Evgeniy Kolosov
Main style: Downtempo
Favorite styles: Ambient, Chillout, Deep House, Easy Listening, Euro Trance, Full-On, House, IDM, Instrumental, Lo-Fi, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Tech Trance, Trance, Uplifting Trance
Producer, listener since 2009
Location: Ukraine, Doneck
Guest: Proton Radio (Los Angeles)
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Digitally Imported, New York, 20:00 // 22 January 2012
taste of downtempo :)


90 1 PR 2,6 ▲ Downtempo, Ambient
Релиз трека состоялся 8 декабря 2016 в составе компилляции Chillout Sessions 02... 
71 3 19 PR 1,5 ▲ 320 Downtempo, Ambient
Друзья! Совместно с талантливым музыкантом и саундпродюссером Defton мы решили запустить проект... 
2 344 34 PR 39,3 ▲ Downtempo, Ambient
[URL= In December 2011, the Finnish brother-duo Orion and J.Shore released... 

In Peace (Silk Sofa Music)

213 PR 0,5 ▲ Ambient, Chillout
[URL= Ukrainian talent Owen Ear returns to Silk Sofa with four... 
175 2 PR 1,4 ▲ Ambient, Downtempo
[URL= Ukrainian talent Owen Ear returns to Silk Sofa with four... 
117 2 PR 1,1 ▲ Downtempo, Ambient
[URL= Ukrainian talent Owen Ear returns to Silk Sofa with four... 
76 PR 0,8 ▲ Ambient, Chillout
[URL= Ukrainian talent Owen Ear returns to Silk Sofa with four... 

Rain EP (Release on Puro Music on 1st July)

417 24 PR 18,9 ▲ Downtempo, Chillout
2 506 49 PR 41,6 ▲ Downtempo, Chillout

Expectation (Release on Silk Sofa on 28th March)

369 18 PR 18,3 ▲ Downtempo, Chillout
Feedbaks: Santerna - very nice pack. deep and relaxing Wahed... 

Owen Ear - Drops [Rune Chill Recordings]

207 6 49 PR 8,4 ▲ Downtempo, Chillout
343 13 134 PR 13,6 ▲ 320 Downtempo, Chillout
ээээ...Жестковато вышло) 

Space Options [Easy Summer]

339 22 PR 15,7 ▲ Chillout, Ambient

The Crowd (Silk Sofa Music)

402 21 PR 18,8 ▲ Downtempo, Chillout


2 007 32 249 PR 47,5 ▲ 320 Downtempo, Chillout
Гостевой микс к 20 эпизоду Silk Sofa Sessions, состоящий целиком из моих... 
270 2 94 PR 7,5 ▲ 320 Downtempo, Ambient
Гостевой микс для радиошоу Particles, который отыграл 30.06.2013 
370 4 182 PR 10,7 ▲ 320 Downtempo, Chillout
Гостевой микс к 20 выпуску Цветных снов приятного прослушивания!  ... 

Tunguska Chillout Grooves Vol.8

1 867 124 382 PR 100 ▲ Downtempo, Chillout


208 5 PR 12,4 ▲ Chillout, Ambient
Огромной потере моего хорошего друга посвящается... 
208 7 PR 7,6 ▲ Chillout, Classical Crossover
332 18 149 PR 16,6 ▲ 320 Deep House, Ambient
177 18 128 PR 9,2 ▲ Downtempo, Chillout


360 15 219 PR 12 ▲ 320 Downtempo, IDM
Jane Maximova - "Skiff - Part Two" Номер по каталогу: DEEPT012 Стили: deep... 
Owen Ear

Дискография / Discography

Extended play:

25.09.2014 Owen Ear - In Peace [Silk Sofa Music]

13.02.2014 Owen Ear & Stereoteric - Screaming Heart [Silk Sofa Music]

12.08.2013 Owen Ear - Rain [Seamless Recordings]

28.03.2013 Owen Ear - Expectation [Silk Sofa Music]

16.02.2013 Owen Ear - Drops EP [Rune Chill Recordings] 

25.05.2012 Owen Ear - The Crowd [Silk Sofa Music] 

25.02.2011 Owen Ear - Alone [Silk Sofa Music]

25.11.2009 Owen Ear - From drizzle to storm/Set at Liberty [Trancesphere Records]


01.03.2013 Summer Dreams 05 [Easy Summer]  

08.10.2012 Space Options [Easy Summer]  

10.07.2012 Summer Solitudes [Easy Summer] 

12.04.2012 Tunguska Chillout Grooves Vol.8 [Tunguska EMC]

19.12.2011 Plexus Relax Sector - Abstract Vision [Plexus Music

04.05.2010 Progressiv Diamonds Volume One [Terminal 01 Recordings]


27.03.2014 Eric Rigo - Flight of the Birds (Owen Ear Remix) [Silk Sofa Music]

26.06.2013 Mobilize - Ocean Of Love (Owen Ear Remix) [Particles]

28.11.2011 Orion & J.Shore - Architect's Dream (Owen Ear remix) [Silk Sofa Music]

13.05.2011 Asten - Midnight Story (Owen Ear remix) [Deep Tune Records]  

17.12.2010 Jane Maximova - Skiff (Owen Ear remix) [Deep Tune Records]

07.12.2010 Zakat Project - Cosmogonia (Owen Ear Remix) [Green Martian]


[SILKSF085] Owen Ear - In Peace (Silk Sofa Music)

25 сентября 2014 (в подарок на день рождения :)) на лейбле Silk Sofa Music состоялся релиз 4х трекового EP "In Peace". 

By on Beatport

▼ Release Tracklist:
01 Owen Ear - Dazzle
02 Owen Ear - Heartbeat
03 Owen Ear - Ash
04 Owen Ear - In Peace

Ukrainian talent Owen Ear returns to Silk Sofa with four brand new downtempo cuts, collectively called "In Peace". Earlier this year, Owen contributed "Screaming Heart" (a collaboration with Stereoteric), as well as his remix of Eric Rigo's "Flight Of The Birds".

"Dazzle" quickly establishes a hypnotizing soundscape, consisting of lush piano stabs and intriguing sound effects on top. The energy expands in the latter half, in which we both witness a prominent arpeggio riff, as well as unique, floating string lines. The second song, "Heartbeat", continues in a similar style: a wealth of mesmerizing synth riffs and beautiful piano melodies are the main elements, while interesting percussion elements and bassline notes create a unique groove. "Ash" takes off with gentle piano strokes and tranquil percussion elements in the background. As the song progresses, beautiful string elements unite perfectly with the intermittent arpeggio lines. Lastly we have the title track, "In Peace". Once again, Owen Ear has added a blissful combination of subtle string lines and refreshing percussion stems to the mix, as well as his signature piano lines. An incredibly lush theme pluck emerges later, uniting brilliantly with the prominent string elements.

▼ Follow Owen Ear:

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6 October 2014 23:23
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Owen Ear & Stereoteric - Screaming Heart (incl. remixes) [Silk Sofa]

13 февраля 2014г в канун дня всех влюбленных состоялся релиз нашего совместного с российским проектом Stereoteric сингла  Screaming Heart с прексрасными ремиксами от проекта Antispace (он же Asten), Patrick Podage и Rishi K. Спустя трех недель продаж оригинал по-прежнему находится в топ100 по жанру Chillout.


01. Owen Ear & Stereoteric - Screaming Heart (Original Mix)

02. Owen Ear & Stereoteric - Screaming Heart (Asten pres. Antispace Remix)

03. Owen Ear & Stereoteric - Screaming Heart (Patrick Podage Remix)

04. Owen Ear & Stereoteric - Screaming Heart (Rishi K. Remix)

Будем рады вашей поддержке. 

Support on Beatport:

Support on iTunes:
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SILKSF073 :: Owen Ear & Stereoteric - Screaming Heart (incl. Antispace, Patrick Podage, Rishi K. remixes)

Label resident Owen Ear (Ukraine) and new addition Stereoteric (Russia/Ukraine) join forces on "Screaming Heart", including remixes from Antispace, Patrick Podage, and Rishi K.

