Down House Bar, Moscow, 00:00 // 12 January 2019
Rock House, Moscow, 23:55 // 14 September
Electronic Body Music
The Place Disco Bar, Lima, 23:00 // 7 March 2015
Tanzbrunnen, Moscow, 16:45 // 26 July 2014

In 1996- 2000 , DJ Negative started off as an Industrial radio dj with his friend, DJ Smile.  Their radio show was called,"The History of Techno" ,a regular Thursday night gig full of Industrial/Dark Electro/ EBM beats and music discussions.   In 2000-2001 , DJ Negative had regular guest spots at various Moscow clubs such as: Sexton, Garazsh, Master, Republica Bifter.   As the time went on, he became a resident dj and hosted regular club nights and took part in promotions.  Some of them include: Russian Gothic Project , Industrial Music ru, Russian Synth Community , DM Fan , Indiestate Promotion , Dark Petersburg , TanzFronT , RND Synthpop Community , Dark Vision Org.(Italy) ,U-RUN FESTIVAL... etc.

DJ Negative also opened for and played with bands like:


Hocico , Grendel , T.O.Y. , MELOTRON , UNHEILIG , S.I.T.D. , L'Ame Immortelle , NACHTMAHR , Colony 5 , TOecUTTER , XIAN , Lacrimosa , MESH , Der Blutharsch , Sanguis Et Cinis , Painbastard  , Accessory , Moctan , This Morn Omina , COMBICHRIST , Von Thronstahl , Umbra Et Imago , Tanzwut , HEAD-LESS , Mlada Fronta , ERUSKA , Ira-K Organisation , Dust Heaven , FunkerVogt , Diary Of Dreams , Punch Inc. , Bipol  , Synapscape , Winterkaelte , Deine Lakaien , DE/VISION , Brighter Death Now , Deutsch Nepal , LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT , Proiekt Hat , Tribe of Circle , Con-Dom , Grey Wolves , Suicidal Romance , DIFFUZION , Empusae , Hypnoskull , Asche , Iris , Morgenstern , Ultrastatals , Coreline , Proyecto Mirage , DIORAMA , Mono No Aware , The Frozen Autumn , NARR! , Imminent(Starvation) , DIVE , COVENANT , Z Prochek , Namnambulu , Project Pitchfork , Das Ich ,Gray/Scale , THE DAYS OF THE TRUMPET CALL , Gothminister , Zythrix , KLANGSTABIL , ILLUMINATE , The Royal Dead , WAVES UNDER WATER , YADE , PHOSGORE , SARA NOXX , SPHERICAL DISRUPTED , X-RX , SUICIDE COMMANDO, NOBLESSE OBLIGE, FGFC820, ARCHITECT, BRUDERSCHAFT ...


Festivals are also one of his specialties, national and international. He had spun in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov-On-Don, Greece, Austria, and Italy.

"If you think of Russia, you might think of Vodka and Kalinka.
But if you go deeper, you will find the stomping sounds of DJ Negative.
The Scene in this beautiful country can be glad, to have such a great DJ and musician, who gives his heart for the music and the scene!" (C) DJ KillaB (Austria)



Sergey L.
Main style: Industrial Techno
Favorite styles: Aggrotech, Dark Ambient, Disco, Electro, Electronic Body Music, Euro Trance, Eurodance, Experimental, Futurepop, Goa Trance, Hard House, Hard Trance, Hardstyle, Industrial, Italo Disco, Noise, Pop, Power Noise, Progressive Trance, Psy Trance, Rave, Schranz, Synth-Pop, Techno, Trance, Uplifting Trance
DJ, producer, listener since 1996
Location: Russia, Moscow, YUgo-Zapadnaya
Resident: (London), / Future Synthpop (London)
Guest: ZOE Club (Milano), CHAKRA LOUNGE (Catania), Strangel (Moscow), Gorod Club (Moscow), IKRA (Moscow), Tochka club/ТОЧКА (Moscow), Red Club/Cadillac (Saint Petersburg), FRIDAY CLUB(ПЯТНИЦА) (Saint Petersburg), Цирлих Манирлих (Moscow), DK DANCE aka ЭСТАКАДА (Moscow), Black&White (Moscow), Garage (Moscow), club Sexton (Moscow), QUARANTINE (Rostov-na-Donu), XO Club (Moscow), The Egg (London), Limelight (New York), Hardenergy (Riga), Bingo (Kiev), Club-PI (Wien), DUBCLUB (Moscow), Viper-Room (Wien), HLEB (Moscow), SEVEN SINS (Athens), PiPL (Moscow), Rock House (Moscow), Клуб Точка (Moscow), Точка (Moscow), China-Town (Moscow), ProNoize Radio (Moscow), IMMERSION.FM (Moscow), Rock House (Moscow), VOLTA (Moscow), Hard Force United Station (Moscow), DUB (Moscow)
Frequent visitor: Slimelight (London), China Town Cafe, м. Китай-Город, Лубянский проезд, 25/12 (Moscow), Infraschal Radio (Moscow)
Was just once: Mass Resistance Radio WDBX 91.1FM (Springfield), LA TRASHNOCHE RADIO (Buenos Aires)
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