет, с вами Perfect Vision.


Ознакомиться с моими релизами вы можете здесь:

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Kamil Esten - Blue Rain (incl. Perfect Vision remix)

Label: Blue Trance Records

Release date: 28.08.2009

Captiva - Crystal Mind (incl. Perfect Vision remix)

Label: Blue Trance Records

Release date: 14.05.2010

Sunsvision - Lost Memories (incl. Perfect Vision remix)

Label: Trancewelle Records

Release date: 05.07.2010


Katrin Souza & Flipplive - The Road To The Future (incl. Perfect Vision chillout remix)

Label: Trancewelle Records

Release date: 05.12.2010


Light On - Sixth Avenue (incl. Perfect Vision remix)

Label: Silent Shore White

Release date: 11.04.2011


1Touch - A Stranger Among His Own EP  (incl. Perfect Vision remix)

Label: LiftedSounds Records

Release date: 24.12.2012

Aivem Vs. Vilmo - Xuri (incl. Perfect Vision Remix)

Label: Silent Shore White

Release Date: 04.02.2013

Sava - Spirit's Pulse (incl. Perfect Vision Remix)

Label: Fly Warp Records

Release Date: 29.03.2013

Ruslan Set feat. Nika Lenina - For The Goddes of Elements  (incl. Freelancer & Perfect Vision Remix)

Label: Panda Records

Release Date: 12.07.2013

BluEye - We Are Still Alive (incl. Freelancer & Perfect Vision Remix)

Label: Beyond The Stars Recordings

Release Date: 11.11.2013




Perfect Vision - Endless Dreams (incl. Serhiy Klimenkov, Falcon, Aivem vs. Vilmo, Dark Side of Aivem vs. Vilmo mixes)

Label: Silent Shore Records

Release date: 25.04.2011

Perfect Vision & Demy Yorth - Baikal (incl. Denis Sender, M.D.K mixes)

Label: Silent Shore White

Release date: 21.01.2013

Freelancer & Perfect Vision - Eternity (incl. Original & Alternative mixes)

Label: Silent Shore Records

Release date: 01.04.2013


Треки и ремиксы на компиляциях:


Perfect Vision - Seven Seas (Original Mix)

Compilation: Sound Of Life (S.O.L.) Uplifting Stream Vol. 01

Label: Trancewelle Records

Release date: 05.11.2010.

Light On - Six Avenue (Perfect Vision Remix)

Compilation: Latest 10 Collection Vol. 01

Label: Silent Shore White

Release date: 15.08.2011

Perfect Vision - Endless Dreams (Original Mix)

Compilation: ReOrder Pres. Silent Shore Selection Vol.4

Label: Silent Shore Records

Release date: 01.04.2013

Freelancer & Perfect Vision - Eternity (Original Mix)

Compilation: ReOrder Pres. Silent Shore Selection Vol.4

Label: Silent Shore Records

Release date: 01.04.2013



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Свежие работы.

92 3:50 6  78 PR5,9 ▲
Trance, Uplifting Trance
57 8:20    18 PR1,8 ▲
Trance, Uplifting Trance


160 6:45 5  55 PR13,3 ▲
Trance, Uplifting Trance
266 8:34 19  607 PR21,2 ▲
Trance, Uplifting Trance
135 6:03 12  48 PR4,2 ▲
Uplifting Trance, Trance
94 6:58 20  45 PR7,3 ▲
Trance, Uplifting Trance



Forthcoming on Silent Shore White: Perfect Vision & Demy Yorth - Baikal

SSW047: Perfect Vision & Demy Yorth - Baikal

SSW047: Perfect Vision & Demy Yorth - BaikalRelease date: 2013-01-21

Record label: Silent Shore White

Format: WAV/MP3

Perfect Vision & Demy Yorth teamed up to bring you their new uplifting piece Baikal. Driving trance tune full of euphoric melodies work as a energy refill for your heart. Interesting transitions you probably never heard before work really well in the tune giving it its unique signature.

DJ/Radio Support: ... 

SSW047: Perfect Vision & Demy Yorth - Baikal
Of course the remixes should not be missed. Groovy and highly addictive remixes by M.D.K. and Denis Sender will get into your mind in an instant.

Thank you all for your support

Perfect Vision
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4 December 2012 12:48
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Forthcoming on Silent Shore White: Light On - Sixth Avenue

Light On - Sixth Avenue /Now in Promo/

Light On - Sixth Avenue /Now in Promo/
Light On a fresh talent from Russia joins Silent Shore White and brings you his debut release with us called Sixth Avenue. An Epic/Uplifting trance beauty just in a style we would like to present with our label.

