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NeStrelki group Nestrelki
Main style: Instrumental
Producer, singer, poet, collaborations since 2009
Performance: 45 min
Location: Russia, Moscow
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группа НеСтрелки

Nestrelki — the Russian musical pop group. The debut single has arrived in wide rotation in the summer on June, 1st, 2009 in Moscow. Group "Nestrelki" -  is a musical reincarnation of group "Arrow" which was one of headliners of pop culture of the end of 90th years. In group "NeStrelki" have continued the creative activity later 12 years of the ex-soloist of "Strelok" Julia Beretta and Svetlana Gera.

Julia Beretta - was born on February, 19th, 1979 in Moscow. In the childhood was engaged in fencing, figure skating, sports dances, has ended music school on a guitar class. After school has arrived in teacher training college, but a year later has thrown. Some time Julia worked with DJs on weddings. And then thanks to the unusual timbre of a voice she has been invited in the maiden pop group of "Arrow". In this group Julia acted under pseudonym U-U. She has written some songs for "Arrows", all of them have entered into group albums. To "Moscow" and "Boomerang" have removed clips.« Let's be in time also"Spring-spring» became hits and have occupied high lines in charts.

Gera - Svetlana Bobkina, was born on February, 27th, 1975 in Moscow. Since the childhood was ill theater, wanted to become the director and applied many efforts that the dream became a reality. In 10 years already played theater, and after leaving school has arrived in VGIK on actor's faculty. Worked at Galina Vishnevskaya Musical theater. Acted in film in films and in advertizing.

The presentation of a debut single with the scandalous name "PMS"

Autumn of 2009 - a premiere of debut video "Princes" on October, 7th, 2010 on June, 1st, 2009 has taken place - the Company «SBA Production» has signed the long-term contract with group. Participants of the project of "NeStrelki" of Julja the Beretta and Svetlana Gera earlier known, as soloists of group of the Arrow (gold structure), authors and executors of the songs. Singers and actresses by training, work on a scene since 1997 November 2010 - the New single of group "Return" - bright, emotional and very personal. Little girls say that for them this regeneration and a new reality in the Spring of 2011 in wide rotation arrives a single "Realist" who became at once the most gentle song of this spring under the version of listeners. After a while in a musical ether there was a remix on "Realist" who was created by the known musician and the composer working in Berlin with many western stars - Gena Vernik.

    группа НеСтрелки  1 June 2011 23:51 #
    У "НеСтрелок" свой "Реалист"!
    Юлия Беретта и Светлана Гера (группа "НеСтрелки") сняли видео на свою новую песню "Реалист", ремикс на которую создал известный музыкант и композитор, работающий в Берлине со многими западными звездами - Гена Верник.
    В съёмках, которые проходили 28 и 29 мая в Москве, приняли участие более 30 самых ярких и красивых девушек Москвы, которые прошли жёсткий отборочный творческий конкурс. Снимали видео в центре Москвы, но, несмотря на выходные, девушкам-"НеСтрелкам" удалось устроить пробки и ажиотаж на дорогах столицы! Для москвичей и гостей города это шоу имело колоссальный успех и все прохожие не проходили мимо, а останавливались и с заинтересованным взглядом снимали происходящее, кто на что мог. Ведь это было действительно впечатляющее зрелище!
    Из названия песни ("Реалист") следует думать, что в съёмках клипа учавствовали мачо и обольстители женских сердец, однако всё совсем наоборот! Акцент был сделан на "нереальных девушек", которые преподнесли свою "нереальность" в полном объёме. А вот кто был тот самый "Реалист" станет понятно только после посмотра нового видео от группы "НеСтрелки".
    Премьера ролика назначена на начало июля. Все героини видеоклипа нереальные, а показанная история, вполне реальна!
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