Fuck The Dj
Main style: UK Garage
Favorite styles: Dancehall, Electro, House, Progressive House, Progressive Trance
DJ, clubber, listener since 2004
Location: Russia, Moscow

Di-джей (the angel. DJ from disc-jockey dj) actor and musician, playing for public recorded on sound carriers (компакт disks or plates, but now and using софтом) music product. This person, who in perfection владеет the art an information and скретча (from angel. Scratch shaving. That is to say scratch implies the tumbling of the plate by hand for reception of the certain sound).

Di-джеи in modern understanding of this word came up for the first half 70-h. The Deal not even in that, what exactly music they then wound (on Jamaica - регги, in splendid new-йоркских танцзалах - a disco, in Bronx - хип-хоп), the whole focus диджейства consisted and hitherto consists in that that in hand di-джея all known phonograph records begin to sound newly and produce on public quite other effect.

At the point, the developments di-джеинга word DJ became very popular and occasionly it does not reflect that value, which it had earlier. Presently di-джеями become all to whom not laziness , all that, to whom interesting electronic music, but occasionly and that, to whom she absolutely not interesting (is spoken about good actor and пиар-company, which can from any, even deaf, person to do di-джея). All this brings about that that be valued in actor becomes more his(its) name , rather then his(its) talent and skill. Even di-джейские баттлы DJ Battle), which pass on the whole world ceased to work so, as could. But then well work every sort and kind of internet-voting, смс-voting, which show only POPULARITY di-джеев, rather then their skill.

    .ODISS.  23 July 2010 3:04 #
    .ODISS.  25 June 2009 19:47 #
    ★ ☆ Red Star ☆ ★  9 June 2009 2:26 #
    DJ COSMOS (original)  31 May 2009 16:36 #
    да и кстати там много новинок ! Эксклюзив
    DJ COSMOS (original)  31 May 2009 16:35 #
    Привет ! на моей старой страничке ты являешься моим фэном а на новой нет ? если ты ценишь моё творчество жду тебя в фены на новой странице с которой я сейчас и пишу тебе коллега ! заранее спасибо и +пр PROMODJ P.S. старая скоро будет удалена по моей просьбе (((
    Lovetechno  28 May 2009 16:48 #
    HEY DJ
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