SSW004: Light On - Sixth Avenue

Sixth Avenue starts very DJ friendly with naked kick accompanied with percussions and mid bassline nicely is growing in the behind. SubBass comes with its key changes revealing a sip of main pluck melody and piano keys. Breakdown goes in very emotive mood starting with amazing piano keys followed by chords and plucks serving you energy needed before Light On unleashes his drive around Sixth Avenue.
Release comes with Remixes by SylverMay who brings you brand new progressive touch of his own and 2 uplifting mixes by Manuel Rocca and Perfect Vision.

We believe you will enjoy this release. Exclusive Release Date on 28/03/2011
Worldwide Release Date: 11/04/2011



Steve Anderson - SAME radioshow 118


01. Tsykhra – Nascent Waterfall (Alex Piletski Remix)
02. Chase Costello feat. Zosia – Open Your Heart (Corderoy Remix)

Artist Showcase: Darth & Vader
03. Fractal System – Arcade (Darth & Vader Remix)

04. Edu – Mayday (Broning Remix)
05. Silence Groove – Butterfly Fairy (Original Mix)
06. Fred Baker – Free (Club Mix)
07. James L & Thomas Coastline – Sunset Colours (Original Mix)
08. Meridian – Shifter (Stonevalley Remix)
09. Light On – Sixth Avenue (Perfect Vision Remix)
10. P.A.F.F. – For Her (Haris C Remix)


ReOrder - In Trance I Believe 80


01. Air Night - Alive (Sean Truby Remix) [Perceptive Recordings]
02. ReOrder - Sunrise (Original Mix) [Monster Tunes]
03. Light On - Sixth Avenue (Perfect Vision Remix) [Silent Shore White]
04. Aakash Apoorv - Whales (ReOrder Remix) [Oceanus Records] TUNE OF THE WEEK
05. A.r.d.i. feat. Irena Love - Memories (Original Mix) [Silent Shore White]
06. Dawn & Aiera - November (Lemon & Einar Ks Soho Mix) [Blue Soho]
07. Paul Stoneheart - Castanedas Walk (Airway 7 Remix) [Silent Shore Deep]
08. Martin Libsen - Capsule (Original Mix) [Silent Shore Records]
09. ReOrder & Dave Deen - Pulse (Original Mix) [Silent Shore Records]
10. Ben Alonzi & 7 Baltic - Flashback (Original Mix) [White Label]


Giuseppe Ottaviani - GO On Air 002




01. Greg Downey - From Above (Walsh & McAuley Remix)
02. Mike Koglin - Sunstar
03. Alex Pich & Shinobi - Barcelona (Matthew Nagle Remix)
04. Alex O'Rion - Who I Am Today (Club Mix)
05. Andrew Bennett - The Orange Theme
06. Nu NRG - Dreamland (Giuseppe Ottaviani Mashup)
07. Tom Colontonio - Reflection
08. Slusnik Luna - Sun 2011 (4 Strings Remix)
09. Filo & Peri vs. Ronski Speed - Propane
10. Las Salinas - San Antoni
11. Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders - Sanctuary (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
12. ID - ID
13. Hiroyuki Oda - Impulsion
14. U2 - City Of Blinding Lights (Filo & Peri and Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)

15. Light On - Sixth Avenue (Perfect Vision Remix)


Fast Distance - Fast Distance Radio 053 on AH.FM


01. Temple One - Zebra (Nuera Remix)
02. Craving - Our Tribe
03. XGenic - Principia
04. Faruk Sabanci - Jessica's Sanctuary
05. Dart Rayne - Paradise
06. Aakash Apoorv - Whales (ReOrder Remix)
07. The Orange - Edem (Blur8 Remix)
08. Björn Åkesson feat. Ameera Ali - Painting Pyramids [REQUESTED TUNE]
09. Light On - Sixth Avenue (Perfect Vision Remix)


Suzy Solar – Solar Power Sessions 493


Hour 1: Suzy Solar
01. Bobina ft Betsie Larkin – You Belong To Me (Turn Bootleg) [CDR]
02. Aakash Apoorv – Whales (ReOrder Remix) [Oceanus Records]
03. Narayana – 20 Miles (Original Mix) [Sundesire Records]
04. Dawn & Aiera – November (Lemon & Einar K’s Soho Mix) [Blue Soho
05. Suncatcher ft Aneym – Underneath My Skin (Original Mix) [Unearthed
06. Luke Terry – Slipping Sideways (Original Mix) [SPX Digital]
07. Pluton & B-Fairy – Walk On The Sea (Original Mix) [Redux Recordings]
08. Jaco – Beautiful Days (Juventa Remix) [Enhanced Recordings]
09. Light On – Sixth Avenue (Perfect Vision Remix) [Silent Shore Records]
10. Emotional Horizons & X-Plorations ft Aneym – Nobody Knows (Original
Mix) [Afterglow Records]


