Ilya Simakou
Main style: Club House
Favorite styles: Big Room House, Deep House, Electro House, Future Bass, Future House, Hard House, House, Instrumental, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Psy Trance, Trance
DJ, producer, promoter since 2012
Location: Mexico, Cancún
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The years go by, changing event. But we will always expect something new. For new and extravaganza of events began to create yourself in the true sense of the word, Ilya Simakov, better known as Norio.

Improvisation master Norio started in 2006, playing in the streets of Gomel and Minsk. Thus, developing the technique of playing the violin. In 2008, he graduated from GGKi NF Sokolovsky viola (violin). His first, an unusual game, Norio applied to the text of learned bad Studies I. Palaschko. After that, Ilya applied this style of game, almost all the works. But the interest was not only to improvise, but also to the club towards music.

In 2009, Ilya gave the first performance in DDiM "Zolak" where actually worked. The performances were successful and productive.

And in 2012, the concept and idea, improvise to popular music, has changed. Norio tried to play a different club directions. At a meeting with producer Max Aleinikov, Ilya has played an excerpt from, at the time a popular track, Avicii - Levels. After considering all the pros and cons, Max took the training tool of the project, the name of which was «Elves». The first publication was in different cities of China, and she heard ElectroHouse, DubStep, D & B in combination with electric violin, it was the bomb! Chinese clubs were pleasantly shocked by the merger of electronic music and elektroklassicheskogo tool.

During the demonstrations in China, Norio discovered many new things, and now combines choreography with the violin, like the work of Lindsey Stirling.

In the wake of positive vibrations Norio returned to

Belarus, Minsk, and continued his artistic career so far. In parallel, working with the best DJ RB.

 Now, Norio radyet their performances, nightclubs RB.

The organization of presentations: Ilya

Tel. +375 25 992 49 29


 Either directly to me in a PM))) 

Just consider collaborations with artists and


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