The Original Mix starts off with a blissful piano line, accompanied by delicious pad layers. A hypnotizing breakbeat enters the mix, as well as haunting cello melody, which truly captures the essence of the title of the song. The first remix comes from Antispace, a new alias by Russian producer Asten, who we have seen numerous times on our deeper division Silk Textures. It features a mesmerizing atmosphere, including soothing pad lines and intriguing sound effects, and lush percussion elements spice up the mix even more. Patrick Podage, a versatile and experienced Swiss DJ and producer, provides the second remix of "Screaming Heart". A smooth groove is quickly introduced, including a lush bassline and percussion elements. The remix also features an appealing arpeggio lead, which goes extremely well with the underlying piano melodies and pad layers. US-based Rishi K., who has been a deep/tech house DJ and producer since 2011, contributes with the final remix. It features a soothing percussion line, calm pad lines, and captivating sound effects. The soft bassline in the background sits very well in the mix, and the original piano lines sit perfectly on top of the groovy soundscape.

Owen Ear: @owenear
Stereoteric: @stereoteric
Asten: @astenmusic
Patrick Podage: @patrick-podage
Rishi K.: @dj-rish

SoundCloud: @SilkMusic
Silk Royal Showcase:

Photographer: Jan Laeton R.

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9 March 2014 14:44
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[PURMUS008] Owen Ear - Rain EP (Seamless Recordings)

Released by: Seamless Recordings

Release/catalogue number: PURMUS008

Release date: 12/8/2013

01. Owen Ear - Rain (original mix)
02. Owen Ear - People Think (original mix)
Owen Ear is a Ukrainian producer who has a good history of producing quality Chill Out and Trance for labels such as Deep Tune, Silk Sofa Music and Terminal 01 Recordings.
For his Rain EP he has produced two amazing Chill Out tracks which are full of emotion. The first track on the EP is called Rain. If you close your eyes and listen you can almost see the rain falling. With the sounds going on in the background this will transport you to another place. With piano keys falling like rain, a sax drifting though like the clouds and the beats that are give a feel of slow walking, this track casts an excellent picture in the mind. 
The second track is called People Think. Its a track that will, when listened to, make you think and reflect on all the things in your mind. This has nice leisurely walking movement to the beats, with floating background pads and piano keys dropping in and out, the most emotional part of the track are when the strings coming it to really push the track and give it that all essential emotion.
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16 August 2013 15:40
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[Particles] Mobilize - Evening Kisses (Remixed) incl. Owen Ear remix

Artist: Mobilize, Vinayak A, Exoplanet, Harold-Alexis, Owen Ear
Style: Chill Out, Electronica, Progressive House
Release Date: 2013-06-26
Labels: Particles
Catalog #: PSI1320

Buy on Beatport


Mobilize — Evening Kisses (Vinayak A ‘Deep Kiss’ Mix)

Mobilize — Freedom (Exoplanet Remix)

Mobilize — Sad Bisco (Harold-Alexis Remix)

Mobilize — Ocean Of Love (Owen Ear Remix)

Launched in summer 2012, Mobilize's "Evening Kisses" arose from a conceptual idea that saw a six track EP launched in tandem with a six-part Particles Guest mix series. Particles now revisits four of Mobilize's original tracks with remixes from the cream of talented producers from across the globe. 

From the populous Indian continent, Vinayak Karkthikayan has become a widely respected figure under his Vinayak^A production guise. Since his first work for Baroque, a slew of subsequent releases including the full-length 2012 album "Lonesome Train" on Wind Horse Records, the immense "You May Sit and Wonder" on Dopamine, and "Sands of Goa" on Mesmeric, have seen Vinayak's career rise ever upward. Taking his unique approach to "Evening Kisses", Vinayak^A has transformed Mobilize's original into a rippling rhythmic triumph complete with atmospheric echoes of his home in the shape of haunting vocal cuts and tribal percussion. A series of lilting lead lines and pads further add to the wonderful sensation of an intriguing odyssey through sound. 