Light On - Sixth Avenue (Perfect Vision Remix)
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16 March 2011 12:35

Kamil Esten - Blue Rain (Perfect Vision remix) [Supported by D-Mark, David Amante]

D-Mark, David Amante - DanceDP Radio 021 2009.09.15

01. Filth & Splendour - We Are Many [Plastica Recordings]
02. Grunjah - Braincrash [Quimika Records]
03. Sander Kleinenberg - This is our Night (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix) [Little Mountain]
04. Ibiza Knights - Te Quiero Eivissa [Oxyd]
05. Vadim Zhukov - Ninety Nine [Sedna Recordings]
06. Majera - Leaving You Behind [Solaris]
07. Sensix - New Beginnings [Plastic Fantastic]
08. Nelly Furtado - Manos al Aire (Robbie Rivera Juicy Mix) [Universal]
09. Setrise pres. Solid Sunrise - Venus (Rene Ablaze Remix) [Phoenix Recordings]
10. C-Systems - Don't Turn Around [Apocalypse]
11. Corderoy - Kyrie (U4IC DJs Remix) [Mondo]
12. Corderoy - Kyrie (Club Mix) [Mondo]
13. Paul Miller & Estigma - Afterlife (XGenic Remix) [Unearthed]
14. Gary Maguire - One Way [Discover]
15. Steve Allen - So Far From Me (Sunset_Remix) [Nu-Depth]
16. Leon Bolier - Lunar Diamonds [2 Play]
17. David Forbes - Conetic (Activa Remix) [Vandit]
18. D-Mark feat. G-Sus - La Lamida del Gato Negro [CD-R]
19. Steve Birch - Star Gazing [Spaced Out]
20. Paul van Dyk - We are Alive [Vandit] ** CLASSIC
21. Kamil Esten - Blue Rain (Perfect Vision Remix) [Blue Trance Records]
22. Sinytal - Broken Bridge (Taleamus Remix) [Blue Trance Records]



Радуюсь любой поддержке, надеюсь дальше будет больше)


FISH - Ppesious Emotions
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27 September 2009 20:04
Привет, молодец, хороший саунд творишь, + тебе из Минска)
Freelancer & Perfect Vision – Eternity - крутой трек! =)))
Спасибо большое, очень рад, что понравился трек!
Творческих успехов и удачи!!!
Спасибо большое!
С Днём Варенья )
Спасибо большое за поздравление!!!
Интересная штука!
Хоть как то...

Karybde & Scylla - Pure Trance Pleasure 112
07. Onova - Archipelago
08. Perfect Vision - Endless Dreams (Serhiy Klimenkov remix)
09. Glenn Morrison Feat Christian Burns - Tokyo Cries (Alex M.O.R.P.H Remix)
Pedro Del Mar - Mellomania Deluxe 481 2011.04.04
Плюс Тибор сыграл оригинал!!!
HeavensGate 244
With Neil Moore and Alex M.O.R.P.H. B2B Woody van Eyden

06. Armin van Buuren & DJ Shah feat Chris Jones - Going Wrong (Alex M.O.R.P.H. B2B Woody van Eyden Remix)
07. Perfect Vision - Endless Dreams (Falcon Remix)
08. Woody van Eyden - Unfinished Symphony (Funaki Remix)
Ну наконец-то пошло, надеюсь, дальше - больше!!!
да что-то туговато
да, совсем совсем...
Плюс за вклад в развитие uplifting trance!
Буду стараться еще сильнее!!! :)
Лови положительные ++++ давай в друзья!!!
Сергей, я писал тебе письмо по контактному адресу, указанному здесь. Прореагируй как-то? Спасибо.
Странно, чето мне никуда ничего не пришло...
разобрались, в-общем.
ага, сейчас отвечу)
мне нравится ваша музыка! этот год будет с вами в АСОТе уж поверьте! респект
Спасибо, очень приятно слышать!
Буду стараться радовать красивой музыкой.
Спасибо, Серега!) Тебе всего самого наилучшего... Желаю чтобы твой творческий потенциал в этом году изливался только исключительно в анджуны и блэкхоулы с армадами)))
Спасибо! fck yeah Да будет так!) Ииииха!
С Праздником С новым звуком..
Очень, очень рад)
спасибо) fck yeah
Поздравляю с наступающим 2011!счастья в жизни и больших творческих успехов!!! Ииииха! Сегодня!
Спасибо тебе большущее!)
Празднуем - Так выпьем же! Скоро!
оо карашо забрэндился )) WOW
Спасибо мне тоже нравится))
с Днем Рождения!
Хорошие работы услышал здесь! жду в друзьях, плюсую!
In Friends)
Привет!!! оцени плиз мой новый трек если несложно!!

))) посвящаем трек тебе )) аххаха
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