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Dj Nastasya

Autonym: Anastasiya

Basic Style: House

Favorite style: Deep House, Disco House, Electro House, Minimal techno, Progressive House, Tribal, Vocal House

Dj: Since 2004

Various interests, talents to creative work and craving for new knowledge were imparted to Nastasya by her parents from her childhood. Owing to this fact she’s got musical and choreographic education, in this connection she realized what profession she would like to choose. Having a refined taste and knowledge about people needs on the dance floor she made a step to this fancy but fascinating world. Under the direction of Dj Andersen Nastasya comprehended the art of Dj promptly.

Nowadays it’s a pleasant surprise for club people to see a young, beautiful, stylish and brilliant club culture Women easily operates on board. Her taste is always fresh and original. This talent and dance floor feeling are the subjects of an envy, but charisma, charm and sense of humor gives rise to love and adoration. Every set it’s not a simple dancing compilation of progressive tracks, but perceptional revolution on the dance floor, performed by woman’s hands. Nastasya has no preference to one direction, she has a lot of various hause music in her Dj’s bag. This young lady feels dance floor and traverses easily in stylish and emotional stream. Nastasya thinks that Dj-Girl can be perceived by ears as well as the eyes. That’s why Dj Nastasya is a high qualified Dj who performs her projects properly and keeps in touch with the audience every second.

At the present moment Dj Nastasya plays in the best Moscow club «Soho Rooms», she gives her guests sets to the other capital’s clubs and takes part into the Project «Rhythm of feelings» together with Dj Andersen. Therewith in couple with him Nastasya has already achieved success in most of Russian cities.


*«Saxar Electro Boutique» (г. Москва): Duringthe three years of night’s club life, Dj Nastasya was a permanent resident «Saxar Electro Boutique», it means she was a girl who defined musical politics of the club. With the help of Dj Nastasya club «Saxar Electro Boutique» was called one of the best clubs in Moscow and stands a constant position in musical entertainment of the city now.

* «Soho Rooms» (Moscow): You can listen to Dj Nastasya every Saturday in the best capital’s club «Soho Rooms».


*«Red&Black» (Kirov); *«XIII» (Moscow); *«Fabrique» (Moscow); *«Teatro» (Chellyabinsk. K.R.K. Megapolis); *«Glamour» (Kirov); *«Led Limon» (St.Petersburg); *«5th Sun» (Ulyanovsk); *«Persona Grata» (Moscow); *«Diamond Hall» (Moscow); *«Storm» (Moscow); *«Biblos» (Moscow); *«Platinum» (Kaliningrad); *«Vernisage» (Moscow); *«Magma» (Moscow); *«Karenina» (Zheleznodorozhniy); *«XXXL» (Zheleznodorozhniy); *«100 streams» (Voronezh); *«Residense» (Izhevsk); *«Adrenalin» (Noginsk); *«Neon» (Kirov); *«Garage» (Kirovo-Chapetsk); *«NEO» (Moscow); *«The city» (Moscow); *«Louvre» (Moscow); *«London» (Moscow); *«Picasso» (Moscow); *«Aquapark «Qua-Qua» (Moscow); *«Kakadu» (Zelenograd); *«Arka» (Moscow); *«Sunrise» (Moscow); *«LaCigale» (Moscow); *«Empire» (Nefteyugansk); *«Havana» (Hurgada); *«Buda Beach» (Hurgada); *«Little Buddha» (Hurgada); *«Pro100bar» (Voronezh); *«Gorka-hall» (Yaroslavl); *«Chaplin Hause» (Belgorod); *«Manhattan» (Smolensk); *«Z1» (Zelenograd); *«Игуана» (Voronezh); *«Up&Down» (Moscow); *«Club Marco Polo» (Antaliya);*«Royal DJ TV» (Moscow);*«Vision» (Moscow); *«Pyramid» (г. Москва); *«Aquapark Fantasy» (Moscow) and atc..

Играла с Dj’s:

*Ivan Roudyk; *Agent Smith; *Anton Antonov; *Menthal Project (Emil & Junior Croff); *Max Ruby; *Vlada (Zeppelin pro.); *Tina Charles; *Melory; *Kiriloff; *Mixon; *Sveta; *Jaimie Fanatic (Groovefanatics rec); *Ogarev; *Danila; *James Talk (UK); *Patrick Grau feat. Rebeka Brown (Sex In-Fusion); *Dasfan Kite; *Nils Noa (Norway); *Richard Grey (France); *Moussa Clarke (London, UK); *Richard Joker Rodrigez (Columbia); *Tom Neville (UK); *Paul Arnold (UK); *Dave Robertson (London, UK); *Les Sсhmitz (Amnesia, Ibiza); *Jose Aguilera (Deepxpression Spain); *Jesse Garcia (Spain); *Juanjo Sampleking (Spain); *Peter Brown (Barcelona); *Arkadiy Air; *Ostap; *She; *Pelengator; *Misha Bear; *Rene Amesz; *Michaelis (The USA); *Bobrov; *Pimenov; *Katrin Vesna; *Mike Spirit; *Dim Chris (France); *Grad; *Asya; *Natasha Urman; *Berg; *Romario; *Karas; *Taran; *Shmella; *Flight; *Flash; *Fomin; *Oksasound; *Andrey Loud; *Marien Baker (Spain); *Fashion; *Arseniy; *Romanov; *Zolin; *Mishakov; *Vladimir Flash; *Deep Josh & Beverley (Applefunk, Spain); *R-tem; *Ben Lost (London); *Antonio; *Сhocolate Puma; *Mazai; *Toni Bass aka DEUX (Spain); *Portnov; *Diesel; *Losev; *Dima Duck; *M-Voise; *Nakadia (Germany); *Monika Electronika (Netherlands); *DJ Luis Vai (Spain) и др.

phone:+7(926)5572456 Andrey

Main style: House
Favorite styles: Club House, Deep House, Disco House, Electro House, Nu Disco, Progressive House, Soulful House, Tech House, Tribal House, Vocal House
DJ since 2004
Performance: 2 hours
Location: Russia, Moscow
Resident: Soho Rooms (Moscow)
Guest: CLUB MARCO POLO HV (Antaliya), Royal (Moscow), bar restaurant club Vision (Moscow), fmcafe (Moscow), Saxar (Moscow), RELAX FM, 104,9 (Kirov), БАЛТИК+ (Kaliningrad (Kenigsberg)), 13 ( клуб XIII ) (Moscow), Аквапарк ква ква (Moscow), NEO PROGRESSIVE HOUSE (Moscow), Клуб САХАР (Moscow), Platinum (Kaliningrad (Kenigsberg)), NEON CLUB (Kirov), РК Пятое Солнце (Ulyanovsk), Театро (CHelyabinsk), Паб 100 Ручьев г. Воронеж (Voronezh), ЮFM 94 fm Moscow (Moscow)
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