TBA, Norwich, 01:00 // 28 September 2012
Drum & Bass
The Ironworks, Newcastle Upon Tyne, 01:00 // 26 August 2012
Drum & Bass
Korter, Tallin, 01:00 // 21 July 2012
Drum & Bass
Ballroom, Birmingham, 01:00 // 20 July 2012
Drum & Bass
Night Life, Iyhvi, 01:00 // 16 June 2012
Drum & Bass
Alex H
Favorite styles: Breaks, Drum & Bass, Dubstep
DJ, producer
Location: Estonia, Tallin
Guest: Progressive FM (Riga), Progressive FM (Riga), Progressive FM (Valmiera), BBC Radio 1 (London), Raadio 2 (Эстония) (Tallin), PROGRESSIVE FM (Valmiera), Club Buss (Pyarnu)
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Mutated Forms' Monthly Podcast

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Mutated Forms



Making music began as a hobby for the trio of Estonian producers known as Mutated Forms. Original members Alexander (Zub) and Artiom (G-ruff) started experimenting with different genres of electronic music using any and all software they could find. They were then later joined by a third member Alex H, an experienced DJ who joined the crew in 2004. Their big break came in 2006 when Formation Records DJ SS signed one of their tracks ‘My Feeling’ to his World Of Drum and Bass imprint. This was then followed by another single Blue Magic b/w Green Aquarium, which catapulted the trios music further towards the mainstream, gaining the attention of several key tastemakers within the scene. This increased recognition lead to production and remix work on a number of labels between 2006 – 2008. Impressed by the quality and diversity of the music emerging from the Mutated studio a certain Twisted Individual signed several tracks to labels within his Grid Recordings stable, and in the early stages of 2009, after working on single projects for a couple of years Mutated Forms signed exclusively to the Grid Recordings group.

Since then there has been one big change within the group, with one third of the outfit, G-Ruff, relocating to Birmingham, UK. Thanks to the amazing advances in technology over the past decade being several hundred miles apart doesn’t seem to have affected this trio’s creativity. The quality and diversity of music emerging from Mutated Forms studios in the UK and Estonia have made them one of the hottest talents in the Drum and Bass world. Receiving regular support from a wide cross section of tastemakers from Metalheadz Goldie to BBC legend Fabio, this trio is becoming renound for producing some of the freshest and most innovative music around. Never restricted or pigeon holed to a particular sub-genre, their sound has constantly mutated and evolved. From the sublime liquid tracks ‘Homesick’ and ‘Pessimist’, to the euphoria of ‘Chasing Dreams’ and ‘Time to Shine’ Mutated Forms have demonstrated their ability to craft emotive music, without becoming too sentimental. However don’t be fooled by their lighter offerings, Mutated Forms are no strangers to dirty bass and recent smash hits ‘Doubts’ and ‘Ready When You Are’ demonstrated this to devastating effect. Combine these tracks with rugged, rollers like ‘Shadow People’, colabs with Netsky, hook ups with vocal legend Jenna G, alongside remixes for the likes of London Elektricity, DJ Marky and Atlantic Records and hopefully you see a picture emerging of some of the most exciting producers in electronic music today.

It should come as no surprise then that the likes heavyweight DJ's such as, Marky, Goldie, Grooverider, Bailey, London Elektricity, Hype and SS, are currently supporting their tracks on the circuit, alongside spins from many of the most forward thinking producers in the game.

Forthcoming releases:

Mutated Forms – Last Time feat. Jenna G / With You

Mutated Forms & Netsky feat. Sofia Rubin – Windows / Chasing Dreams
Mutated Forms - Doubts - Grid

Twisted Individual – Galloping Elephants Mutated Forms Remix – Grid
Mutated FormMutated Forms – Time To Shine / Glory Days Netsky Remix – Allsorts Liquids – Ready When You Are / The Centuries / High Claps Low Sines / Lucid Dreams - Grid

Mutated Forms – Broken Man – Re:Liis

Mutated Forms – Storm In A Teacup / Conformist – Allsorts Liquid
Mutated Forms - Star Dust - Second City

Mutated Forms - Glory Days EP: Glory Days / Behind The Scene KG Remix / Homesick / Pessimist - Allsorts

Mutated Forms - Coppers / Metal Ringer - Zombie
Vital Elements - Gangsta Sound Mutated Forms Remix - Grid
Mutated Forms - Blue Magic / Blue Magic DJ SS Remix - New Indentity
Mutated Forms - Maffia feat. Coppa - Mainframe
Mutated Forms - Jah Colors Zen Remix - Low Down Deep
Mutated Forms - Bad Tech / Headbangers - Digitally Mutated
P.A. & Mutated Forms - Hitback - Music Hertz
Mutated Forms - Number None / Smile - Advisory
Mutated Forms - Hangover - Big Tingz
Mutated Forms - Booze Monster / Stoneface Murderer - Grid
Mutated Forms - Trapped In A Dream / De Puta Madre - Radius
Mutated Forms - Detuned / Mindless - All Sorts Liquid
Mutated Forms - Changes feat. Coppa - Easi Up
Mutated Forms - Computers / Planet Krypton - Radius
Mutated Forms - Heaven's Chick VIP - Roadblock
Marvellous Cain - Dubplate Style Mutated Forms Remix - R-Q
Twisted Individual - Slam Dunk Mutated Forms Remix - Zombie
Mutated Forms - No Limits LP - Prosvet
Mutated Forms - Last Prediction / Sunrise feat. Creep - Exegene
Mutated Forms - My Feeling - World Of Drum'n'Bass
Mutated Forms - Green Aquarium - Deep Sound EP - New Identity
Mutated Forms - The Secret Item Code Remix - Roadblock
Mutated Forms - Ice Queen / Purple Unit Remix - Digitally Mutated
Mutated Forms - Behind The Scene / Should I - All Sorts Liquid
Mutated Forms - Jah Colors / Bed Monster - Low Down Deep
Sappo - Pay The Price Mutated Forms Remix - Advisory
Mutated Forms - Horror 4 Real / Bad Technology - Digitally Mutated
Mutated Forms - Sensi Muffin / Deep In The Ocean - Digitally Mutated
Mutated Forms - Sky High - Dirty Digital
Mutated Forms - Waiting 4 It - Grid MP3