XZICD - Denocleosis Reutomaghafth

featuring remixes by JFrank, Dubit, Ralp, Nerv'OZ aka Amyloid, randomform, Vicetto, nukua, enabl.ed, Huron and Somaticae


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26 January 2013 22:13
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Amyloid - Symmetry EP

Free download…

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12 January 2013 6:09
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Видео-арт на композицию «В себя» — Nerv'OZ feat. Biopsyhoz

Режиссёр и продюсер: Ольга Городецкая 

Оператор: Вячеслав Лисневский 
Арт-директор: Ольга Росс
sergey shubin (biopsyhoz project)

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2 September 2012 18:05
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V/A Soluxion BDay

Happy BDay Soluxion. Since the first release a year has passed. On February 20th, 2012, the netlabel releases a Various Artist in Free Download obviously. It summarizes Soluxion's style completely. the artists who appear are Ixel, Scalameriya, Santhiago, Blacksun, HanChi, Antonio Ruscito, M_Ray, Durcheinander,  NERV'OZ  , Eiht, Kruko.


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22 February 2012 4:38
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Nerv'OZ - Electric shocks 



Nerv'OZ _ Electrik shocks EP

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22 January 2012 1:11
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Nerv'OZ - Promiscuity

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14 December 2011 15:46
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E▲SY † END - Out sin

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7 November 2011 23:49
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Интервью для журнала

Nerv'OZ. Confussion EP. Сосредоточенность.

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7 November 2011 23:47
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Nerv'OZ - Confussion EP
Download NOW :…


1. Be Quiet
2. Black Milk
3. Confussion
4. Torpor
5. Sonic Misanthrope
6. After Life
7. Bird In Studio
8. Bad Thinks

Cover by Pashandy -…

Пресс релиз от лейбла Brainstorm

A change of tone this February with Nerv'OZ ('s?) 8 track album - Confussion.
In contrast to the synthesized soundscapes, noise and clicking cuts of the last few releases our Russian friend
brings the beat to fruition with a refreshingly straightforward sample style approach. As is often the case
with the material we release there is no single definable genre – Nerv'OZ quotes and redefines genres from Dubstepping hip to trip hop through minimal to borders of neo gothic Industrial. One thing that IS definable however, is his style: A place where morose meets naïve and heavy beats mix with ethereal ambience all pickled together in a jar of compression just to induce that special flavour of claustrophobia!
Personally I think the cover says it all: A dream by Nerv'OZ represented by Moscow based designer Pashandy click here to see more..
Which looks like a snapshot from an unsettling children's book.

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18 February 2011 18:05
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audio-visual collage by Mike Bert(Nerv'OZ)

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12 February 2011 23:34
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