Achramovich, Rachkovsky Dmitry, Artem
5 October 1989
Main style: Techno
Favorite styles: Minimal Techno, Tech House
Collaborations since 2005
Performance: 1.5 hours
Location: Belarus, Minsk
Guest: Loft (Minsk)
Frequent visitor: Chill Out (Minsk), Fabrique (Minsk), Re: public (Minsk), ENZO (Minsk), MDJ BAR (Minsk), Saquella Espresso (Minsk)
Was just once: Opium (Pavlovskii Posad), TOWER (Gomel)
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Normative - Opium (Original Mix) [unsigned] Свежак!!!


  3 PR 3,77 Techno
свежий техно боевик 


  1 23 PR 1,33 320 Techno
forthcoming on cocaine records 
  2 19 PR 1,48 320 Techno
Forthcoming 18 april on DRUGSTORE RECORDS! 
  30 PR 1,79 320 Techno, Minimal Techno
Forthcoming 18 april on DRUGSTORE RECORDS! 


  1 25 PR 3,63 320 Deep House, Minimal Techno
  13 PR 0,59 320 Techno
Микс с вечеринки нашего хорошего друга Вадима Инера. Enjoy! 


  4 25 PR 5,34 Deep House
Диповый Понедельник в Лофте;) 
  61 PR 3,8 320 Techno
Live@Fabrique 7.04.2012 
  2 39 PR 3,67 320 Techno
Live @ KosmodromPudra (23/03/2012) 
  1 29 PR 2,48 320 Techno
красивый совместный микс с бандой Reemotto;) 
  4 31 PR 4,43 320 Techno
djset@saquella 03.03.2012 


  1 51 PR 2,81 320 Minimal Techno
  1 28 PR 7,7 House 
  42 PR 8,99 Minimal House 
  75 PR 13,29 Minimal House 
  43 PR 11,9 Techno, Minimal House   
  2 114 PR 6,68 320 Deep Techno
Normative EP Vectorecords 2.0 
  50 PR 4,29 320 Techno
Normative EP Vectorecords 2.0 
  6 41 PR 16,45 Techno 
  4 68 PR 6,71 Techno Сотый *Юбилейный Релиз* 


  PR 0,48 Minimal Techno
  PR 0,5 Minimal Techno
  PR 0,38 Liquid funk
  PR 0,2 Hip-hop/Rap
  PR 0,26 Hip-hop/Rap
  PR 0,37 Techno
ft Pelimsky 
  5 PR 4,94 Techno
Fresh work, Nice sounds:) 
  3 PR 6,63 Fidget House, House
Stupid Grooves! Fresh 
  10 PR 7,09 Techno, Minimal Techno
Fresh work, Techno 
  PR 4,46 Techno, Minimal Techno
Mechanic Dreams...Fresh 
  PR 4,56 Deep Techno, Minimal Techno
Fresh work+ Meriver! 
  PR 3,47 Techno
Веселый, без обидный, качевый =) Будет подписан. 
  2 PR 3,43 Minimal Techno, Techno
Приятный душевный трек, написанный одной прекрасной девушке. 
  1 PR 3,49 Techno, Minimal Techno
Quake Game, Yeeh =) 
  PR 10,58 Techno
Boom Latino Techno Sound:) 


  4 77 PR 3,22 320 Techno, Dubstep
Последняя совместная работа с The Tanx. Enjoy! 
  3 PR 1,92 Techno
Прекрастное сочитание techno/dubstep стилей Enjoy! 
  41 PR 1,06 320 Techno, Dubstep
Fresh! Techno + Dubstep! Enjoy! 
  7 43 PR 3,14 320 Techno, Dubstep
Fresh Tune Techno+Dubstep, enjoy! 
  42 PR 1,07 320 Techno

Remix pack Normative & The Tanx - Come Off In Full

  1 155 PR 5,17 320 Female vocals
оригинальная длительность аккапеллы как в треке.  
  1 192 PR 4,85 320 Female vocals, Female vocals
Запасанная нами акапелла 2-х прекрасных девушек) 

Drum n Bass

  1 PR 3,49 Drum & Bass, Technoid
наш первый ломаный трек. пока демо 


  16 182 PR 6,62 320 Dubstep
Первая работа в стиле Dubstep!  


  8 PR 8,27 Techno, Techno
Наверное самый ожидаймый микс! от Techno до Neurofunk`a) Те кто был,... 

'The Normative' started in 2005 as a dream of two young man (15,16 years old) to play music. It was the New Sound Land club (Baranovichi (Blr.), where their first 'live' was held. At the beginning it was psy-trance and tech-house to serve, but then they developed their skills enough to realise they need something more. Making music was the idea. They decided to change CD and Vynil for the digital media. So they started experiments with PC+Ableton+Midi Behrenger BCD2000, and other musical soft- and hardware. It became a nice mixture of techno&breaks, techno&funk, progressive house&techno styles and different sound proceedings performed live. Producing the music falls into straight minimal-techno, though some tracks are a nice try-out in neighbouring styles. They became local stars performing on numerous public and local parties, open-airs. In 2009 guys move to Minsk (Blr.) to continue their contribution on the global scene, invadering new clubs, to get fresh experience and to continue producing music. Octovber, 5th, was the day of the first release by 'Normative'. Their "Masquerade" EP is a sample of tech of a proper quality to be played at clubs. And its only the beginning. 'The Normative': Dmitry 'Deenine' Achramovitch Artem 'Raq" Rachkovsky DJSET:Breaks, House, Minimal Techno, Neurofunk, Tech House, Technoid; Live:Techno, Tech House, Minimal Techno, Velvet Techno.

I like: Apple, Ableton, Roland, M-audio

I hate: Behringer

I recommend: Ableton, M-Audio, Apple.

I am interested in: Dj`s, Music Makers

I know: Musiq

I can: много чего.