Dutch master craftsman, Exoplanet, has consistently performed feats of ingenuity with the rich and colourful sound palette at his disposal. One of Particles most prolific artists, 2012 saw the scintillating "Synthetic Evolution" and magical "Minsdtream" EPs, while 2013 saw impressive interpretations of the latter from Verve and Verche in a January remix EP as well as a guiding hand on the tiller of Sed Project's album, "The End" for Proton Music. Taking a typically unique approach to Mobilize's "Freedom", Exoplanet's soundstage is full of breathing pads, twinkling synths and an array of lo-fi sampled effects that would grace the works of Holger Czukay and Can. This married to an immaculate sense of rhythm and programming skills marks "Freedom" as something special. 

From the Silk Sofa artist roster, Canadian, Harold-Alexis first caught the ear of Jay Epoch with his beautifully organic sounding and best-selling remix of DJSaint's, "Souls" on the Gorm Sorensen run label. 2011 marked the launch of Toronto resident's career with the stunning "The Ocean's Feedback" supported by James Warren in his "Visceral" project. Remixing "Sad Bisco" here, Harold-Alexis has made subtle and clever use of Mobilize's track components, maintaining the rhythmic vibrancy of the original while adding numerous layers of trademark melodic sheen over proceedings to present an impressive remix. 

Owen Ear, from the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk is also a regular contributor to the Silk Sofa portfolio with a penchant for subtle, crisp percussion and startling melodic sensibility. With almost 50 releases for the likes of Easy Summer, Terminal 01 and Cartoon Fresh, Owen's original productions for Silk Sofa have seen support from Solarstone, cementing his reputation for unparalleled melodic verve on releases such as "The Crowd" and "Alone" EPs. His remix of "Ocean of Love" continues this rich vein of form with an interpretation of rare beauty and poise. Emotive strings, and shimmering motifs juxtapose effortlessly against angular and distorted percussive hits while a deep growling bass line and a broken bear further provide a sublime aural experience. 

Mobilized by stunning remixes from three continents, "Evening Kisses" is still illuminating the night sky. Directed by Jay Epoch AandR by Marina Gerardi Masters by Cid Inc., Exoplanet, Owen Ear Designed by Ben Mautner Text by James Warren

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Puremusic - My Religion (incl. Gridlocked, Owen Ear remixes) [SILKSF059]

Релиз сингла  "My Religion" проекта Puremusic с ремиксом от Owen Ear на борту :) 

Samples & Purchase:



For Silk Sofa's newest release, Latvian artist Puremusic showcases "My Religion". This song is taken from his upcoming artist album on Silk Sofa, and it is accompanied by two tremendous remixes from established label residents Gridlocked and Owen Ear.

The original mix starts off with an intriguing breakbeat, accompanied by soothing, sweeping background pad layers and sound effects. The theme guitar riff slowly gains its dominant position in the song, while numerous inspiring synth elements vary the textures in the track. Long-time label contributor Gridlocked (UK) returns with his interpretation of "My Religion". His remix quickly establishes a mesmerizing atmosphere, including a wealth of lovely string layers. Hypnotizing background effects and piano melodies spice up the atmosphere, resulting in a delightful listening experience. Following his acclaimed "Expectation" EP on Silk Sofa, Ukrainian artist Owen Ear contributes with the last remix. A blissful breakbeat brilliantly introduces the track, and various rhodes elements are added on top. Throughout the track, a vast array of interesting new melodies are added, combining beautifully into a captivating soundscape.

Cat#: SILKSF059
Beatport release date: June 6th, 2013
iTunes release date: June 20th, 2013
Genre: chillout, downtempo
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload

Tracklist & YouTube Previews:
01 Puremusic - My Religion (Original Mix)
02 Puremusic - My Religion (Gridlocked Remix)
03 Puremusic - My Religion (Owen Ear Remix)

Solarstone, Jaytech, Ruben de Ronde, James Warren, Shawn Mitiska, Juan Cruz Gonzalez, Stefan Weise, Wahed Achterberg, Soarsweep / Smooth Stab, Rose & Paul, Marsh, Peter Illias, eleven.five, Kenneth Thomas, Jerry Chiu, DJ Orion, Dash Berlin, Myon and Shane54, PHW, Stephen J. Kroos, Daniel Davis, Flash Brothers, Stan Chetverikov, Alex Drayling

Artist Info:

For More Information:
Silk Royal Showcase:

Photographer: Sorin B.

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